Reviews for Lynne's AU Ending to The Marriage Stone
Myflowersaresodead chapter 66 . 2/22
Great chapter! You did very well with Harry's duel :) Not too much drama but yet not a quick fix. I liked the way Severus contribution come to be of real significance and that Dumbledore chosed to tell everyone about it.

Now I long for the next chapter even though it's kind of bittersweet knowing that we are on the edge of this incredible story. One day I might even print every chapter so that I can read it pretending it's a real book :) I am curious about how many pages this story can cover ;) I know it will take a lot of ink at least - but so worth it to have the letters on paper ;)

Jennifer from chilly Sweden (but got a lot warmer when I realised there was an update!)
gunnsmoke chapter 66 . 2/22
i was so surprised to see an update. Thanks for your wonderful story. I decided to read the story over from the beginning. It was thoughly enjoyable. I read in the author notes about m-preg. Thanks for not giving on to others opinions. Looking forward to more of your work.
V.M Potter-Black chapter 66 . 2/21
I am so happy to see an update to this story. I loved this chapter. I can't wait to read more
omnomphenomenon chapter 66 . 2/20
aaa Yessss.. I have long been waiting in anticipation for this next chapter
Jaxsprat chapter 66 . 2/20
Yay! So thrilled to have another chapter to enjoy. It's a wonderful addition to an exciting story. Loved the explanation of merlin's favor and Harry's spell choice was perfect. Can't wait for more, but will gladly do so if I must. Thanks so much for your work and your words.
MarieCP chapter 66 . 2/18
Wauw! Wonderfull chapter!
Guest chapter 66 . 2/18
Glad that the battle is over. Thanks for posting; I thought this story had been forgotten.
luramos chapter 66 . 2/18
É uma maravilhosa surpresa que você voltou a escrever essa ficou!

Obrigada por não desistir
LaurieG chapter 66 . 2/18
WooHoo, a new chapter! Thank you! I enjoyed your twist on Merlin's Favor for the duel, the gathering of intel by Ms Longbottom, Hermione and Neville, the twins hanging with winterland's men and basicly - all of it.
I always feel guilty because I read quickly and I can't imagine how much work you put into every sentence. Thank you for still sticking with this story. If it helps I have read through the story several times and will do so again when it is all done.
Again thank you. I am sure that some will disagree with this story detail or that - but too bad. This is your continuation - you have done a great job and check how many views you get and never forget that we are reading! THANK YOU and GREAT JOB!
daydreamers15 chapter 66 . 2/18
I love this story so much ...thanks for updating it hopefully we get to see so more of it
ladywatertiger chapter 66 . 2/18
Very happy and delighted to see more of your story I will b e sad to see it end.
Jencancer5 chapter 66 . 2/18
Well done! I particularly liked how defeating Voldemort required both Harry and Severus' combined effort.
graika chapter 65 . 1/22
espero que te encuentres bien, solo queria que supieras que estoy al pendiente de tu historia y ojala puedas terminarla, espero con ansias el final, aunque sea alterno de esta historia que tanto cautivo mi corazon, te agregare a los favoritos para que cuando puedas actualizar lea de inmediato tus ideas.
Orthopterix chapter 65 . 1/13
Hiya! I see that the date of the last update to your story is May 15, 2014, which at the moment is 8 months ago, and you've stopped just short of the climax and conclusion. Will you be finishing the story? I've really enjoyed your take on Josephine Darcy's sadly abandoned story, and I hope this one hasn't also been abandoned! I think I have a fairly good theory of how the story may proceed from here (Epic battle between armies and potter vs voldemort, which are of course won by the light, some casualties to be expected, and in the aftermath Snape and Harry decide to have a squib surrogate, specifically Mrs. Dursley, carry a child for them) but in spite of kind of having an idea where this may go, I would love to have the conclusion in your wonderful style! Besides, I expect you have some surprises up your sleeve, and I'd be sad to miss them. Will you be returning to finish the story? I hope all is well with you, I know life can really get in the way of long term projects like this, and I hope it's been good things that have kept you away so long, and not anything bad. If you aren't planning to return, I'd love it if you would let me know, my email is and I'd be inclined, at least for myself, to fill in the rest and finish it myself if you have decided to leave it.

acelly chapter 65 . 12/14/2014
I hope real life has sorted itself out? :-)

I'm really looking forward to the conclusion of this story. It's been years in the making and we're within sight of the end. I can't wait to see what happens in the battle and I hope the losses (on our side) aren't too great.

I've an image in my head of Harry as a young shining warrior king with a dark and imposing Severus by his side. Wowza! :-)
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