Reviews for Two Hawks Hunting
MsShadowsOra chapter 63 . 7/5
gosh I'm addicted to your writing! I would love a continuation! but for now I'm going to soak in your other fics...(I've read so many... you're my favorite writer on ffn...and in general)
fariedragon chapter 63 . 6/29
Please write about the school year and how Harry resolves things with Ginny
Guest chapter 28 . 5/2
when i was skimming the chapter titles i initial thought this would be an author's note chapter. lol silly me
Coco modesta chapter 63 . 1/4
This series is amazing you are a very ta,ended writer and I would love a sequel! I am an avid reader and have read a plethera of fan fictions however this is the best, I finished broken wings and two hawks flying in a mere four days and am dying for more!
YokaiAngel chapter 63 . 11/18/2017
Sylphrena33 chapter 63 . 11/10/2017
This was a wonderful fic! Great job! I really enjoyed reading this. I really like your stories and your writing style, I am excited to read more of your work. Thank you! :)
Kakurosu chapter 63 . 10/17/2017
Please can we have the story where Severus is headmaster?
ShadowEndowedNiceties chapter 34 . 8/9/2017
I have some things to say, though they are constructive and instructive, rather than malicious. First is that snakes aren't poisonous, they are venomous: if you bite it and get sick/die, it's poisonous. If it bites you and then you get sick/die, it's venomous. Also, since Vera is a constrictor, and thus non-venomous, she doesn't have fangs. Fangs are special teeth made specifically to transfer venom. But she would have other regular small teeth. That's another way to tell if a snake that's bit you is venomous or not: looking at the bite mark will show many small teeth if non-venomous, and two large marks for the fangs and venom. Just some cool info I thought you might find helpful in other stories. Also, when Hermione was taken, I half expected her to either throw her book at Lucius, or slam the window closed on him while he was trying to squeeze his way in. I really like your story, it draws me in :D
ChocoMeoka-Chan chapter 58 . 6/10/2017
Happy very very very late birthday to you! Good story! Yayayayayay!
ChocoMeoka-Chan chapter 40 . 6/9/2017
Gasp! Arrow in the knee! Yaaaaaaassssssss! Good job Vince! Yaaaaaaaassssss!
slytherinsal chapter 63 . 1/6/2017
slytherinsal chapter 62 . 1/6/2017
[Drooling over Rutger Hauer in Ladyhawke here ... ] I've often thought the world of Ladyhawk would mesh quite nicely with that of Hawk the Slayer, which is decidedly cheesy but has Jack Palance hamming it up as Voltan the baddie. The early medieval world with some echoes of magic left appeals to me ...
slytherinsal chapter 58 . 1/6/2017
... I was wondering if Albus had managed to do unconscious magic if he managed to surf in Skegness, which is normally impossible, as the only places in Britain where you might get surf are off the south west coasts in Cornwall and south Wales, which is a matter of geography and needing an ocean to build up those big waves. The north sea isn't big enough. So I'm not sure now if this was a hint that he has some magic or if it was an unconscious assumption that beaches surf.
I laughed out loud when you referred to it being bracing, because it was an advert for many years 'Skegness is so bracing' with this old guy with a beard in sailor's sweater and sea boots dancing along the beach, because the sea is so damn cold that calling it bracing was the only way they could get people to go there. I could almost see Albus doing the same, but in psychedelic shirts. one way of keeping warm there!
slytherinsal chapter 57 . 1/6/2017
Of course it's a no kill shelter, this is England, not some third world country!
I have to say the adults in charge of the shelter should never have permitted those bullies to get past the front desk to even look at cats; and where were they when the boys went chasing off? I know it was legal then for under 18s to volunteer as kennel maids but not without supervision, and fine supervision they had! why didn't the adults there call the police? what sort of adults leave two teens to handle difficult customers? there should be serious questions asked about whether the shelter needs its licence being revoked, because if they don't care for their volunteers, they aren't going to be caring of their animals either.
I love Old Major. He's the sort of cat I always used to come home with.
slytherinsal chapter 54 . 1/6/2017
The ones to blame for Lanie are Dumbledore and her house head for not noticing her problems.
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