Reviews for Lynne's AU Ending to The Marriage Stone
Ana chapter 4 . 8/23
Pretty good and believable start/continuation of the most beloved fic.( in snarry fandom.)
It is also pretty wordy and descriptive.
I haven't expected part with Voldemor' perspective , what a great surprise.
I'll write more reviews when I read more.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you. So so much. I think my agony over the unfinished masterpiece such as Marriage Stone will now be diminished.

Thank you.
E-Vector chapter 66 . 8/21
Tell me this isn't the only mention Luna Lovegood gets in this fic!
E-Vector chapter 44 . 8/20
Isn't Hermione's research rather dangerous? What if wannabe Dark Lords start arranging to have people killed near them in order to steal their power? On the other hand, it's fascinating to think there might be a theory that unifies this phenomenon with the passing of magic to squibs at conception.
E-Vector chapter 32 . 8/20
Okay, I'm convinced. I accept this story as a continuation of "The Marriage Stone". I must agree with a comment I read somewhere that the early chapters could use some editing, and their change of writing style from the original is jarring. That said, my subconscious stopped distinguishing between the two fics several chapters ago, and I think you've done a fantastic job extrapolating from the original, as well as introducing new styles. I am very grateful to you for writing this continuation, and look forward to the end!
notsofrilly chapter 69 . 8/15
I first read this fic in 2011 and then due to the erratic updates I lost touch with the fic. I felt like I had to reread the entire series just to understand some reference. It was only just now when I graduated college that I have found the time to do so and I can't be happier. This was a truly amazing fic and I hope you keep on writing. I'm sure that where ever Josephine Darcy is she would be very proud.
Lola Krantz chapter 1 . 8/12
Marvelous story.
Locket1 chapter 69 . 7/14
Indeed a fine , believable interpretation/continuation of the story. Well done.
mooneysfate chapter 16 . 6/24
love this continuation of JD's story. it's vert true to how and what she wrote. it's wonderful!
atlantis51 chapter 69 . 6/16
Thank you so much for this amazing finish to The Marriage Stone! I absolutely loved it
atlantis51 chapter 66 . 6/16
Voldemort is gone at last! I love the way you got Harry to fight him with the sword! And to draw on Severus's expertise was a great idea!
Now, anymore about Petunia?
atlantis51 chapter 65 . 6/16
This is so exciting! I can't wait to read about the battle next! I just hope all goes well! Wonderful story!
atlantis51 chapter 60 . 6/15
Oh, at last! Vernon and Fudge are dead! And what a death! You were so RIGHT ON with your method, I was hopping up and down yelling for joy!
atlantis51 chapter 57 . 6/15
I just hope the Dursley's get theirs! God, I hate Vernon!
atlantis51 chapter 54 . 6/15
I think you have done a wonderful job of concluding this story that Josephine Darcy started! One does wonder if maybe some tragedy kept her from completing it. I do hope that it was only RL that has interfered. You have truly mastered her writing style, I think! Thank you so much for all you have done for us here in the fanfic community!
mattdombast chapter 27 . 6/5
Thrits no saving her let his aunt suffer
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