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dragoncreators chapter 11 . 12/5/2013
I love Holly - and Your - special brand of humor... She deserves to have some fun. Pansy's rules rule!
Thanks for writing these Bizarre and wonderful tangents!
Saot chapter 13 . 12/20/2011
I think I've given up on understanding the relationships in this story and accept that they change completely at random with a moderate bias towards causing suffering for Holly.
Saot chapter 12 . 12/20/2011
Natalia's guilt-tripping of Hermione here makes no sense. It's basically just "how dare you get mind-fucked by Luna!" Breaking up with Holly was a direct result of the compulsions. Because of Holly's obliviate, Hermione was under the impression that their breakup was amiable and Holly had no intention of trying to reestablish it, which makes talking about her future relationships to someone who might tell Holly about them a perfectly reasonable thing to do (and "on some level you should have known that thing which you were specifically obviliated of" is a really weird thing to say").

If this was Natalia talking to Holly and trying to convince her that associating with Hermione as she is now is more pain than it's worth, her points would made sense. As it is, it mostly just comes off as a weird jealous rant that the reader is seemingly supposed to agree fully with.
Little Lion chapter 17 . 1/30/2011
How does one even hope to recover from something like that?
SunshineRainbow chapter 17 . 1/27/2011
you killed Newt. I hate you.
Tangential chapter 17 . 1/27/2011
Meh. If I cared any less, I wouldn't have bothered typing this.

I simply stopped caring about the characters or what happened to them many, many ridiculous chapters ago. I'm not surprised by anything that happens in this story, really. It's all become about shock value and who will fuck who next. I'm neither shocked nor titillated, just sad that whatever was worth reading about this, in the beginning, has vanished, apparently never to return.

The only thing left about this that amuses me in the slightest is someone with my user-name writing this review.
Inoeth chapter 17 . 1/27/2011
Holy Shit! I just lost all appetite that i formally had. This was by far one of the best most 'realistic' graveyard scene i've ever read. Between the actions of wormtail acting like the simpering sick fuck that he is and is at least semi-competent to be a real threat, to Voldie's trick of getting the DEs raping Holly to Holly's mercy-kill of Cedric to her killing Nott, and tricking McNair into trying to kill her and the incredible backlash and finally Wormtails trickery in getting rid of much of the evidence left behind.

I truly wonder whats going to happen next. Between Holly being completely fucked up both physically and mentally, to what happened with with the Horcrux in her head, here killing of Cedric, who she's going to tell the truth of what happened too, who is going to believe what happened in regards to the partial resurrection of Voldie and also the deaths of so many high-proflie people. Its not going to go unnoticed that a large number of very powerful people have suddenly disappeared. I also wonder how a) Dumbles is going to take this, b) how Fudge and his adminstration is going to take this (if they're told) and c) Whats going to happen next.

I wonder if the politicians will spin it that Holly is arrested (or at least they try to arrest her) for the murder of Cedric and/or all of the prominent people left dead at the graveyard.

All in all superb job. To be honest I liked this chapter in Tangents more than your latest chapter in the regular story. (maybe i'm just a sick person?) Bah, whatever, keep up the good work and update more often. This story has just hit the major turning point in what has been an epic journey so far and is about to become even more crazy. :D
Meneldur chapter 17 . 1/27/2011
Horrific. I managed to bear through it all. Can't comment much on the torture and stuff, but I'll try to point out what I consider pivotal plot points.

Why did Cedric throw the Coin into the cup? Why was he willing ot Kill Holly? Did something happen to his mind?

Holly wrecking the ritual twice was amazing, though New'ts loss was tragic, even though I already knew it would happen. The compromise and Holly's words about albus were interesting and intriguing, as well as the offer to join Voldemort. But why did Tom break the oath? Was he certain that Holly could do no harm? I'm not sure. Does he truly underestimate his enemies that much?

Why were the DE unwilling to Rape Holly?

Poor Cedric. Was it really needed? Or was it simply better for him? We know Holly is willing to face damnation and 'kill innocents'. But how long will it tkae her to recover from that in addition to the whole ordeal?

So Holly preforms Wandless magic (or Parseltongue?). But if so, could she not preform also silent magic? Or was the pain overmuch? Can a muscle (which is what the tongue is, after all) be magically regrown? What about an eye? It seemes not, from Moody, but you must wonder about Transfiguration and Lily's skills.

So, casualties: Nott, Cedric, Macnair, four others, Voldemort's body, and others (let's estimate 5) trying to apparate while burned.

Lastly, if Voldemort's body is destroyed, how does he write to Minerva? I assume something survived? And what was the pain in Holly's head?

