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Garibaldi the Black chapter 18 . 12/4/2015
I like this story. The characters feel alive and dynamic, and the plot flows quite well.
There are some flaws, such as misspellings, wrong words, or missing letters. Nothing a good proofread can't fix!
I look forwards to the next installment to this story.
Ikkiki chapter 18 . 11/6/2015
Hey I was wondering if you are going to update this story anymore. It's a very good piece of work, with a clear plot and deep characters which people can accosicate with. This has got to be one of, if not the BEST Teen Titans story there is. I really enjoy the whole concept, which is pretty unique in itself, and I really like how Raven is not paired with anybody else. Please keep writing this story, as it is EXTREMELY well-written and I cannot tell you just how much the characters and their thoughts, feelings, and emotions, mean to me.
LilLinkGirl chapter 18 . 10/23/2015
Please tell me your coming back to this? I must know how things are going to play out.
sabrac1 chapter 1 . 6/26/2015
Veedramon chapter 2 . 11/13/2014
Visions, a pain in the tail and barely useful.
Veedramon chapter 1 . 11/13/2014
So, will Slade be as bad for her as he was for Terra or be more closer to a true parental figure?
shadowwriter01 chapter 6 . 9/8/2014
A very good story. The changes in the characters from canon are believable.
By my impression, Ravens greatest weakness here so far is that she is too stuck on her own p.o.v. and too quick to judge others.
One example is that she instantly dismissed Tim Drake as an "ignorant boy", while in truth she knew nothing about the entire situation, all that while Slade, in opposite to her, quickly figured out that Bruce Wayne was far more than he let show.
The situation with Slades riddle and his reaction to her anwer is also well portrait.

A short comment:
About the riddle, I think both Slade and Raven oversee one important aspect. I think a pragmatic and self serving person, as Slade had put it, would in fact spare the king, because he is the only one who can pardon him for the other two murders and would be able to give him a reward anyway. The rich man might maybe be able to offer him more, but since he would be probably on the run for murdering the king at this point, it would be very questionable if he would ever see anything of the money.
mac349 chapter 2 . 5/24/2014
This chapter is rather unusual as it considers Batman. A good portion of people forget about the Dark Night and Robin's relationship in the Teen Titans.
mac349 chapter 1 . 5/24/2014
This is a fascinating take on the path of Raven. Also, the poor guy, that decision was lose-lose. Although with a week of thought, I think my decision would have been to condemn my city for the world as "one cannot sit idly by while his fellow man is in danger" — Old Testament
TheGunmaster chapter 18 . 4/3/2014
This is a great story, looking forward to more!

This story is every bit as good as a "What if?" Or elseworlds Comic series.

Keep it up.
Wolfman217 chapter 14 . 2/21/2014
Brilliant :D

For some reason the scene at the end with Raven in the chamber really reminded me of Sidious and Vader, when Vader is getting fixed after Mustafar. Master and Apprentice, Darth Deathstroke and Darth Midnight.
BoutsofInsanity42 chapter 18 . 1/17/2014
I would have liked Raven to curbstomp Midnight. That was what I would have preferred. But then I like to see the Bad guys and Good guys constantly one upping each other with surprises. Where neither the good or evil guys are certain of victory. Here's hoping for more thrilling episodes of Jewel of Darkness.
tylermech66 chapter 18 . 1/5/2014
FINALLY! I can read this again! Though I was confused as to why she kept on insisting that her other self was still raised by slade, even though she was a good guy.
Patrick the observer chapter 18 . 12/29/2013
well then it seems things are really starting to get underway, here is hoping that we learn just what the White glove is (i think its this worlds version of the light). and I wonder just what Midnight is going to do now with the information she has gathered, should be interesting to find out. Hope you update this soon, till then I wish you luck in all your endeavors.
kms5665 chapter 18 . 12/25/2013
1) Raven's shout actually caught Midnight by surprise, especially since she was not expecting to see so many boxes and stones being enscrolled by her counterpart and launched directly at her.

