Reviews for Meant To Be
early-bookwyrm chapter 12 . 10/19/2015
I really liked the characterization of O and A. Though given that Aniken killed babies it makes me wonder that padme would be willing to just take him back.
starboy454 chapter 12 . 3/19/2015
unusedaccount1337 chapter 12 . 7/11/2014
mkeeg91 chapter 12 . 4/4/2014
i enjoyed that even if I don't care much for Obi-sajj as a pairing

but I'm happy Obi-Wan was able to bring Anakin back from the Darkside
Tigerforce chapter 12 . 3/24/2014
A good story all in all.
Tigerforce chapter 11 . 3/24/2014
Good chapter but I felt Anakin went back to the Light Side to easily. I would have expected it to be harder for something like that to happen based on just how strong of a hold Sidious had on him.
imnotraven16 chapter 11 . 7/5/2013
excellent story
miarath chapter 12 . 6/16/2013
Wonderful, almost like a fairy tale. :)
smacker401 chapter 12 . 6/10/2013
An excellent story! I loved it! What I appreciate most is how you didn't change the personalities of the characters to fit your story. The story suffers when authors have previously established characters act out of character. I hope you visit Obi-Wan and Asajj again in the future. I would love to read more!
Brightknight chapter 12 . 5/8/2013
This is very, very good. my highest praise to you for your details, the suspense, the romance and your knowledge.
Keep them coming.
Book girl fan chapter 6 . 4/27/2013
Where is Padme? What happened to her and her children? Wouldn't Darth Vader still look like Anakin, as the fight on Mustafar never happened? I really have to keep reading now!
Black Stormraven chapter 12 . 4/15/2013
This was so good on so many levels! I usually don't go for AUs, but this was great! I think you captured a completely plausible "what-if" version of Asajj without making her OOC. And Anakin's redemption was perfect. Thank you so much for this story!
I Loved how Asajj is being referred to as his "Bonded" Makes it sound likes hes her mate or something. So sweet. This one was so intreging I couldn't stop reading it. Could you right a sequel? I'd love to read it.
imnotraven16 chapter 12 . 4/14/2012
the story was great
charie01 chapter 12 . 4/10/2012
Aww... That was fantastic! Thank you for writing it. Love the happy ending:)
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