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FlameMetal chapter 21 . 7/30/2014
I found your work last Sunday and I finished reading it today. I knew I was gonna regret reading an abandoned fic but I still can't help but fall in love with it. The same way I did, years ago, for your works like Kill the Cat, Saffron Soul, Tears and Rain, Babylon and others. I had a fall out with the fandom 2 years ago and now I'm back around because RoyEd is not a force to be resisted. Ever.

I hope you find the time and enthusiasm you need to pursue this story and see it to its rightful end. When that time comes, I'm sure there will still be a lot of readers who are going to be interested in it. And you can count me in!

Lots of love 3
Silverblade1 chapter 1 . 8/27/2013

I really enjoyed this story. I'm sorry it won't be finished, but at least it didn't end with a gripping cliffhanger. :) It was good to see Roy and Ed working together and getting closer in their relationship. Even without the ending, this story is easily one of my favorites. Thank you! )
ZisinLove chapter 21 . 1/24/2013
I really hope that you will be back :)
Sukee93 chapter 20 . 12/2/2012
Hello ;)

At first, I was not sure if reading No Smoke Without Fire since it had been abandoned was a really good idea, because of the perspective to not knowing the end. But I felt that I could really miss something, an another incredible story, so I decided to start reading it, at my own risks. And you know what? I sure don't regret it!

You're just an amazing writer! It amaze me how you can think of everything - every little possibilities, every little details; especially when it comes to military or political intrigue, as well as your imagination for alchemy in its depths (it's like it was you who created its concept, rules and laws).

I really liked the idea of Edward without his alchemy (like at the end of the manga), and the fact that it had been stolen made the whole thing so much more painful. You were great at showing his emotions, at both the point of view - his and Roy's.

Again, I could never thank you enough, so a thousand thanks (and more) for your beautiful work!
Darkmiror chapter 21 . 8/19/2012
I'm so sad to hear that your leaving the FMA fandom:( I only found out about this amazing site a few months ago and you quickly became my favorite author. I absolutely love your writing style and respect for characters personalities. Your work is amazing.
That's why I don't want you to take offense when I say I'm not too sorry that you won't be finishing NSWF. The writing just didn't seem up to par with your other works and the characters seemed a bit off. To me, it felt like you weren't as into this story as your others, kind of like you were forcing it or were distracted. That being said your "not up to par" is still wonderful and a joy to read:)
I'm also sad that I probably will never get to read a continuation of Dangerous Times:( I really loved that story and was looking forward to seeing what you would do with it if you did continue it:) Oh well guess I'll just have to watch BBC's Sherlock Holmes. You have me seriously considering watching the show just so I can continue to read your work.
I remember reading in the notes of one of your stories that you have done original works too. Is there anyway I can read them? Are they posted somewhere (livejournal?) or have you been able to get them published in the mean time?
Again, so sad to hear your leaving the FMA fandom but I wish you great success in all your future writings and maybe I'll be reading you in the Sherlock Holmes fandom:)
LaSirque chapter 1 . 6/13/2012
As sad as it is to see such a wonderful author leave the FMA fandom it's still going to be a great treat to see what you have to offer us in the future with the Sherlock fandom. I personally do not follow the series but your writing is enough to keep me interested in the characters. You have always posted such wonderful fics and I can see through To Light Another's Path that wont be changing any time soon.

Thank you for giving us so many wonderful stories to read, I look forward to what you have to offer us next regardless of the fandom!
cocopower1 chapter 21 . 6/11/2012
Crossing my fingers for the fickle muse to favor FMA in the near future. ;) Looking forward to the next chapter in Counterpoint.
Gothicpunkmonkeysthatscream chapter 21 . 6/7/2012
wow reviewing this kinda late...

well to start I had a feeling this would happen. Not because your writing was getting dull, on the countrary, It has blossomed even more, though in another direction. The first time you uploaded a story that was not FMA I knew your interest had gone astray. i'm saying this from my own personal experiance with anime. I fall in love with an anime but somewhere along the line a new one catches my interest and I focus on that one. ( like my current obession is Axis Powers Hetalia, dont know if you heard of it.)

well getting back on track I dont hold any grudge against you for abandoning No Smoke Without Fire. I actually admire that you were mature enough to realize that the story would be better off left as it is then with you writing halfhearted chapters. I also admire your courage and dedication to your fans by letting us know of your plans.

