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Guest chapter 33 . 4/10
Yare yare, I get through all 33 amazing chapters of this fabulous fanfiction, only to realize it ended, unfinished, on a massive cliffhanger. Ritsu-San, Ritsu-San, wherefore art thou Ritsu-San? Gah, I really wish you would have finished it. Well, we can't always get what we want. Anyway, I loved it! IchiHime 3 and thanks for the RenRuki bits!
The King in White chapter 11 . 3/28
I'm liking your work, but I have to quibble with the whole "OMG vasto lorde" scene. They might be legendary and powerful, but they're not THAT badass.

Hallibel was a vasto lorde when she was recruited by Aizen - which implies that every arrancar higher than her were also vasto lordes and that Aizen was stronger than at least several of them.

So considering you had Soul Society turn around and waste Aizen and his higher arrancar, the concept of a single vasto lorde isn't really that frightening.
Tori chapter 33 . 1/31
Please please update, I love this story, it's getting really good. :(
anime freak 0108 chapter 33 . 1/28
kunoichiCP chapter 33 . 1/7
This is great! Cant wait for the next chapter! keep up the good work! :)
Ai Mamoru chapter 33 . 1/6
Oh wow. Once again I'm amazed about what stunning stories this website provides (to be exact it's the great authors who provide the stories, but the site is a good medium so they can be found ;) ). I could have probably reviewed every chapter but I just wanted to keep reading or had to keep reading respectively. So let's see if I can sum it up in only one review.
At first, your story is the first Ichihime story I read which seems to be driven by a plot and not Ichihime. Not sure if you get what I mean. TBBU seems to be story centered to me and Ichihime just sneaked in. Other stories are Ichihime centered and the author built some story around them. As long as the plot's decent and the writing's good, I like both ways. But your approach is superior to the other in my opinion. Of course it's a matter of taste. I just think story centered feels more authentic and canonly. TBBU certainly does feel like that. The feeling gets support from your changing perspectives. It's just like in the manga! I think that's a great accomplishment and makes you an outstanding writer.
Second, I'm so glad you included Hinamori in your story. I think, she's not getting the attention she deserved in fanfictions ; Hitsugaya (whom I adore) is included in Ichihime stories but not his childhood friend. Thanks for the addition :)
Third, I really appreciate that Ichigo's not the solely hero in your story. I'm really fed up on the manga approach of making him the soley savior of the world. There are so many characters in Bleach but their existence is only used to fill up the story with lenghty fights *eye-rolling* You, on the other hand, are doing everything right! :)
Fourth, I LOVED Ichigos confession, got me all weak in the knees ;) Read this part 3 times before I continued XD
Fifth, your twist with the reversed roles of Ichigo and Orihime (he's forced into another realm for keeping his friends save and has to be rescued - there was only the FLOL-speech of him to Orihime missing *g*) was really creative. I wonder why no other author whos story/-ies I've read included this. It's such a great idea.
I guess that's all which I thought should be mentioned. At last I should say I really love your story and I hope you find the inspiration and time to continue the story in the near future :) If you were right, there should only 3 chapters missing. Should be a piece of cake, right? ;) I'm only kidding, I've got no idea how much effort you have to invest.
Thank you so much for writing and sharing :)
Guest chapter 33 . 1/3
It would be lovely if you can tell us your plans for this story
Nexus97 chapter 33 . 12/23/2013
Dude, it's been a while, can't wait to read Chapter 34! _
inuyashalvrtoo chapter 33 . 11/17/2013
isshin! Please update soon.:0
ImNotOddJustRare chapter 32 . 6/1/2013
plsssssssss update this story! why did u stop updating this story? PLsss update it for me and the other followers of ur story
finnythewise chapter 33 . 5/26/2013
Love it :D Is it abandoned?
ImNotOddJustRare chapter 33 . 5/19/2013
oh, plsssssssss upadte soon! I love this story alot and just when its becoming interesting u stop updating it. Cmon plzzzz update this story for me and the fellow readers!
SilentRaider52 chapter 33 . 4/15/2013
Don't stop yet man! You're so close and so good!
piper chapter 33 . 2/15/2013
SleeplessxB3auty chapter 33 . 2/14/2013
Squee! I am so excited for the next chapter! I love this fanfiction so much! I can't wait to see what Isshin does! _ More please!
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