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TheDarkTimeLord chapter 6 . 1/4/2010
hey thanks for the update. It looks like its T.K. thats lieing at the moment i wonder why? Hope to see more soon.
ThatsWhatSheSaid07 chapter 6 . 1/4/2010
Haha Jyou totally did it to get revenge on Yamato. Apparently he did everyone a favor since no one likes him. But what about Sora? I'm realy curious as to how this will end the suspense is killing me!

I was surprised to see an update from someone. I think everyone has jumped ship from this website haha.
PrincessJaded chapter 6 . 1/3/2010
First off, I must say this... KEN IS A JERK!


Takeru didn't exactly help his case. He seems very shifty. *glares*

It would be so easy to blame Jyou but he wouldn't want Sora dead if he had feelings for her... right?

I'm so happy you've started writing again! 3
Catching Rain chapter 6 . 1/3/2010
Wah! Finally an update! I was beginning to think this hiatus would keep you from ever finishing this, which would have been a shame.

I can't believe Ken! What a complete jerkface! Still, I can't make heads or tails of who might be the killer. We'll just have to stick around and see, ne? Great chapter!
maidenheart chapter 6 . 1/3/2010

...well, I have my suspicions now :D
BenignUser chapter 6 . 1/3/2010
Keep at it, Xiexie! A fine start to the new year, no?

Funny how everyone hates Yamato. I'd almost feel bad for the guy.
Zyanya chapter 5 . 12/1/2009
I want to know more...please update soon
SugarSpiral chapter 5 . 9/12/2009
Another fantastic chapter :)

This is how a murder mystery should be. Confusing, but addictive.
TheMaudlinEffect chapter 5 . 8/1/2009
Nice chapter...I'm straightening something out.

Update ASAP!
guavawolf chapter 5 . 7/30/2009
aww...i feel so bad for them

all of them

except taichi and yamato
PrincessJaded chapter 5 . 7/29/2009
Argh, I can't believe it's taken me this long to review. :( Sorry. I was sick and then I'm like a goldfish, you know my memory sucks!

(I'm not going to leave you a pointless review about characters connecting, that's really not the issue here.)

Everyone seems to innocent to be innocent. Obviously you're not going to say... "Ken did it!" Because where's the story? Isn't the point of a good mystery to keep people asking, "Who did it?"

Even better when you add suspense, everyone comes to their own conclusion and in the end, you take us all by surprise. That's why I'm reading it!

Oh so Kou likes Mimi. See, here I was thinking he was in love with Sora. Damn! I thought I was right! ;)

I don't think it was dialogue heavy. It gives us a little understanding of all the things that were going on that night.

No, I want to know what's going on with the Takaishi family! Takuya and the key. Hikari's guilt, Takeru's anger!

ThatsWhatSheSaid07 chapter 5 . 7/29/2009
So here's my prediction... I think Sora did it. I think it was a murder suicide. I think she went off the deepend after the conversation with Izzy cuz she realized her man is a two-timing scum bag so she had something to do with their deaths. Maybe... haha. I dunno that's my theory as of this chapter. It will probably change on the next chapter. Update soon!
Cara Miro chapter 5 . 7/29/2009
Things are getting more complicated...

Koushiro - I guess I can cross off my idea of him liking Sora since he liked Mimi, but I guess that's still enough motivation for him to kill Matt. Seeing that he thinks that Taichi beating the crap out of him wasn't enough.

Iori - Hmm... He was let off too easily. But hopefully he's innocent.

Ken - Something tells me that he played a certain part in the killing. At least, Ken could be an accomplice of the killer. He's not allowed to be seen, and why would he have an affair with the Ishida family's maid of all people? Suspicious...

Mimi - She could be the cause of the motive. It's also possible that she killed Yamato, but then Sora just had to eat whatever was poisoned. I know I would do that if Yamato did the same thing to me. (That is... if I didn't get to give him a good punch in the face)

Taichi - VERY POSSIBLE that he's the killer. He IS very protective of Mimi, so he could want to get even, seeing that he never finished beating up Yamato. And he of all people would know how to kill Ishida. They were best friends after all.

