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PiMPNaRuTo chapter 16 . 9/12/2011
Yay, I like dialogue chapters, though this one was more exposition. I think you did a great job with Eva's background, I really like the OC's you've constructed of her brothers.

Aww, seeing all of them worried for Naruto doing his kickass jump off of the cliff was heartwarming, especially Eva since she doesn't even know how to swim. He's only known them for a couple weeks, three I think you mentioned somewhere, but they're already worried about his well-being. Although on the other hand, I guess anybody would be shocked, at the very least, at that action, let alone it being someone you know.

And also, the teaching Eva how to swim thing? Very original, and very nice.
PiMPNaRuTo chapter 15 . 9/12/2011
Nice talk with Eva in the beginning. They're starting to open up now, however slowly.

The part where Chachamaru gets angry from the mess of the Rabbit Incident was hilarious. And I feel oh so redundant for having to repeat this every time, but as always I love your NarutoxEva interactions.

Haha and I thought the moment when Naruto came back was cute too, that they even care enough to be angry is touching. Ahem and great scene with Chizuru by the way. Negi is crazy infectious it seems.

I really really liked this chapter. As a matter of fact, the things you do in this chapter, are exactly the reason why I think you are one of the best Naruto crossover authors that I've seen. (I say that because in non-crossover fics, Naruto wouldn't have to expose or explain anything to people). You keep Naruto, as Naruto. He's always in character (for the most part), he doesn't have strange or over-the-top emotional breakdowns or reactions, and most importantly, he doesn't broadcast his past experiences, sadness, and loneliness to the world after only meeting people for like a day. It is more genuine this way. And I'd trade those stories away for your slow and deep developments, anyday.
PiMPNaRuTo chapter 14 . 9/12/2011
Aww the whole rabbit stew and "mum" scene was so sweet.

And about the "Springfield blood really is the best", I was wondering, did she say that because she had assumed it would be Negi's blood, or was it actually Springfield blood? Meaning that Naruto is actually, however distantly, related to Negi?

Enter chibi-Naruto! Haha, that scene was cute. The whole test scene was great too, and as always your NarutoxEva interactions are the best.

But man, "I've got you, and always will", that just brought manly tears to my eyes dude, especially with the consequent passing out into Naruto's arms. Very nice.

On another note, that would have been hilarious if you had Naruto shift into a bit of Game Master mode. Great chapter again.
PiMPNaRuTo chapter 13 . 9/12/2011
This is a sort of connecting chapter, but I gotta say, I still very much liked this chapter. Great great start with the scene with Setsuna, which lead to further teasing of Eva, which then lead to Chachazero's interference of the...interesting scene with Aki.

Though I'm glad you put this. "He was unlike anyone she had ever met in her hundreds of years, not just in terms of his unique source of strength, but in personality too. She found herself unable to predict how he would react, something she found herself mildly annoyed with." Which would undeniably set Naruto apart from everyone, even Nagi, I don't like when authors have Naruto pretty much emanate Nagi (or Minato, for that matter), but in the next part, you did tie them together again, so I'm hoping you do set them apart.

Well, great chapter, the talk with group 2 during dinner was hilarious, it can so easily be pictured in my head as something that could happen.
PiMPNaRuTo chapter 12 . 9/12/2011
It's interesting that all of your fanservice moments thus far have been in the bath, where everyone is naked. Though, of course, I'm not complaining. But on another note, seeing the way you did Konoka's reactions to these things, am I right in assuming that you're leaning more in the direction of KonokaxSetsuna? It's a shame, because they could have been really cute with Naruto, but even in the manga, I do get the feeling that KonoxSet is what Akamatsu Ken was aiming for.

And also, very nice for keeping it unknown as to why the demons are afraid of Naruto, it keeps still a hidden factor about Naruto that makes him mysterious. And nice scene where everybody sees Naruto in soldier mode.

Great fight scenes, they were rather fun to read, especially since Naruto has a role now.

At the end, I liked where Naruto lets the other go ahead of him to not let anyone see that he's more injured than he seems. It's very...well, not quite "heroic", but it is a very "hero" thing to do. Or a very Naruto thing to do, if you will. Either that, or he's just another guy looking to preserve a bit of his dignity.

And lastly, great scene with the final moments of Madara and Naruto. Great to see that Naruto can still outsmart Madara with his badass-ery.
Pinehas chapter 1 . 9/12/2011
Ah, so this happens during the blackout, huh? That's interesting. Digging out of the World Tree...that's a cool and innovative way to insert Naruto into Negimaverse.
PiMPNaRuTo chapter 11 . 9/12/2011
I feel a sort of relief at this chapter, because finally, Naruto can be out in the open, where all the action is at.

