Reviews for No More Fools and Madmen
Angels will bleed from pain chapter 2 . 4/30/2011
Ok ok...subsonic I won't say no more ima just wait sasuke hmmm still will b nice if he joined oto n gt the curse mark with no evil intention n all but if he does make his own akastuki who will u do make me ask u a lot of question but will help u soon make them in the chapters but also if he does stay in konoha like u said he hysterical his sharigan bak so evn tho u said sasuke Wong accept help from danzo but Wen danzo soon c tht sasuke has his sharigan bak maybe he mite idk do somthin with sasuke..but I hope n just sayin naruto n sasuke become rivals yet best friends or like broth figures..n u said naruto can evolve his sharigan by savings someone's life..ur gana hav to put someone in danger than..may I recommend sasuke..valley of the end thy battle naruto wins n sasuke is Dyin naruto has been thinkin of sasuke as a friend for a while n saves his life n idk how does his sharigan look like again?n how will it changed into then?n ur rite it is hard to find someone for orichimaru..(lite bulb) Anko!I mean she has noone n is like naruto older sister n orichimaru has always protected him n naruto can make him idk will b weird but hey giving options u kno..just sayin..hmmm guren?Wen she does show up tht is..idk if u remembr but in the series he did want her body cuz of her genkai kekkei..idk how to spell wait the women he became Wen facing the third homage..tht face he had of the women math her but no idea who she was..hmmmm?well Amy ideas or shall u wait till somthin hits u?lol
Angels will bleed from pain chapter 1 . 4/30/2011
I c I c...n can u gig me a hint to Wat anime or manga subsonic has come out from?lol n u kno Wat sasuke joining the oto ain't a bad idea..I mean ya naruto is from oto n beat sasuke badly but maybe if u put tht big fite against them maybe naruto n him can b good friends or brothers like naruto would say n help train sasuke b a better person n gt stronger to defeat his brother n he can b a great help defending naruto garra or fuu..or any other jinjurikis...n I guess the three sannins should live longer Ooo Ooo Wat if jiraya n tsunade get freky ltr on in life since naruto can make them young n all..but idk maybe near future Wen everyone is older the three sannins make a big stand n fite some1 strong n all..ehh ehh or no?lol hahaha n let u kno dam u still ...I'm soooo curious to kno who subsonic is..Ooo well life is life.. hmmmm ah yes idk but I'm running out of questions bummer but b4 I 4gt the whole harem sex thong will start Wen there older rite?lol
Pyeknu chapter 2 . 5/17/2009
Very interesting indeed. Never read the original story this one's based off of, but it's nice.