Reviews for The Paths We Choose
Guest chapter 20 . 12/6/2015
What? why would you kill Neji? You're story is confusing, you claim that Naruto would never open his heart to another person and that he doesn't care about anyone. But then he starts to own Hinata just because he found out that she likes him?

Your story started out good but is quickly going down the drain.
tralalalala chapter 20 . 12/1/2015
Wooooah. Wasn't expecting that. Nice chapter.
imoken chapter 27 . 11/27/2015

Imoken chapter 26 . 11/27/2015
You are breaking my heart.
Poor Minato. I never especially cared for all that much. Granted, He's a very cool dude, but aside from his initial reveal as Naruto's father, I never found myself to be all that interested in him.

But I find the situation he's in terrible. First off, he was resurrected under the Edo Tensei by none other than Orochimaru. Second, his dying wish for his son to live a happy life were crushed in one fell swoop. THEN, he's forced to use his signature move to kill FOUR clan leaders from his beloved village.

This guy cannot catch a break. Then again, no one ever said being a zombie was easy.
imoken chapter 24 . 11/27/2015
Sarutobi is still alive! Yes!
imoken chapter 22 . 11/27/2015
Oh no
imoken chapter 21 . 11/27/2015
The Ichibi is dead. The One-Tailed dead. Wow, this changes a lot. Maybe not right at the moment, but this will definitely have ramifications on events that may (or in the case, may not) come to pass in the future.
Imoken chapter 20 . 11/27/2015
I've got mixed feelings over the fight. On one hand, Neji was a twat-faced jerk (not to speak ill against the dead) and needed to be punished for what he did to Hinata. But on the other, he needn't have died to pay for it. Sure Naruto made an unbreakable blood oath on his life, but somehow I feel that he went too far with this.

Also, after all is said and done, I hope that Hinata will turn out okay. Who knows what her family will do to her when they find out about her relationship with Naruto? I'll tell you this: it won't be pretty, that's for sure.
imoken chapter 19 . 11/27/2015
Well thats more than a little possessive and a tad bit creepy
imoken chapter 18 . 11/27/2015
I'm kinda confused a bit. One of the two seals placed on Naruto stomach is supposed to be a chakra limiter on him right? But the third seal, the one on his neck from when Orochimaru bit him, acts like a chakra amplifier. That's what gave him an extra 500 clones instead of the 300 he was actually going for. Wouldn't the two seals cancel each other out?
imoken chapter 16 . 11/27/2015
Oh boy, that doesn't sound good.
Imoken chapter 13 . 11/27/2015
Oh please don't hurt Hinata. She's my favorite. Maybe its a bit of a moot point for me to ask you this seeing that the entire story has been finished but I'm doing it anyway.
Imoken chapter 11 . 11/27/2015
So I guess that's that. Shizuka was just a sacrificial lamb the whole. I feel like I walked straight into some kind of trap. I should have known, should've seen this coming. But I didn't. I don't know whether to blame myself for being so blind or you for writing so well.
Imoken chapter 11 . 11/27/2015
Dude, her mom? Her freaking mom?! Are you kidding me?
Guest chapter 10 . 11/27/2015
That Sasuke sure is one haughty asshole. He's so obsessed with himself it's not even funny.
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