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Taliatoennien chapter 6 . 11/8/2013
I loved the way this turned out - it might be my favorite out of your traditional Fallout fics featuring Samantha. The bit at the beginning, with Charon trying to make a plan for his contract and needing the physical attack even to get that much energy, was terrifying. The whole story was a roller coaster from that point. I especially loved the scene where Charon leads Samantha back to her cell after having just picked up hot iron, and Samantha's blinking back tears and still more afraid for him than for herself. Oh, and Samantha didn't lie to Charon about his contract. She said something deceptive ("hey, look at this,") but she didn't actually say that it was his contract. It's interesting, though - and chilling - the way that Charon feels about loopholes, the way the effect based on his conditioning is still much the same as if he'd just directly disobeyed.
ChocoChipBiscuit chapter 6 . 6/6/2013
Charon was always a difficult character for me to like, and he still is- but I think you managed to delve into more of his strange relationship with the contract, something I really wish they had expanded upon in-game.

As a reader: I enjoyed how you were able to portray a very difficult character, and create a completely unique and cogent story within the Fallout universe that feels true to the setting. I also appreciated how you were able to illustrate emotions and thought processes in very much a 'show, don't tell' sort of manner, even for characters who are somewhat inscrutable and get relatively little screen/page time.

As a player: When Charon refused to get the GECK and 'abandoned' my character after Raven Rock, it was hard for me/my character to really trust him again, so I ended up with Fawkes and Dogmeat as my main companions for the rest of the game. I wish I could have had some in-game closure with the ghoul though. This felt like a very satisfying sort of 'filler' that let me understand the perceived gaps in my own playthrough.
Rain Chasm chapter 1 . 7/31/2012
Poor Charon :( he seems totally paralyzed without a master or contract.

The best part about reading this chapter is that there's more. I blindly assumed this was a one-shot(I've been reading a lot of those lately), so imagine my elation when I discovered the 'Next ' button at the end :D.
How Like a Winter chapter 6 . 1/23/2011
I keep returning to this fic to reread it, so I felt like it was the least I could do to submit a review and let you know just how much I love this story. Charon is so difficult for me to write correctly, but you pull it off so well, and I have to admit that Samantha has got to be my favorite female OC in any fandom. Most of the time, I can ignore a mediocre OC and focus on the cannon characters of the story, but Samantha surprised me by being a great character in her own right. I see from your more recent stories that you've moved on to Fallout: New Vegas, but I desperately hope that you revisit Fallout 3 sometime to write more of Samantha, and possibly even Charon as well.
ManInAMask01 chapter 6 . 10/31/2010
very nice. keep writing on. :D
The Agent X chapter 6 . 10/31/2010
Okay. Give me a minute to get my thoughts in order...

I loved this. For so many reasons, so please bear with me as I explain them. First of all, as I mentioned, I love your interpretation of Charon. In my mind there is now no other way to picture him. What I especially like about your interpretation is that *this* Charon has a certain... naiveté? Or perhaps an earnestness? that seems to come as a by product of his life of servitude, and that I always found present in the game, but that no one else (as far as I know) has managed to capture in writing. His attachment to his contract is explored and not dismissed. I am glad you identify it as his raison d'être. Overall, there is so much more to Charon in your fics, that I feel like he must be a real person.

As for the story itself, it is *exactly* what I wanted to read. Again, I mentioned that I had a similar idea (quite similar actually - great minds, perhaps? Ha! I wish.) which was probably never going up anyway. Reading your story makes me want to write it even more though, if only to prolong the life of these fabulous characters. I like that the villain was human, in that he didn't take a million shots to the chest to go down. I *loved* the way you resolved the situation. Charon is human too, can err as humans do, and does not possess some otherworldly connection with his contract in order to know who has it (which is often implied elsewhere).

The writing itself is subtle and engaging. The character's intentions and personalities are explored through dialogue and not stated outright, which is refreshing. The wasteland imagery is vivid and very clear, which is great.

But of course, I am sure you do not want to solely hear me gush (and please believe me when I say this is not a regular occurrence). As for constructive criticism, what I have to say is regarding Samantha. I can imagine how hard it must be to create a satisfying character for a game that allows for everybody to have a different interpretation. And for the most part I really like Samantha, as she is optimistic, but not naive; innovative, but not exalted; strong, but not inhuman... I could go on. Basically, she is the great bunch of paradoxes that all well-rounded characters are. She is realistically portrayed as a good person (and not super-happy, save-the-world, always-laugh-and-smile Vault dweller).

But where is the criticism? You ask. It is that I sometimes find Samantha to be a bit bland. Only a bit. Only sometimes. I think this occurs because the other person we have to contrast her to is Charon, who is constantly having his motives and background explored. Samantha's motives and background are assumed knowledge for the reader, as they would supposedly have played the game (they are touched on, but not explored in the same detail). This is actually something I noticed in both fics.

