Reviews for No Choice
alimzul chapter 23 . 6/25
Really wish this was finish by the author or someone else love the story
nerdylittlesecret chapter 23 . 6/8
I really wish this was continued!
TrillionSchiffer chapter 1 . 6/7
Love the beginning hate the ending
jk chapter 19 . 5/22
bella needs to stop fucking with jakes feelings...she'll go with him, but only if Edward doesn't want her? fuck that...poor jake
jk chapter 15 . 5/22
what is this pathetic bullshit? so Edwards crazy from not feeding ...sooo? why is bella such a huge pussy? with her "i cant take it anymore, I cant ,I cant ,I cant! and then the world goes dark...LOL really? she passes out cause ?Edward doesn't like her? LOL what an idiot
jk chapter 12 . 5/22
I'm kinda thinking they should just let Edward kill himself...bella should run away with jake
jk chapter 11 . 5/22
Edward breaks up with bella...and now shes chasing him down?
fuck that
that's waaaay to much effort to expend for an ex
jk chapter 7 . 5/21
soooo bella lost a ton of weight before becoming a vamp? she was too skinny already so what she looks like shes dying?

who in the fuck wants to be willowy? GROSS
its to bad she lost all that weight her tiny little A cups are probably concaved now...NASTY
jk chapter 6 . 5/21
I think this would be better if bella didn't "hear and see Edward" when hes NOT FUCKING THERE, also I think its just to EASY and CONVIENANT for your story that the cullens were in Alaska. And the remembering stuff..and then theres a "sharp pain at the memory" with your fucking shit! whiny little idiot
jk chapter 5 . 5/21
why would bella want to go live with whores?
jk chapter 3 . 5/21
I guess I don't really understand why bella needs a vamp buddy? sure shes alone...AND? so fucking on your own bella! its time to grow the fuck up and leave the nest!
jk chapter 2 . 5/21
if bella is passed out...have her fucking be passed out...none of that...ohhhh its soooo dark here...I feel like I'm floating or fucking stupid!
and you have a tiny little chapter about "the darkness"? LOL your an idiot
jk chapter 1 . 5/21
ummmmmm I feel like this has the potential to be good...but you make such huge mistakes. Like bellas pathetic attempt to delay her death with laurant? could she seriously not come up with anything to keep him talking? its your fucking life and that was the effort you made? pathetic.
how about telling him about how Edwards not really your mate, how Edward has "distractions" tell him about the denalis...ask if laurant has a mate...if just anyone can be a "mate" ...ask about special abilitys...ask about the volturi...about james...ect...ect... there was soooo much she could have distracted him with to buy herself time...shit she may have even been able to talk him out of it...
then theres the whole..."hearing and seeing Edward crap"
what the fuck is that stupid shit about? I'm sooooo fucking embarrassed for bella...
VictoriaLingerie chapter 22 . 5/14
Your fanfic is the best of all the best! Such a great author.. :)
Kriscmill chapter 23 . 4/30
Wow, just wow! What an amazing piece of fan fiction. I feel like you took the original Bella and Edward story in a much more interesting and fitting direction than the original series.

It is literally KILLING me not to know the ending, which is just a wonderful testament to what an amazing story teller you are. Your last few chapters are absolutely riveting. I love the depth and dynamic you bring to Bella and Edward's relationship. You gave them real life problems - betrayal, doubt, the difficult process of true forgiveness - and in doing so you made their love seem more real, more relatable, and more worthy of my interest.

I know I'm late to the waiting game, and should count my lucky stars I got to read all 23 chapters in one sitting, but I DEARLY hope you add more to this story soon!
I'm so sorry for the difficulty of your illness. From reading about your medical history, I know I truly can't imagine your pain. Story telling is your gift, and I hope you find the peace and the health to revisit it again. Until then I will be waiting on pins and needles for what I am sure will be an epic ending this incredible piece of literature.
Best of luck, and thank you for sharing
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