Reviews for Lovers and Madmen and also Canadians
KirstyMD chapter 1 . 1/17/2011
Another fantastic story. Thankyou
Dunnywater chapter 1 . 11/8/2009
Never seen 'Due South', but because of this i'll look it up.

Favourite bit would have to be without a doubt the entering the consulate bit. I quoted the stashing of Canada into the building to my mum.

Atomdancerrr chapter 1 . 6/9/2009
Lines I absolutely ADORED!

This is SO Fraser!

Fraser, completely guileless, asked, "I do?" He mentally ran through a list of areas in his life which could be improved. Perhaps this bartender knew of a diet plan for wolves?

This is SO Cupid!

"*Yes*, he's barring me from entering your fair nation!" Trevor shouted. "Which, I might add, I always thought was bigger and colder than this, but if a closet worked for Narnia, then I guess I can believe you've got a whole country stashed in this-"

So, is Cupid putting us on or does he really think Canada is in there? :) I go with “putting us on.” Like Howlin’ Mad Murdock and Hamlet he is only mad, ‘North by Northwest.’

And this is also soo Cupid, because sometimes he’s not mad at all! Sometimes when the gods decree it he is really Cupid! :))

Dad, now is not the best time for a chat," Fraser said, exasperation clearly apparent in his voice, just as Trevor exclaimed, "Come on! Even your father agrees with me!"

Ben stared at Trevor. "You can see him? He's dead."

Trevor shrugged. "I'm a god, remember? Of course I can see him."

The words "follie a deux" came unbidden to Ben's mind.

"Benton, I've been listening to his arguments, and really, the man has a point. You're not getting any younger, and I want grandchildren," his father said.

"Come on, how can you argue with that?" Trevor cried.

"She is very attractive," the elder Fraser mused. "Might need some more meat on her bones to survive in the north. Unless you plan on staying down here?"

Fraser cringed. "I'm not talking to either of you." He started to walk away.

"What do you think about Tuktoyuktuk for the wedding?" his father asked.

Ben threw up his hands. "Not! Talking!" he shouted back.

Trevor and Bob Fraser watched Ben's retreating back. Bob shook his head. "He always was stubborn," he said.

Trevor sighed. "You're telling me."

Having Trevor be able to see Fraser’s Father and consult with him as to how to get Fraser and the Inspector hitched is the perfect touch! Playing checkers together! Wonderful!:)) Delightful! :)) After all among Cupid’s powers was the power to give life to the dead. Yes, he is a proto-Christ! (ALL Life evolves from lower Life forms even The Big Guy out of us and the little g gods. (See the Egyptian Book of the Dead). So of course Cupid can see Dead Folk! Or, when the wind is blowing North by Northwest, Cupid is basically an imaginary friend who completely took over RT Hale. So why shouldn’t one imaginary friend be able to see and consult with another imaginary friend?:)) Makes perfect sense!

Last line of first paragraph uses the word Olympics. Wrong word. Needs to be Olympus the mountain/virtual environment we will create in the future so that all our dreams including the Greek gods can come true, not that silly athletic contest! So what if one Human can jump and run and throw things better than another! Does that find a cure for cancer, figure out how to divert killer asteroids, get us any closer to the Stars or to being able to build Isaiah’s Peaceable Kingdom/Olympus/the Kingdom of Heaven/John’s Cube/Utopia/Shangri La/Never Never Land/The Federation/The Undiscovered Country? We WILL do all this some day and due to Relativistic curved space/time it already has happened. But time and effort wasted on sports gets us no closer!