Reviews for Reel Life
M. Cullark chapter 10 . 10/10
Bella being Bella (stupid) hate her. Why did she had to kiss Jacob?
madelinecoffee chapter 21 . 9/20
This was such a fun concept and a lovely story. I loved the portrayal of Emmett and Rosalie in this their marriage was lovely. Thank you for sharing this story with us.
Blistful2006 chapter 21 . 6/23
Loved this story watching them grow together and the relationships made between all. Not to mention Bella lack a filter
dpennell007 chapter 21 . 5/14
Thank you for the easy, fast moving, comfortable read. On to the outtakes!
Guest chapter 21 . 4/1
Still love it. It's one of my "go to" stories. Thanks.
Iersseltje chapter 21 . 9/19/2018
I love how you switch pov's in the chapters. It keeps the story interesting and fresh. Thank you for sharing.
Shefanirainbow chapter 1 . 8/30/2018
What an awesome story! Thank you for sharing! When I was reading this story, I keep wishing I have the recipe for the Oreo Depth Charge cupcake... Sounds divine!
Iklepixie chapter 21 . 7/28/2018
Found on twifanficrecs. Have enjoyed this.
TwiTwiAgain chapter 21 . 7/11/2018
Aww, nice. Thank you for sharing your writing talent.
MsLiss chapter 21 . 6/28/2018
Gorgeous story
Thank you
MsLiss chapter 20 . 6/28/2018
I’ve never heard the saying ‘and how’
Can you please explain?
Thank you
Very sweet love it
Read in a day!
kcbookslove chapter 21 . 6/20/2018
i show my love by adding the story to my favorites.
NeeNee246 chapter 21 . 5/11/2018
WOW! What a wrap up! It's over and now I am sad. I am going to miss reading their story! I love it! ;)
NeeNee246 chapter 20 . 5/11/2018
This is great! Although, it moved along a bit fast. ;) I am going to miss this story and these characters!
TwiTwiAgain chapter 14 . 5/10/2018
So these two really don’t think ahead.
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