Reviews for Though A Bird Can't Fly, That Doesn't Mean It Never Will
doubledamn chapter 10 . 5/2
So who's got the wilder imagination when it comes to Luffy, canon Boa Hancock, or your Kunia?
angiewan601 chapter 10 . 3/24
yaasss slay she can read thoughts and memories now
Thorn D. Cinni chapter 3 . 3/16
I love that tiny part about Zoro being lost.
Sailor Pandabear chapter 18 . 9/21/2015
good fic. I love it.
bbgh2424 chapter 4 . 7/27/2015
I have no words at 2:45am in the morning to describe how beautiful these first few chapters are. I have always been exasperated by the stupid "Kuina is alive" fanfics that never added anything new to the story, and pulled out some stupid romance stuff between Kuina and Zoro that is definitely NOT canon. I love how you characterized Kuina here; I am absolutely in love with her, and I cannot wait to see her develop as a woman, a swordsman, and a character that I as a reader can come to know and appreciate and respect. Thank you for creating this piece!
MBScavenger1498 chapter 18 . 5/21/2015
This is quite possibly the best One Piece fan fiction I have thus far read. You've done good job of making Kuina a developed and separate character, changed the plot, and got in some good analysis on canon characters in the process. And best of all, despite bringing a sense of roundedness to this story that canon sometimes seems to lack, you've also maintained the sense of humor of the original.

Hope to see more soon,

Guest chapter 6 . 5/11/2015
This is hilarious! So great
archsage328 chapter 18 . 4/30/2015
Spent the last two days reading this, and what a great read it has been! Such wonderful, wonderful fun! Such fantastic humor, action, and drama! The way you've had Kuina (and Zoro) develop has been outright fascinating, and while you've definitely gone about the plot in a fairly different manner than the source material, it still captures that fantastic spirit. And while I may not like everything you chose to do, include, exclude, etc., the execution and the results are always something I can't help but appreciate and respect. Though admittedly, a large part of that is because I've been getting an even bigger kick from the things you have changed, especially the new characters accompanying Kuina, Smoker, and Tashigi.

You've said that Piers is based on a nameless character in the source material that you decided to expand upon immensely, and while that's not unheard of in fan fiction, success can definitely vary from case to case. I've tried it myself in one of my own stories, and while I've definitely seen worse, I still intent to go back and improve upon what I started. However, what you pulled off here are the strokes of a master. Despite having very little material to work with, you went and transformed a nameless marine into an awkward, naive, and well-meaning motormouth who comes across as someone I might know in real life and yet still fits in so well with the world of One Piece. Similar story with Briggs. A stubborn adult who knows how to use words way too well and can get under a person's skin with moments of meeting them, but is not without a sense of charm, morals, and other positive traits, Briggs comes across as a far more complex individual then he lets on. He pulls of the difficult balance of being insufferable to the point of wishing you could ditch him, but interesting and competent enough that you wish to keep him around just as much.

All in all, I've begun to truly enjoy this story, and am very much looking forward to what you have in store for the audience. I have no idea when you'll be able to update again, but I'm willing to wait as long as necessary for a story this well-written and engaging!
Yuuzhan Vong Jedi chapter 18 . 4/7/2015
"Quartermaster Skinflint?" Wow, I hope that's a nickname or, to quote None Piece "My parents hated me!"

DUN DUN DUN! Quickly Captain Briggs! You must save the woman you love! Or at least get to her before she and T-bone die from exposure to the elements. Oh quit trying to deny it, we know you love her.

I'm so sad that it ends on a cliffhanger like this. Hope you'll be back soon!
Yuuzhan Vong Jedi chapter 16 . 4/7/2015
Yes Zoro. It's the fact that pirates are mopping their floors, not the fact that there are pirates in their base. Definitely the mopping.

And the plot thickens. DUN DUN DUN!
Yuuzhan Vong Jedi chapter 15 . 4/6/2015
Factual Justice. I like it! And it is SO Briggs style. Incidentally, ever since I first read Briggs name, all I can think about it "The Northern Wall of Briggs" from FMA and then I start picturing Briggs leaning on a sword with long blonde hair over one eye and pink sparkles. Wait, Briggs last name isn't Armstrong is it? :)

Also, Season 2, YAH!
Yuuzhan Vong Jedi chapter 14 . 4/6/2015
Pell dead huh? Interesting choice. While I personally think your alt. ending would have worked just as well, it's your fic, your choice.

Also, the line "bawling her eyes out". Yo ho ho ho ho. Blind joke.
Yuuzhan Vong Jedi chapter 12 . 4/6/2015
Well, well, giving Tashigi some eye candy, huh? Pity Kuina can't see. :)

One minor thing; I didn't mention this on the previous chapter when Tashigi challenged Kuina to a duel using Kashu because I dismissed it as fan-fic authors prerogative, but in the series Tashigi has never been shown using any sword but Shigure, and she was definitely wielding Shigure when she confronted Miss All-Sunday. Not sure if you're invoking creative license on this or if it's a mistake, but just thought I'd point it out.

I am REALLY enjoying this story, and I'm not even caught up yet! Looking forward to how it all plays out!
Yuuzhan Vong Jedi chapter 8 . 4/3/2015
Best. Opening. EVER! I laughed until it HURT! I wonder how she's going to react when she finds out that she's so wrong about Luffy. His laugh is "Shishishishi" not "Ahahoohoohahaa". Oh, and that he's not a horrid bloodthirsty monster, that too.

Yes Tashigi. There's no way Zoro and Luffy would get into a brawl over something stupid. Nope. No way. YO HO HO HO HO!

"in danger of being promoted". Yes, very dangerous. Yohohoho.
Yuuzhan Vong Jedi chapter 7 . 4/3/2015
"Pulled a Zoro". I find it doubly funny because I do the same thing all the time.

Yes Kuina. The ONLY captain ever to think punching a giant monster in the eye was a good idea. Yep. Definitely the only captain like that. I YOHOHOHOed so hard at that, even before the scene skip. Then I laughed even harder!
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