Reviews for Rescue Me
MrsLanaS chapter 7 . 6/22/2013
I'm seven crappies in and I am so hooked! You've done a great job with this.
sagajunkie chapter 13 . 6/15/2013
I don't know if you'll get this or even care but I'm rereading 'Rescue Me ' and can't believe it hasn't gotten more reviews. I've cried and laughed, been frustrated and happy. And I'm only halfway through. It's a great story and I'm glad it's on my favs. and I'm able to read it again.
MatingInspires chapter 27 . 6/1/2013
Beautiful. Not sure how I missed this over the years. Would've loved an epi :)
crazycats7 chapter 26 . 4/23/2013
This was a really nice story. Have you considered doing a sequel of their married life together and children? That would be great.
LulaGrace chapter 26 . 1/16/2013
Woo, they got there in the end
LulaGrace chapter 24 . 1/16/2013
I love how nice Charlie is!
LulaGrace chapter 22 . 1/16/2013
Great vacation
LulaGrace chapter 19 . 1/16/2013
They both need to man up and communicate. You can do it, guys!
LulaGrace chapter 14 . 1/16/2013
I'm a buy worried he didn't mention he had his closure chat with Tanya when Bella talked about get own closure... Hope this doesn't come back to bite them
LulaGrace chapter 13 . 1/16/2013
Wish he had chosen coffee or something less date like, but am glad he got closure
LulaGrace chapter 12 . 1/16/2013
Glad she is getting closure
LulaGrace chapter 11 . 1/16/2013
Wasn't really conscious of this fact until now, but he is dropping loads if L-bombs and they haven't even been on a first date. Boy is all in
LulaGrace chapter 9 . 1/16/2013
Now he is sounding like he isn't in a healthy place either
LulaGrace chapter 7 . 1/16/2013
Great alt POV
LulaGrace chapter 6 . 1/16/2013
Perfect timing. How scary!
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