Reviews for Lynne's AU Ending to The Marriage Stone
Booderdo chapter 66 . 7/13
Love what you have done with this story. I have recently suffered a personal tragedy and reading your story has been a blessed escape from the sadness that is my reality. I look forward to your concluding chapters. I hope all is well in your life and you have my sincere thanks for your conclusion to the marriage stone.
777angeloflove chapter 66 . 7/11
awesome story~! please update~!
rosebud90 chapter 66 . 6/27
U story was good can't wait till u update again so I can read more
rosebud90 chapter 40 . 6/26
I love story can't wait till I read more of your story
Gustavia chapter 66 . 5/27
You are a gifted and talented writer.

I commend you on the story and most of all sticking to your guns and being true to the plot of Josephine Darcy. I'm so glad you ruled out MPREG as she stated in this story it simply was not possible

I loved your take on the knowledge rather than power sharing as this made Merlin Favour all the more personal and unique to Harry and Severus. If Harry and Severus to have a child through squib surregacy can that child get a "bloody teddy bear"

I wonder about your plans for Petunia and Dudley?

I am very happy about her friendship with the kindly but well connected squib. Petunia may be facing financial hardship even if Vernon was insured it still will not bring in the regular income she was used to. Will Dudley become a little more bearable as he seemed fascinated with the wizerding world and the castle.

Poor Harry and Severus no escape from fame LOL.

The inclusion of the Royal Family was good and the Prime Minister was also well done. A little worried that the PM was able to call troops to Battle without a Parliamentary vote even in a closed session but poetic licence should be allowed in fiction.

A very minor point and my apologies if it has been brought up before but British children use MUM not MOM.

I don't know if this is where Josephine would have taken the story or not BUT this is the most plausible of all those that I have read but still feels as if there is a fresh set of hands writing this. I like all the others don't know what happened to Josephine Darcy if she is even alive today or not but no matter I truly feel she would be proud and honoured that you have not only continued the story but have done so in a way that does not diminish the original and only enhances the plot. You have shown her a great deal of respect by sticking to the plot and universe she created in The Marriage Stone.

I look forward to your updates as and when you are able

I thank you for sharing your time and your work it is very much appreciated.
Monciak chapter 66 . 5/17
Great chapter:) But I wonder did Voldemort died or was he banished somewhere and is alive?
Juuna chapter 66 . 5/10
Awww !
I'm so happy to found a new chapiter ! So great ! An d I love your idea for Merlin's favor not to be about power but knowledge instead ! Really good idea !
I can't wait to read the two last chapiters ! It will feel so strange to reach the end of this story... almost feel sad !

thank a lot ! and hope to read you soon !
7orion7 chapter 66 . 5/3
I have finally made it through the whole story starting with Ms. Darcy's through to the end of yours. Your continuation dovetails so well into the orginal it is practially seamless. Congratulations on a wonderful job! I am anxiously awaiting the next chapter. Thank you for all your hard work.
Elena chapter 66 . 4/25
I was reading the Russian translation of this incredible work untill the last chapter came. Obviously was too impatient to wait for interpreters to finish their job, so read the original version. What can I say, it's simply amazing. Thanks to author for not giving up and continue writting.
ripper34 chapter 66 . 4/13
Great story
Kintama-Hime chapter 66 . 4/11
Wonderful! Thanks so much for writing this. I really enjoyed this plot and was pleasantly surprised at the outcome of the final battle. I particularly enjoyed your characterization of Voldemort, Fudge, Vernon and Petunia. Neville's plot was nicely done. I'm so pleased for both Longbottoms. They're formidable characters!

Some of the Voldemort scenes were hilarious! His one-way conversation with "the grim" and "feral werewolf" and his TV addiction were great highlights.

I can't wait to see what happens next with Petunia. All those scenes where she experienced discomfort were very satisfying, although I'm not 100% sure she related her experience to the years of hell Harry spent with the Dursleys. I had such high hopes for her when she befriended Amaranth, but when Vernon woke up, I felt her character regressed a little. Now, I'm curious as to what she will do.

I also congratulate you on the development of your writing style, in particular the use of snappier and more interactive dialogue.

Anyway, I'm super-grateful that you continued the Marriage Stone. Great job!
caroldi chapter 66 . 4/10
donde esta la continuación?, por favor no me digas que lo has dejado asi y no piensas hacerle un final redondo, me he leido todo tu fic en 3 dias, jejej cada ratito libre que tenia me conectaba para continuar la lectura, por favor términalo.

besos y abrazos
Sweetdoggie chapter 66 . 3/14
Good job on the final battle! You've put a ton of work into this story and you've done a very fine job with it. Did you stop posting updates on the yahoo site? I hadn't looked for anything for a long time because I was used to the update notifications. As I recall, there was a ton of spam coming through on that group. Anyway, glad to see you are writing again and finally pulling out of the damage done by that superstorm.
adafrog chapter 66 . 3/8
Very good addition. Thanks.
Karen J chapter 66 . 3/8
I'm so grateful that you haven't given up on the story. I can't wait to see how it ends. Thanks so much. I am still worried about the person that lead the death eaters through the wards.
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