Even though you will lay off the FMA for awhile, you are still and forever will be my favorite author of that fandom. I will continue to be your fan and hope to read more of your stories in the comming future.

p.s. I want to read your sherlock stories but will be lost in doing so. I dont really know what it is it's a movie right? it's not an anime? I would need to watch it to be able to read your stories.

wishing you well,

bunnynohoogle chapter 21 . 6/6/2012
Heartbreak. I certainly hope one day the FMA muse comes back. You've certainly been a huge contibuter of some truly amazing and epic FMA fics. But as an artist with a bad case of "Shiny Thing Syndrome " I understand how fickle muse can be and how important it is to great work. Gotta admit, thinking of watching Sherlock just to continue reading your wonderful work. Best of luck to you (and I'll try and get to Sherlock to keep up with your new work)
Eraser Bitz chapter 21 . 6/5/2012
I...I feel like I want to cry. I've been a silent lurker in your stories, hoping for a chance to review. (I finally got myself and account.) Like some of the reviewers previously before me said, I expected this to happen. I saw the Sherlock fics popping up, and how you said you had been into the archives. To be honest, I wondered when you were going to leave it, as inspiration leaves us so quickly. Addressing towards NSWF, I only began to read it a couple months ago (when you took it off hitaus.) Thank you for not dropping it silently, as you said. I'm glad you told us up front, as it seems so hard to do. I remember a quote from a fellow fanfiction writer-I wouldn't want to continue a fanfiction I have no interest in. I couldn't do my best for the fanfiction, myself, or the readers. I imagine this is how you feel. I wish you luck with you Sherlock BBC fanfiction. I'm positive you'll become a greatly respected and admired fanfiction writer over there, just as you have become over here. Oh, how I wish I have found FMA and you sooner! Granted, the readers and I won't forget you. Let the readers and you in the fandom cherish the times we've had together, and look towards the future. Or maybe the times I cherished reading your stories. Five years is a long time, huh? (I can't believe I'm saying this...) People move on when they can, like when FMA ended, and people still live on within the fandom. Even though this is my first ever review (signed in with an account) to your stories, I really want to thank and compliment you. Your work is fantastic, absolutely superb. Thank you for giving us the wonderful fanfiction, and staying with the fandom for so long. I really hope I will get to read some of your works in the future. You might want to check some of the updates on FF, I hear they are enforcing something about M-Rated fics. (Just wanted to inform you!) I'm so sorry for the long winded review-it's so very hard to say goodbye.

Keep Writing. Goodbye never means forever. :')

-Eraser Bitz, a longtime fan of your work. I...we, will miss you.
accident prone chapter 21 . 6/5/2012
Haha, no worries! I mean, it's sad of course that this story won't be finished, but I can competely understand wanting and needing to write something else. My reaction was basically: "sad!" (five seconds) and "YES MORE SHERLOCK YES" (still ongoing). You've done so much for this fandom, and I'm sure any of your future fandoms will be similarly touched. :) I look forward to seeing where your muse takes you from here.
deline89 chapter 21 . 6/5/2012
Just as long as you continue on here hun! Im just going to have to reread all yer old stuff! ;*

Lady Stockton chapter 21 . 6/5/2012
I'm so sorry to hear you're leaving the fandom, but I completely understand. You've been a wonderful author and contributor. I want to personally thank you for the slow-burn Roy/Ed romance, of which you are the master.

I'm not ready to follow you into the Sherlock fandom because I just picked up Supernatural, but I'll be keeping you as a rec'd author on my bio.

*Standing ovation*

Have fun with that quirky, British detective!
scuabdiver chapter 21 . 6/4/2012
Oh my darling B,

I love you. You are one of my favorite fanfiction authors... Actually you're one of my favorite authors in general. I already said my goodbyes through LJ, and I have already connected with you through tumblr... And as sad as I am to see you leave the FMA fandom and this story, I'm thrilled that you will still be writing. The Sherlock universe is lucky to have you! I've been hooked on it as well (it really could not be more canon, I adore John and Sherlock to bits) so I can't wait to see what beautiful fiction you have in store. You are truly gifted!


Trumpet-Geek chapter 21 . 6/3/2012
I've known -well, 'known' lol- you for years and I've always been so impressed with your dedication to the FMA fandom. People rarely ever stick with the same fandom for as long as you have, and I know there will be people who are upset with your choice to move on so I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all the contributions you made to the FMA fandom, all the time you put into your fics and your replies, etc.

You were (and still are) a staple for me in the FMA fandom. I will really miss your FMA updates! To be honest, I've moved on from the FMA fandom as well, as have a lot of people probably, so hopefully people won't be too upset with your announcement. It's normal to move on.

So yeah, good luck in Sherlock fandom! It's a pretty fantastic series and an even more awesome fandom!

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