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Mal chapter 53 . 7/11
wow. I thought this story was dead! So glad to see this update. Poor Bulma. Poor Vegeta. little overboard he was, but I understand where he was coming from. I also understood she was joking, but she may have gone a bit far too. Ah gotta love these two.

Thanks sooooo much for writing and sharing your story!
Flying-Freely chapter 53 . 3/17
I already expressed my love for this story, but I wanted to be your 1000th here. Take your time.
Bre009 chapter 1 . 3/7
I really miss updates for this. It's one of my favorite au stories for b/v
Bangkok'sDevilGirl chapter 53 . 3/3
This is an interesting chapter. The lemon scene is freaking hot . I hope Vegeta will treat Bulma better in next chapter. I feel like he just takes her for granted. With all the things she's done for him, deserves so much better. Please update again soon.
Kayla706 chapter 53 . 1/16
sexpot bulma chapter 17 . 1/9
I'm not gonna reveal my inner pervert and discuss in full details what I especially loved about this chapter because you probably already know but I will say this, your lemon writing is top-notch. You had me feeling and we're gonna leave it at that. Lol XD

And before I forget (because I almost did when the fun in the shower started), I appreciate the discussion between Krillin and Chichi. Krillin is such a good guy and you're right, if he was sexy more people would be writing about him (and 18) and Bulma would've probably gotten with him, too after she realized how much of a waste her and Yamcha's relationship was in the beginning of this fic. Krillin is almost always with her at every mission and is always there to give her advice. Like Bulma said, if she wasn't so shallow... Bottomline is, I appreciate Krillin here. I think you're doing his character some justice.

So...Vegeta ran away. Seems canon enough; he's always running away from his feelings.
sexpot bulma chapter 16 . 1/8
Bulma's mom crack me up. The number 1 BV supporter from the very beginning. I like that more and more people are starting to notice the attraction between V and B. Vegeta realizes he's not very subtle, right? I loved how freaked out he got when Bulma was teasing him about her nipples. Damn, Bulma. So close.

Looking forward to more of Vegeta and Bulma interacting as well as Puar and Radditz. Hopefully Puar's secret is reveal in a more exciting and shocking (maybe even funny) than the way Vengeance's true identity was revealed.
sexpot bulma chapter 15 . 1/8
Vegeta just can't stay away from Bulma. Lol. I love it.
sexpot bulma chapter 14 . 1/8
You wrote this chapter so perfectly. Hit all the right feels. There's really no words to express how impressed I am. Beside the fact that I've fallen further in love with Vegeta. God, that man... There's something so dangerously sexy about how he refused to make a sound when he was getting beat up. So manly and badass*3*
sexpot bulma chapter 13 . 1/8
I just wanna lock Vegeta and Bulma in a small room and not let them out until they bone. The sexual tension between them is killing me. Bulma totally rock here, too. I love how she shot the first fire from the ki gun on Vegeta. He deserved it. And even though it was short-lived, at least she one up him finally. Lol. Nappa is sweet to come to Vegeta's defense.
sexpot bulma chapter 12 . 1/8
Not sure if I wanna know why Vegeta is so against painkillers or not, especially since it has something to do with Frieza and his cruel and twisted punishments.

Bulma needs to get laid. She crack me up with her sexual fantasies. It's more funny that her thoughts occurred at the most inappropriate times. And Nappa with a bag over his head? Girl, get outta here! Lol.

I wonder what's gonna happen now though. Everyone knows who Vengeance is and if Tien is who I think he is, then it's not safe for the Saiyan to go back to Frieza's. I hope they stay with Bulma.
sexpot bulma chapter 11 . 1/8
"Vegeta, are we there yet?" Seriously, who can read these words and not think of TFS? Lol. Nappa isn't always a favorite character of mine but I love when we get to see him become very protective of his prince. He's almost fatherly towards him and even though Vegeta is a little sh*t in return, their relationship is cute.

Everyone is finally under the same roof. The reunion between mom and son was kinda sad. Gohan is so different from the little boy Chichi raised. It must be frustrating for her to see what's he's become. Vengeance's true identity reveal was kinda anticlimactic. Gohan ruined it but I do love Bulma's reaction to it. Her emotional outburst felt just. She must also be feeling guilty and shameful that Vegeta and Vengeance are one and the same, same person who witness Yamcha's suicide. Can't wait for more of these two together.

I almost forgot about Tien but he's starting to make me feel uneasy. Could he be...? When Krillin was calling his name during their chess match, it almost felt like Tien forgot who he was. Or more like who he was suppose to pretend to be. Suspicious.
sexpot bulma chapter 10 . 1/8
OHMYGOODNESS! I know I had so much I wanted to say regarding Bulma and Chichi's conversation and Zarbon's situation with Frieza and Puar but I can't remember what because of this new development in the story. I'm beyond excited for next chapter! And yes! Vegeta is getting stronger and stronger. He's so hot when he's pissed off *_**_*
sexpot bulma chapter 9 . 1/8
Awesome chapter. The first scene with Vegeta... yumm! 'm hungry for more of that;) It was hot.

My bet is on Dr. Gero! I'm slightly disappointed that he hasn't been making appearances lately. But in a way, that makes me suspicious of him. Plus, it's his ship. He probably bug all the rooms to keep tabs on everyone and everything.

Lol. Poor Chichi. Girl needs to get some and Sixteen is not quite equipped... he's got fingers and a mouth though. Chichi can get by. It'd still be better than whatever she had with Goku, I'm sure. As for Radditz and Puar... LOL. Smooth.

Love the conversation between Blue and Vengeance. I wish it was from Vegeta's POV so we can see how he reacted to Bulma's practically insulting him and his race. Well, it's not much of an insult if they're true. But I kinda don't like that she's still left in the dark about Vegeta when he's learning more and more about her, her life and the people in it.
sexpot bulma chapter 8 . 1/8
Wait, so Gohan does know Bulma is Blue?If so, that means Radditz knows too. If they were able to figure that out, I'm beyond surprised that Bulma hasn't. She's far more smarter than those two put together... then again, she was probably daydreaming or thinking of other things to notice what's right in front of her.

Vegeta was pretty amazing here and I don't mean his manhandling Bulma (which btw, what an a**hole!) but the way you wrote him. No OOC-ness. And although it tends to get her in trouble, I love Bulma's boldness and fierce personality. She's no damsel in distress.
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