Reviews for Gone Awry
Mali Bear's Buddy chapter 1 . 12/22/2011
I can so see Sam making hospital corners...and they do bicker like an old married couple. Too funny.
rockyshadow chapter 1 . 6/20/2009
Congratulations on getting so many of the prompt words in one drabble.

I love it when the boys can just laugh about something together. Especially when it's something as silly as two brothers sounding like an old married couple.
Mad Server chapter 1 . 5/25/2009
I love the domesticity of Sam making the bed while they chat. And that Dean's all splintery.
bhoney chapter 1 . 5/24/2009
Wow, you managed to fit in 3 of the challenge words in one! Good job! I'm lucky to manage the one, LOL. Great idea to have the stake be them trying to kill a trickster.
sweetysmart0505 chapter 1 . 5/23/2009
Hee hee, when don't they sound like an old married couple! Good job.
LivingForTv chapter 1 . 5/22/2009
Ha, this was good! Things like that has to happen at some point, and afterwards, when peace once more reigns, splinters WILL be annoying. Yes I am smiling:-)
Enkidu07 chapter 1 . 5/21/2009
this makes me wonder how many challenge words we could get into one drabble... maybe I special treat for a future challenge...
PlatinumRoseLady chapter 1 . 5/20/2009
Very nice use of all the words!