Don't get me wrong, I love Samantha. I couldn't say I wanted any changes to her, and I don't feel that you could 'make her better'. I guess, I just want to know more about her - her feelings, her vulnerabilities. Perhaps this is an entirely subjective observation, and as I stated it was not a strong flaw, but I felt I should mention it. And even *I* feel that this is merely nitpicking.

Maybe if I read through this over and over, I could find something else to pick at. Ultimately, though, if there is anything that could be construed as in need of criticism, *I don't care*. I enjoyed this story so much, and so thoroughly that complaints truly fail me. And even if there were some glaring fault - would it matter? After all, you've accomplished what all good stories should, and have completely entertained and utterly captivated your reader.

I will close by saying that I'm sorry for the long review, and that I will be reading your other Fallout fics, so I apologise in advance if you get more. I only wish I had someone to recommend this story to, so they could enjoy it as much as I have.
luvondarox chapter 6 . 8/22/2010
I can honestly say that this story pushed me into the Charon&LW fan camp. You are an incredible writer, and bring to life a character that, quite frankly, I did not understand (or care for) in the game, and make him not only intriguing, but in a bizarre, Charon-esque way, lovable. I love this story, and can't wait to read your others.
waiting4morning chapter 6 . 2/28/2010
I can't seem to get enough of your Fallout fic. Excellent, excellent work. These stories are some of the best writing on that I've seen. I'm definitely itching to play Fallout again, because of your fics (though I've been in ME2 so long that I've probably forgotten all the controls XD).
Alyse chapter 6 . 8/30/2009
I really enjoyed reading this :) Some of Autumn's dialogue made me giggle XD You really kept him in character! I also loved the relationship between Charon and Samantha. After reading a bajilion fics with Charon acting like a lovesick puppy, it was refreshing to read one where him and the LW were just friends. I loved the twist when Autumn ordered Charon to reach into the coals too; I totally wasn't expecting that XD

So many kudos to your fantabulous fic!
MayDayGirl-Save-Our-Ships chapter 6 . 8/28/2009
Wow, that was simply amazing. I stayed up way later then I would have liked reading this, but it was just so good! I couldn’t stop. How you did charon was very realistic, and with the amount he speaks in the game, you didn’t have a lot to go on. But not only were your characters and how they interacted extremely well done, but the plot was genius! Having her fake the contract? That was perfect! And then I absolutely adored their last conversation. It really seemed to tie everything up. Great job, you’re a really good author!
Lady Leita chapter 6 . 7/19/2009
You took a great angle with this story. As much as I ran around with Charon following me, I never thought how he would feel about his contract and the ties binding him to it (aside from perhaps a mild loathing); you've given me something to think about for my own fics. (Of course, I think the main reason for that is how there are more dialogue options with followers in some versions of Fallout 3, wheras my Xbox 360 copy doesn't have them.)

I really like how you've brought the story around; you kept surprising me with your creative angles, and the characters seemed well-established. You really did well creating that shadowy past for Charon and portrayed Autumn just like that evil hick who thinks he can call all the shots. The thought of him grabbing Charon's contract is scary; it flicked through my mind when he was interregating me at Raven Rock, but I didn't think much of it otherwise.

Overall, great story, great concept, yay Charon. XD I'm definitely going to be looking into your other stuff. Keep writing!
S3pia chapter 6 . 6/19/2009
I really enjoyed this tale-all of the characterizations were spot on, and the plot was different than anything else I'd read in terms of Fallout fanfics. I think this is the first I read of your stuff, but if the rest anything like this story, than I think I'm in love.
DDG chapter 6 . 6/7/2009
This story deserves way more reviews than it has, like woah.

I really, really liked this. I love your LW, and your Charon, and just... everything about this story. :D

I have you on author alert, but I didn't get around to reading this until Cyprith recommended it, so I apologize for that. The thought of Colonel Autumn acquiring Charon's contract instantly intrigued me, and you did not fail to deliver just what I expected-Autumn at his worst (best?), using Charon against Samantha.

I'm not going to lie-I burst out laughing when Autumn sent Charon back down kill Samantha the second time, because I knew exactly how Charon was going to interpret that order, for Samantha's sake.

This was great. Really great. Great job. Great great great. xD

Can't wait to see even more fics from you. Hopefully next time I'll have the time to read them sooner than a few weeks later. :)
Kimmae chapter 6 . 6/4/2009
Excellent story! I was expecting waste to hit the ventelating shaft by the end of the story, but I'm glad you gave it a happy ending. Great job!
Kimmae chapter 5 . 6/4/2009
Oh, you are to good.
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