I (not so eagerly, because of the horror) await your next chapter. Until our message exchange (if you would, don't reply to both reviews - only to one of them, and cover the other in the same reply), I remain your faithful reviewer, Meneldur.
Silently Watching chapter 17 . 1/26/2011
You... You killed Newt. *sob* WHY?

On a related note, this is... not good. When there is a prophecy that states, essentially, 'forgive those who kill your child or the world is utterly FUCKED', Newt's murder is very bad for everyone. Who would have thought that prophecy could rest on a single alchemically-created ink imp.

In all honesty, this was the first chapter where I actually cried a little. Not even Hedwig's death was this depressing.
Vaughn Tyler chapter 17 . 1/26/2011
you know normally i type a simple 'nice' when i have no comment for a chapter, and i just want it to be in the review history. but theres nothing nice about this. poor cedric.
Inoeth chapter 16 . 1/25/2011
Well this chapter certainly explained a few things and makes me really want to read the next chapter in the 'main story'. Great job and keep up the good work. (I'm also slightly surprised that you didn't go into more depth on the smut as you had in previous chapters but that is not a bad thing.)
Arkeus chapter 16 . 1/24/2011
squicky part was squicky.

Also, disliking Padma quite a bit.

Nice work
MarinePotterfan chapter 16 . 1/23/2011
Thanks for writing

Meneldur chapter 16 . 1/22/2011
This was excellent. I really enjoyed it. I'm going to be a bit short becuase I've got a semester test tomorrow.

The part with Hermione and Padma was really nice. It wasn't that important, I think, but it was enjoyable and cute.

The part with the family was... odd. I understand Holly was moody because of the pregnancy, and maybe the act of creating children touched her subconscious who knew she was pregnant or something, but really, it seemed she was overreacting. The whole 'made her feel like a creature' - it wasn't normal. Was the pregnancy that bad?

The knowledge of the scientific mehtod not being used was quite an interesting part, though. And Prestwick's antics were amusing enough.

Ah, finally the part with the Veela. I cannot begin to describe its' perfection, and how much I enjoyed it. Fleur and Gabrielle together were so fun and amusing - though one wonders if Fleur is always so harsh with her sister and foul language. I guess the fact that they were in really grave danger from both Holly and the Ministry had something to do with it, though. Holly's rejection of Gabby was better than I thought it would be. The part about True Love and the Trojan War was hilarious. But was she trying to teach her, affirming the rejection, or just being moody? (oh my god, this inspires a whole new range of horrible Moody jokes, similar to the Sirius ones)

Holly was nervous about her date... that just shows how important it was, if it could make Holly feel that. It was good that they opened with trying to ascertain what the other one is and wants, rather than sex. It made it that much more realistic and meaningful. Especially when both Fleur and Holly tried to reject each other, and were rebuffed by the other.

In a sense, Fleur may have been the ideal match for Holly. She doesn't seem disgusted by what's happened to her (though she doesn't know it all), she can keep up with her sexually (one wonders if Veela have a sex drive and stamina equal to a Metamorphagus), she's intelligent and challenging. Most telling of all, though, it seems to me her logic and attitude solved so many problems Holly had. She decided to be with Holly despite knowing the consquences. She's offered an excellent way for Holly to compete with her without anyone getting too hurt (or so I would think). Incidentally, this way will ensure that Holly is no longer a student, as she says later in the chapter. Most importantly, she told her about the pregnancy, and managed to get her to deal with it and the knowledge that her daughter will die in a reasonable way. I especially liked her 'Fuck fate' attitude, and the willingness to entertain all options - even not bearing the child, despite (presumed) cultural problems with that.

The knowledge of Fleur's lack of accent and that Veela Slavery is a fairy-tale was quite comforting. It did make no sense, as Fleur pointed out.

I can't wait to see Fleur and Holly again, this time in France. And who knows? Maybe Natalia will join them...

The others finding of Holly's pregnancy was no surprise, went as expected. Hermione and Newt's conversation was intriguing, as well as the creation of Pog, but I've really got to catch the bus to college right now. Discuss it in our traditional message exchange.

Last note: did you listen to my music recommendation?

Write to you soon, Meneldur.
Ynyr chapter 16 . 1/22/2011
A sex scene between Hermione Granger and Padma Patil, classic movie quotes from “Heathers“and "The Terminator", an impossibly melodramatic Brie, a pregnant Harry Potter, and to top it all off: a centaur handjob. That had to be one of the most entertaining chapters of fanfiction I have ever read.
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