Reviews for Insecurities and Inexperience
Naomi M chapter 27 . 1/18/2013
Loved it and it made me laugh but the ending didn't fit would of been better if u carry it on abit more
lauraw31 chapter 26 . 6/13/2012
Oh my god. I discovered this little story yesterday and I have been laughing my head off but this is the creme de la creme. I swear I peed myself with this chapter. It is so great to get someone who can have you laughing so much you have tears coming down your face and the need for a large pack of tena lady. I have you in my favourites and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your stuff. Now that I've composed myself, to a point, I'm off to the next chapter

Vero Diaz chapter 27 . 1/2/2012
are you going to do a sequel?
AnaVa chapter 20 . 9/9/2011
What did Emmet say? Btw, lovely story :)
Ficsters for Small Fry chapter 27 . 8/6/2011
*cheers* I haven't laughed this much in a long time! truley enjoyed this little gem! Thanks for the laughs,

Ficsters for Small Fry chapter 9 . 8/6/2011
Oh god I really really wish i hadnt been drinking while reading this one! psfl!
Ficsters for Small Fry chapter 2 . 8/6/2011
Gah I cant imagine how embarrassing it would be to have any of those discussions with your father - eek! Bugger that

Ficsters for Small Fry chapter 1 . 8/6/2011
This is very funny, i really enjoyed chapter one, and can't wait to see what else you have in store for us.

xx TGB
Madjestic chapter 27 . 7/18/2011
great ending ;)
BusinessGrad chapter 27 . 7/12/2011
BusinessGrad chapter 20 . 7/12/2011
wut did emmett say?
BusinessGrad chapter 17 . 7/12/2011
did not see the end coming
twirob chapter 27 . 6/25/2011
this was an awesmoely fuuny story PLEASE PLEASE do a sequel there's so much more to be said :D
Just a Girl INACTIVE chapter 27 . 6/13/2011
What a way to leave the story! I mean that is truly something that leads everything open, but it seriously made me laugh!

It was to be expected really though, that Charlie would turn up eventually, although it's rather shocking in the way it happened.

I liked the story and the whole concept, it was entertaining to read, although I feel like the four never gained justice for what they said to Bella and Edward and the way they publicly continued to humiliate Bella and made her the laughing stock of the whole group as that was truly unfair!

I thought the story was a nice bit of entertainment to cheer up a boring afternoon and was filled with fun and sexy, smut which was hot and entertaining to read!

Well, I will indeed look out for a possible sequel as this truly had a cliffy ending, not that I didn't love it!

Very enjoyable!
BelieverALEX chapter 1 . 4/28/2011
Lol I like it
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