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Naruto-NegimaFAN chapter 26 . 8/11/2013
I really really wish you would update this story. It is by far, by MY standards anyway, one of the best Naruto-Negima crossovers ever. I look forward to the day you finally start writing this again, or find a co-author.

Anyway love this story.
ookamikiba chapter 14 . 8/9/2013
Hey i have a question about something that was said by chibi-chan live the name btw when naruto gave her a glass of his blood talking about springfield blood was best could that maybe referring to naruto may be negi and nagi ancestor
John At Dawn chapter 3 . 7/9/2013
Naruto is most likely unnerved by Chachamaru because he thinks she's a puppet. Sasori flashbacks a-go go.
Accidental Child chapter 26 . 6/16/2013
I hope you update soon. This story is too good to be wasted.
Black Noise47 chapter 26 . 5/26/2013
to other review readers: BEWARE SPOILERS!, also read this story if you're not sure, its Actually Good (c)

Hah, that was a good read, a shame you haven't updated in such a long time, if you aren't due to feelings of dread/ugh field, I'm sure nobody is blaming you and there will in fact be much rejoicing if you start writing again.

Now, regarding Naruto and childhood abuse, I completely agree that canon Naruto almost certainly was only emotionally abused, but there are some fics with rather plausible explanations of why there could be a traumatic incident with someone loosing their mind (remember they do think of him as Kyuubi so he's a likely target there), although I agree that common physical abuse is a bit ridiculous unless you assume a highly incompetent Sarutobi and/or ANBU, with maybe some early attempts at violence being reasonable before any aggressors are made example of..

Anyhow, with that tangent done, onto the whole point of this:
It seems Naruto has little affect on how the plot develops at the moment, but this is done believably, and Negima already has one of the most well rounded plots I've read, although it does feel like Naruto belongs there, so congrats on the writing achievement of that. Next, character interaction, probably the heart of this story in my opinion. The only complaint I can think of is that there's insufficient interaction with Negi, although that is reasonable considering Naruto has the Main spotlight, and there are literally dozens of characters to introduce and flesh out, which I think you handled marvelously by the way, I especially like the early (and current really) interaction with Eva, they really do play off each other well and Zero was an unexpected but quite welcome addition.

Overall, excellent writing and a very natural crossover make for a truly magnificent story.

Here are some things I'd like to see if (hopefully when) you return to this:
- More of Negi, and to a lesser extend Chachamaru (really understated at the moment)
- *not* doing the move-by-move byplay thingy in fights unless you can pull it off, which is rare, pointing out non-obvious things in end comments is something I haven't seen before and seems to me like the optimal approach here.
- naruto Chao interaction, in the informative sense of when he finds out more about her (esp. handling the big "she wasn't lying when saying she's from mars" thing), although I'll warn that allowing him to eventually return to Konoha would need retconning some earlier words by Konoemon I think.
- Jack Rakan. He seems like a ridiculously fun character for a writer to play with (to my inexperienced eye at least), I'd really love to see how you handle him.
- Far future stuff if the plot actually stays similar enough to gets to it; Asuna waking after being sealed at the manga ending should net her a great deal of sympathy for Naruto.
- Kurama!, we haven't heard from him since like chapter one and considering the number of demons/halfs in the cast there should be some interaction eventually (Zazie comes to mind, as does Mana).
- on a related note, what happened to the other Bijuu? (doesn't have to be included in the plot, but would be nice to know)
- not a 'thing I want to see', more of praising a particular point; I like that you got a sufficiently old/wise Naruto with a practically complete powerset, and that you have limited him in power so as to not have him be godlike/suelike, Negi infecting Naruto with his ..ah.. unique luck was also a nice touch.

Well that's about what I can remember at the moment, some parting words to this mega-review:
Again remember that people appreciate this story, and consider that for every review there are many silent readers who like it just as much but due to various reasons don't leave the kind words they ought. I have a few stories to review properly too which I'll get around to eventually, if only 'cause the authors deserve it, I've written this mostly due to being forced to pace myself through external circumstances and and thus not finishing in one sleepless bout.
If you want my thoughts on any other specific parts just send a PM, as is though, consider things I haven't mentioned specifically as either liked or not remembered too well.

That's it then, hope that A you'll read this eventually, B that you're one of the authors who likes reviews (especially long/thought out ones) and C that you'll some day continue this amazing story.
Thanks for making this, its not easy finding the gems but its worth it in the end.
Black Noise47 chapter 2 . 5/24/2013
This seems like something I'll enjoy greatly, I can say now the humor is very much to my liking, lets see about the rest.
grey mage chapter 26 . 3/12/2013
an excellent story and i'm glad you wrote it this far.
grey mage chapter 23 . 3/12/2013
this is a fantastic chapter. this is what i want in life, and you made it a reality. this earned you my respect and adoration.
Treant Balewood chapter 26 . 3/10/2013
I could have sworn that he was about to say 'Art is an Explosion' when faking the tags this chapter :(
I love this fanfic, i also blame you for my terrible day at work because it was so fun to read i was up till 5 am reading it and i had the early shift today. Thanks for writing and ill keep my hopes up for your return.
me chapter 1 . 1/19/2013
If he really is desperate to see a familiar face, he could always go and dig up hidan
Twilight-Lloyd chapter 3 . 1/16/2013
If ignorance is bliss, Naruto is in Nirvana.
Rizaidym chapter 7 . 1/3/2013
I wouldn't be surprised if there was at least one assassination attempt, perhaps early enough that Naruto can't remember it. ONE. The Hokage sees red, heads roll, people get the message. No more assasination attempts/physical abuse.

Also, is this story dead? Please say it's just on hiatus!
daveoo mangeoo chapter 26 . 12/26/2012
Wow I really like what you did with chachazero and eva in this story cant wait to see the next chapter if you do one.

Keep it up
Thozmp Corris chapter 26 . 12/8/2012
It's been over a year, so I have to ask, is this still alive?
Markus-Antonius chapter 26 . 11/30/2012
i love your story i hope you update it soon! its been almost 2 years we have been suffering from lack of updates!
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