Reviews for The Paths We Choose
17yipjy1 chapter 43 . 10/12
What kind of trash fucking ending is this? lord of land and fire, I hope you get cancer and die in agony. I hope that your children, all of the people you care about are raped and murdered in the most agonizing way possible. Only then can you redeem yourself for this shitty, i don't give a fuck about this story anymore ending.
Jesus christ chapter 43 . 10/4
Jesus christ the ending is...
Mariusz1988 chapter 43 . 10/2
Yea you won, you BASTARD.
Navarone2013 chapter 43 . 9/27
I just wanted to go back and say that a day after finishing this story my mind still wanders to it. It is by no means perfect and the ending was unexpected and abrupt. However... when I go back to think about the last chapters I don’t have any negative thoughts. Instead my thoughts are about what a character could have done to prevent this or that. It would only be possible with foresight, but I still like to imagine a better future for one character or another. This just goes to show how emotionally invested I became in these characters. I actually began to feel for them. I’m not sure if it’s just me or your writing, but either way, Bravo!
Navarone2013 chapter 43 . 9/27
Noooooo! I so called Shikamaru being the end boss though. I really wanted Naruto to go out fighting but I guess this is more like the way of the ninja. Only problem I have with this is: at his current strength I don’t think Sasuke would have been able to suppress the Kyubi. Maybe with the Mangekyo but not with a regular Sharingan.
Navarone2013 chapter 42 . 9/27
Damn that’s really sad. I suppose for the majority of the story I just wanted things to go right for Naruto. I burst out laughing when it turned out he was a furry now though. That’s the most hilarious and probably the saddest thing about him at the same time. If it didn’t have symbolism about him being a monster or whatever, it would just be funny/disturbing. Also, Shikamaru is still out there, Naruto you are NOT safe.
Navarone2013 chapter 41 . 9/26
Bull shit! So many great fight scenes and possibilities were just discarded. I’m super disappointed right now. I was expecting a huge Naruto vs everyone fight at the end. Now all we get are vague mentions of past events. Whatever, the story was well written and I enjoyed it.
Navarone2013 chapter 40 . 9/26
Wouldn’t a Sannin and a retired kage notice a secretary? Anyway, I’m super excited!
Navarone2013 chapter 39 . 9/26
I just realized that the story is drawing to a close, Jiraya is developing a secret weapon, Akatsuki is out to kill Naruto(possibly as a team) and most importantly Shikamaru is still alive. Things aren’t looking good for Naruto.
Navarone2013 chapter 38 . 9/26
Wait what?!
Navarone2013 chapter 37 . 9/26
Therapy no Jutsu!
Navarone2013 chapter 36 . 9/26
The battle between Naruto and Pein and probably Jiraya is going to be amazing. It’s still easy to forget that Danzo is in cahoots with Akatsuki. I’m betting Naruto wants Taunade to transplant him some Sharingan. Won’t that be something?
Navarone2013 chapter 35 . 9/26
Lots of questions. I’m curious about Karin and her research. How will the Sound 7 compensate for the loss of the curse seal? Was there even a purpose to getting Manda to acknowledge Naruto? And finally and most importantly, what kind of weapon can kill the Kyubi?
Navarone2013 chapter 34 . 9/26
Damn, he’s a bastard. I love it.
Navarone2013 chapter 33 . 9/26
Wow, I was right about everything except Naruto having good intentions. Now I’m betting he’s going to kill Orochimaru while he is transferring. Maybe the vial is poison. And possibly get the Sharingan himself?
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