Reviews for It Is By Our Choices We Are Judged
Kittens Kat chapter 13 . 9/3/2015
Elizabeth Boyd chapter 13 . 8/27/2015
Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please continue this story! Thank heaven for gifted writers!
savemyunicornclarence chapter 13 . 7/25/2015
please please update soon! or clarify it being abandoned or lost inspiration, whatever the cause may be! but i found this fic just an hour ago or so and it is bloody brilliant! i really love how one thing changed the whole outcome of harry's life, canon v. non-canon. the dialogue is flows naturally and is carefree. everyone simply is painted with rose tinted glasses except for the potters. the bloody potters (really do love them but eh! you wrote them to be complete d-bags!) and edmund, ron, and lavender - hilarious! the non-canon golden trio, supposedly! i wonder did they go through the same adventures harry did, and if so how did those happen without hermione's brilliance and harry's abilities (can't think of them). anyways, this is very good fic. love the zabinis side and how you wrote the italy wizarding culture. i myself am a practicing, rather reluctant cradle catholic, but i love how you differentiated the muggle and wizard bibles.

sorry for the noncaps and very bad grammar, but i started this comment with no caps, so i kept with the pattern.

love it and hope you update soon hopefully!
Guest chapter 13 . 7/16/2015
I really enjoyed your story so far. Please continue.
Sanity and Katlin chapter 13 . 6/15/2015
I hope you continue this story, it is very well written and has a great plot.

BeautyIsPain666 chapter 13 . 6/8/2015
This is so cute! I love it! Please update!
dragneell49 chapter 13 . 5/31/2015
please update soon
Casandrasa chapter 13 . 5/31/2015
I love your fic! I wish read more. See you.
Lehna chapter 13 . 5/17/2015
I love this story! Your idea is original, Lio is lovely, you created some very interesting traditions. I hope you'll continue this fiction one day, it'd be a shame otherwise.
Sakihinata chapter 13 . 4/29/2015
That's a really cute story, thec chapter with Draco taking care of the two year old was funny too!
I hope you will continue to update this story ;) perhaps with more interference from Lio's old family?
Guest chapter 7 . 4/27/2015
I loved it
MidnightPhoenix17 chapter 13 . 3/30/2015
Please! Please! Continue! I IT! LOVED IT! YOU CAN'T ABANDONE IT! That would be really awful! Keep up the good work. And thumbs up!
toreyhassen chapter 13 . 3/24/2015
i just wanted to tell you i love your story.
i was also wondering if it will be finished or is it abandoned?
polgara1 chapter 13 . 3/1/2015
please update
hotcat chapter 13 . 2/28/2015
love this story. pls continue
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