Jyou - I guess Daisuke's statement about the wallet coincides with Koushiro's. But I wonder... Was he in love with Sora? Or were they just very good friends. If he were in love with Sora, he could have been the killer. He never got what he wanted, but probably, if he killed Yamato, he COULD GET Sora...

Takuya - I'm still sticking to my line of reasoning regarding the key. (provided I'm right of course)

Daisuke and Miyako - I don't think they're the killers, but they could be accomplices. Seeing how shitty the Ishidas treat them, they could succumb to bribery. Hmm...

Great. I'm letting out my frustrated detective side. LOL. Keep updating.
BenignUser chapter 5 . 7/28/2009
Hrm... I've been trying to do my own detective work here. Basically trying to bridge together the relationships between the cast here.

For the most part Sora seems to be the center of it all. Mimi, Koushiro, and Jyou are friends with her first and friends with everyone else second. As a result these three don't seem to be as strong friends with each other as they are with Sora (Mimi and Koushiro barely speak; Koushiro didn't bother to wait for Jyou when he forgot his wallet). It was also through Sora that they all became friends with Yamato. One of these three being the killer is highly unlikely.

Then we have Yamato off to the side a bit. He was once friends with Taichi and probably mere acquaintances with Mimi. It was then through Mimi that he met Sora and began dating her. At this time is also when Taichi, through Yamato, was introduced to Sora's other three friends (Mimi, Koushiro, and Jyou). Taichi and Mimi hit it off well but there were still somehow lingering feelings between Mimi and Yamato that all but ended the friendships between Sora and Mimi and Yamato and Taichi. Taichi also doesn't seem to be very good friends with Jyou and Koushiro, nor does he care to be. While there's a slight chance Taichi is the killer, it's not developed to a believable point and I strongly feel that his punching Yamato is just an attempt at a red herring.

Since Yamato and Taichi were once friends I suppose that's the reason Takeru and Hikari got to know each other and ended up hooking up. In regards to that I suppose it's because of Hikari that Taichi is even at the Ishida's party - and as a result by extension Mimi came along with him. More on the corny couple later...

Daisuke and Miyako aren't really friends with anyone, nor do they really seem to be friends with each other. They were co-workers and employees and that was as far as it went. Now that they aren't either, their true personalities come to light and we see they really don't like each other much at all. Neither are they very fond of the Ishida's or the company they kept (judging by Miyako's discomfort when Yamato's parents arrived and Daisuke referring to Jyou as the "blue-haired guy"). Both of them are currently unemployed (and their careers probably ruined in Daisuke's case), so it's highly unlikely they would bring such misfortune to themselves by killing off their employers.

Miyako has a relationship with Ken, which is rather suspicious. Even more suspicious is that they're trying to hide it. It's very likely that the Takeru-Hikari-Key thing is just a red herring to hide the fact that Ken used Miyako as a way to get inside the house so he could poison Yamato and Sora. I have no idea what the deal with the key is, but I'm going to point out that it's not being developed nearly enough as it should be. The key that Takuya found is the only real lead the readers have to this mystery, and ever since it's introduction everything that's been written aside from that is just ending up as unimportant filler while we wait to find out the truth behind the key.

And finally at the end of it all we have Iori... who somehow just doesn't seem to fit in anywhere. There's no mention of him anywhere other than the parts solely dedicated to him. We missed out on his interrogation, and because of that I'm going to assume he had nothing of importance to say, and all we know about him is that he's looking to capitalize on Yamato and Sora's deaths by making a good impression with a friend of his Dean. What a true friend. If his introduction didn't involve him thinking about solving the case himself, I'd have labeled him a primary suspect.

I'm glad you wrote down an outline for the story. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to keep track of everything going on. Honestly, I say just keep writing and ignore the number of reviews you're getting. Readers will begin showing more interest in the story as it get's the closer to its climax.
Catching Rain chapter 5 . 7/27/2009
The interrogations are throwing all of my possible theories to the bin, so I'm not going to comment much about them until we get more information. But let's hope Mimi isn't having an affair with Kou, or Taichi will be furious! D: Can't wait for the next chapter!

(Oh, and I wasn't bored in the slightest by the dialogue.)
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