And yay for the very cool Naruto save at the end with the arrow. It gave me the feeling of "I am their teacher. Hear. Me. ROARRR!" Haha but I assure you, in the very awesome way.
PiMPNaRuTo chapter 10 . 9/12/2011
I'm not sure why, but I was never really that fond of the kissing game of the Kyoto Arc, even in the original manga. But I did enjoy the little chase that Naruto and Kaede had. It was made all the better after Kaede finally caught him, kissed him, from there he got up and proceeded to smack Negi into another kiss.
PiMPNaRuTo chapter 9 . 9/12/2011
I remember this chapter very much, I always really liked this chapter whenever I decided to reread your story again.

Part of it has to be because Mana and her group were already messing with Naruto as soon as he woke up.

And I know a lot of it has to be because of the whole deer scene. It shows Naruto's deep-rooted connection with Nara. I find it so... I can't even find the right words, but endearing? or is it heartwarming? or maybe just plain cute, I don't know. But I do know that the Makie bits are really cute, this was also the chapter where I first thought you gave NarutoxMakie quite the potential. I still can't find the words, but all I know is that that scene was awesome.

Next would be the sage thing, I like how you can keep to canon and still be so original. "...where he proceeded to stuff his face, all at Mana's expense, which she seemed oddly pleased by." Heh, that just makes me smile, considering her attitude towards money.

I also loved the part where Mana hiked up the price for the job, just because it was Kaede. Their rivalry is hilarious.

And I've got to stop listing things, or else I would have basically outlined your chapter. But just know that this chapter was great. I actually love when there's a lot of dialogue and character development.
PiMPNaRuTo chapter 8 . 9/11/2011
Haha I had to laugh when Naruto said to talk about something else, and Negi starts asking him all these really deep questions. But it's great that they had that talk, a real heart-to-heart between brothers.

Ahem, and also, I love the full body contact Naruto and Setsuna had. Not to mention the other bath scene haha. Nice.

But actually speaking of which, from what Naruto DID do in this chapter, such as block and restrain Setsuna's attack on Negi, as well as the little bit in the consequent bath scene, I would think Negi would have some idea of Naruto's abilities.

Well anyway, lots of rehashing in this chapter, but still a good job.
PiMPNaRuTo chapter 7 . 9/11/2011
Aww, Chachamaru is so dang cute in her own unique way in the assassination scene. Though there is something about her that I want to address in later chapters, when it is brought up again. But for now, that was a fun scene.

"...but spread the word, 'I'm back.'" That was badass as hell man. I actually felt for the little frog, when he burst out in tears at seeing Naruto alive. Warms my heart a little for Naruto that he still has some family and friends out there for him.

And great speech from Naruto. It was such a simple question, but with his answer you let him reveal nothing, and yet made Kaede wonder about everything.
PiMPNaRuTo chapter 6 . 9/11/2011
"He was beginning to think it was a prerequisite to be attractive in this school." Haha, ain't that the truth.

Great chapter, I'm curious about Naruto's wardrobe, does he own a suit now? Since technically he is part of the staff now, in which I'm assuming that formal attire is the dress code.

And I'm also curious as to what Naruto picked out for himself when he parted with the cheerleading trio, that item choice seems interesting.

I really liked the Naruto and Negi talk near the end, it really establishes mutual respect as well as their budding brotherly relationship. Nice.

But the best part of all has got to be the Naruto and Eva scene at the end. You make Naruto/Eva look so awesome, and not to mention cute.
PiMPNaRuTo chapter 5 . 9/11/2011
Well that must have been interesting for Naruto to hear how girls are calling him a "hunk", though I think that would have been the last thing on his mind then, since his past experiences all but drive him to pay more attention on how to not get caught.

The World Tree bits are funny. Though I do wonder though, since Naruto has been its nourishment for thousands of years, when Naruto was on the tree, or whenever he is near the tree, does the tree suck chakra away from him? Which in this case, would hinder his chakra recovery. I know you mentioned that it tried to swallow him back up, but I wasn't sure if there were any actual effects on his chakra or anything.

And the random action scene where Naruto kicks butt so swiftly was a treat as well. Great job.
PiMPNaRuTo chapter 4 . 9/11/2011
Naruto first greeted the class by being naked, the class full of teenage girls liked what they saw, then at their first proper introduction, Naruto feels some "groping". Haha, it's so nice of Takamichi to leave Naruto in the hands of the people that he's afraid will maul him.
PiMPNaRuTo chapter 3 . 9/11/2011
I really wished I had reviewed these chapters when I first read them, I find it a tad harder now that I already know what will happen. So excuse my reviews if they're ever all over the place, because I'm still deciding whether to review it with or without my knowledge of the future events, but a great, fun chapter nonetheless.

Settling in and building the bases of their budding friendships and relations, not to mention Naruto's ability to be himself and also annoy Eva with such ease, is always fun to see. And also, if I remember correctly, I believe that you were perhaps the first author to have Naruto call Eva, "Chibi-chan", so props for that.

Although, one thing that did surprise me was that looking back on it now, I can't believe that after finding Sakura's soldier pills and more specifically her note to him, that he didn't have any type of reaction to that. Of course I'm not expecting some crazy angst-filled scene, but since it is Naruto, I did picture a small emo moment.
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