'Okay, she has much better control and mastery of her powers,' Midnight admitted as she moved to the side to avoid one rock, then back-flipped to avoid a box, and so on.

- This battle with Raven can be very educational for Midnight, maybe not physically wise because she is by far the superior fighter but Raven is more advanced magically. If Raven can do it that means Midnight has the power inside her to do it also.

2) "I don't know how Slade was able to bring another version of myself into this world, especially an evil version, but that doesn't change your situation. With both our powers useless in this fight, we're at an impasse. All I have to do is keep you from escaping until the others arrive," Raven said as she narrowed her eyes, determined and ready to stop her double from fleeing the scene.

- Raven does not posse the strategic mind Midnight has gained through her years of training under Slade because if she did she wouldn’t be TELLING her opponent that her plan is to distraction them until backup arrives. Rule One: Do not tell your enemy your plan unless what you are telling them is a false plan to mislead them away from your actual plan.

3) "No, you are simply what I could have been, and no offense, but if you are like this, having to rely on others to save you from me… well, it makes me glad to not be you," Midnight said, smirking cockily.

- I guess you can say Azarath actually did you a favor Midnight by banishing you because as a result you met up with Slade much sooner than your AU self did and because of that you became his apprentice. I have notice a lot in life that from something bad happening something great can come from it.

4) "Well, at least it's a better than being in constant battle with my Aspects, like dear old Mother wanted. And don't deny it, I can actually sense them trying to get out from under you. Look at me, do you feel anything like that, Raven?" Midnight asked.

- She raises a very good point. Midnight has much more control over herself then Raven ever did and because of that can fight much better. How well can you battle outside forces when you are constantly battling inside forces? I’d take Slade’s mentoring over Raven’s mother teaching any day of the week. I think Raven’s mother did her a disserves by telling Raven to suppress her emotion, it’s like Slade once said which I’m in complete agreement with, "Doubtful, emotions should either be used or made to wither. Locking them up is ineffective and potentially hazardous. In your case it could be the difference between a firecracker in a palm, and a firecracker in a fist.”

5) "You're not my father. You're this world's Slade," she realized, the situation returning to her.

"Quite. And how fortunate for my other self, it would seem. To acquire such a powerful apprentice. I admit I never truly considered Raven; magic is a useful tool, but it seemed too bothersome in her case," Slade admitted.

- You better believe your other self was fortunate to acquire Raven. I was hoping this was going to be brought up, Slade realizing the opportunity he missed out on by not picking Raven as an apprentice.

6) "You know far too much. Secrets I never planned on revealing to any apprentice. There are some differences, but altogether too many of my secrets are in that head," He explained. Stepping closer, he reached out with his free hand, and gently wrapped his fingers around her covered neck.

Midnight started to sweat, easily visualizing the choke-out, the swift crushing of her windpipe. Or using the strength she knew and could feel now to snap the vertebrae.


"My other self must have some magnificent check on you. Subliminal programming, an implant to destroy your mind if you betrayed him? Whatever method, it must be grand and worthy of me, to let you have so much that you would believe he trusts you.

- In the near future when Raven thinks back at this conversation she had with the AU Slade she may realize a few things. First, Slade said Raven knew secrets; in fact this information was so secret that he never planned on divulging them to his apprentice. So I would surmise that since Slade did share these secrets with her it must mean he holds her in quite high regards to trust her with this confidential information that he never intended on revealing. Second, if I was Raven I would be a bit concern with what Slade said about his other self having a way to dispatch of her should she betray him. Wait a second I remember something from chapter 13 that has always bothered me and now I think I know why. (below)

"Pencils down Midnight, you fail," the voice pronounced. Midnight recoiled as if struck, barely able to keep her balance from the act. Throwing her head back, she gave a shrill howl as her eye glow faded, leaving the familiar purple eye to roll up into her head.

