Reviews for For the Love of Alice
StelenaClaceLover09 chapter 51 . 10/2
i love this story it is awesome and i love this series :) & i am happy that Bella & Edward got married & i am happy that Bella & Edward have two beautiful kids
twiclare chapter 51 . 9/8
Loved the story, thank you for sharing!
twiclare chapter 50 . 9/7
I loved his dash to the hospital...when they were already there!
twiclare chapter 49 . 9/7
That was just lovely; they all have such good lives full of love!
twiclare chapter 48 . 9/7
Now that's a better send off to work!
twiclare chapter 44 . 9/7
Not a good chapter to read before work, I need to dry my eyes and blow my nose!
twiclare chapter 41 . 9/6
A bet is a bet!
twiclare chapter 35 . 9/6
I know it was quite a while ago now but, sorry about the loss of your Father.
The kids were so cute at the dance!
twiclare chapter 33 . 9/6
That was such a kind, thoughtful thing for Jessica to do.
twiclare chapter 31 . 9/6
That's great!
twiclare chapter 28 . 9/5
I love how playful he is with Bella!
twiclare chapter 26 . 9/5
I was still worried about Tanya but Jake just seemed to lose all reason! Poor Bella.
twiclare chapter 21 . 9/5
Tanya would be furious if she knew that her malicious actions actually pushed them together more quickly!
twiclare chapter 19 . 9/4
That was a new low even for Tanya!
nicole7049 chapter 1 . 9/4
Such an amazing story! Made me shed a few tears. One of my new favorites, excellent job!
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