Reviews for Now, Forever and Always
Louatown chapter 2 . 2/13/2013
I can't believe you wrote this fic 10 years ago!
I've read the first part but I think that the sequel is more interesting!
TheGreatAnimeFan chapter 15 . 10/30/2008
an excellent sequel. Can't wait to see what happens next.
Taeniaea chapter 15 . 3/20/2006
I Love The Story!
Leshyaedawnfire chapter 16 . 9/10/2005
YonderBailey chapter 14 . 6/3/2005
Hey, I just noticed... Davis seems to have the crap beat outta him quite often, doesn't he? _ I'm just kidding. Huge fan of ur work here. Keep on rockin', dood.

(Davis is awesome. Both legs broken in the first story, then he dives into a frozen lake, gets beaten up by TK, gets shot a few times, had the top layer of skin ripped off his ear... has his chest ripped open... gets shot again... and yet he keeps on truckin'! :-))

~Peeth Out~
Mykan chapter 1 . 2/3/2005

That's all I can can put you work as...

Sheer, Un-adulterated Brilliacne.

And I always wondered what it would be like if Davis was some kind of warrior with a sword.

Good work
Richard0 chapter 16 . 8/22/2003
It was great. 9/10 for too much mushy stuff and too much boredom. Well good luck Ben
Kitty-Chan UchiNaru no Miko chapter 12 . 11/5/2002
Evvy1 chapter 15 . 9/29/2002
that was such a good fanfic. don't know why but i wish it waslonger,anyway it was keep up the good work.

Algren chapter 1 . 9/24/2002
Great job, Ben!
jesusfoodsex chapter 15 . 7/21/2002
Awesome story Ben. Swicked(Sweetwicked)Graphics, and If I get anywhere close to a scanner I can use, I'll send some artwork!
Showna EJ chapter 16 . 7/16/2002
Once more u have outdone urself! I loved the way u brought in all the military aspects- outstanding. If the first book was great, and the second one was amazing, the third one is going to be radiant! I for one will definitely be visiting your website! I would make this longer and provide more flowery praise, but I swear, it is not sane to be up this late at night! Once more, simply wonderful! I was addicted to this one too- I'm not sure it's healthy, but o well, since when have I cared?

Showna EJ chapter 8 . 7/15/2002
Alas! Yet again I can not read it further, infact, if I am on much longer I am gonna get in serious trouble! My reviews must look really funny all piled up in a row! Anyway, this is really good and I am just wondering, how old is Liam, cause it seemed for a minute there you were hinting at a Mimi and Liam? Depending on his age, that might be a lil too gross. Other than that, it is as amazing as ever!

Showna EJ chapter 6 . 7/15/2002
This story is soo awesome! I am totally addicted and completely furious that I can't read it all right now! I swear, next time I'm on I am finishing it! It's amazing, I love your work. I never saw the whole Davis thing coming and the way he was inside Kari's head, looking through her eyes was really awesome. Once again, I have nothing to complain about! How can you complain when something is perfect?

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