It always struck me a weird that Raven just collapse like that because I didn’t think it was from exhaustion. It’s the verbal code "Pencils down Midnight, you fail" that made Raven fall unconscious wasn’t it? It’s Slade’s safety net against Raven in case he needed to stop her. If that is true it really doesn’t surprise that Slade would do something like this. The thing is I don’t think Slade did it because he didn’t trust Raven it’s just that he is a very paranoid individual and because of that he always prepare for the worse. Another reason he might have done it is to protect himself against Trigon. Given his line of work I really can’t blame him for covering all his bases.

7) "It's history to you. What happens to that other Slade?" Midnight asked, holding the clock close.

"Oh, he gets killed by his apprentice," Warp answered.

- With all the pieces Raven posse she might be able to deduce it was Terra that killed Slade in the other dimension. Clue 1: She knows it wasn’t her because her other self was with the Teen Titans, although I’m not sure how much that weighs in because technically Robin was with the Teen Titan too and for a short while he was also Slade’s apprentice. Clue 2: In her world Slade is looking to take Terra in as an apprentice. Clue 3: Raven doesn’t trust Terra and knows she wishes to be a heroine and do good with her powers. To sum it all up, Raven could guess that if Slade is looking to make Terra an apprentice in her world he possibly could have chose Terra as an apprentice in the other world also and because Terra is very insecure her loyalty towards Slade most likely wasn’t strong.

If Raven thinks Terra is going to be a threat towards Slade’s life she’ll be watching Terra even more closely then she already would have.

8) Really, the Titans had been her last hope. But even Beast Boy had betrayed her. To protect his friends from the danger, he had broken her trust. Which meant they would betray her again when they eventually found out all she had done. They would not choose her, given the choice.

- Big mistake Terra, you can’t know for sure what choices other people will make given the opportunity and by assuming their answer you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

9) But even if she went that road, it would be a long time before she could hope to rebel. He would no doubt make her do terrible things, crimes that would burn her bridges to anything but the dark side of the world.

But she would no longer be a slave to her own power. Destined to be alone, with the song of the earth her only enduring companion. She had already done so much harm by accident, would it be so much different to do it to honestly help herself?

- From above I feel reinforce by what I once said before, “there is one immense difference between Raven and Terra accepting the offer by Slade. Raven didn't know what she was getting herself into, Terra on the other hand has more of an insight on who Slade is and what she will become, Midnight being an prime example, if she joins Slade.”

“She had already done so much harm by accident, would it be so much different to do it to honestly help herself?” YES! There is a big difference between accidently hurting someone and doing it on purpose and don’t make yourself feel better thinking there is no difference. You know calling Slade is wrong or else you would have already have done it. This is a big reason I never liked Terra, she was just so full of excuses. It’s a shame Terra you should have listened to your instinct when they told you to smash the devise Slade gave her.

10) "She never considered herself capable of being a hero. But now she has seen for herself that she could be one. A comrade to those she considers her foes. And saw a side of one man she has been willing to pretend doesn't exist or curb the sharp edges off of," the Doctor supplied, finishing his tea. He let go of the cup, letting it hang in the void as he pulled out a napkin to wipe his lips.

- It had to be a shock to her to see herself as a Teen Titan but what probably hurt the most was the way Slade looked and talked to her in such a cold hearted voice without the sliest sense of compassion.

11) It was not easy to come back. One part was time, but another was crossing over with canon. If Chaotic9 had not written a rough for the fight for me to then tinker around the block, cut, and augment, it would likely have come back in 2014 instead. After this, maybe give his works a look; he is good and getting better.

- No need to advertise the author Chaotic9 to me, I’m already a HUGE fan. 影 Kage goes on my top 10 oh who am I kidding it goes on my top 5 list of greatest fanfiction stories ever. Besides you Chaotic9 is the only other author, as of right now, I put everything I got into my review.

12) I do wonder what effects Midnight appearance had on the AU Teen Titans and Slade? I guess it really doesn’t matter to this story but I
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