Reviews for Lynne's AU Ending to The Marriage Stone
Guest chapter 2 . 4/8
I haven't read this yet but your my hero for even trying.
Sheiky81 chapter 64 . 4/6
It been over a yr now since your last update, and since you say that it so close to the ending I'm wondering if your going to continue the story. You've done a wonderful work so far and really I would like to see how it ends. I hope this last yr has been awesome for you. Thanks before hand.
SS aka Hate Bat chapter 12 . 4/2
it's sex. too much and too fast. not romance, just sex and reflection about sex.
Guest chapter 64 . 3/29
More chapters more!
Mint chapter 43 . 3/20
Adore the continuation , thank you so much x
Mint chapter 27 . 3/18
Rereading again in 2014 x
wittyying chapter 34 . 3/3
I hate telling you this bc you're so spot-on with so many details but Hermione and Ron have been in their quarters per Darcy's version. Chapter 22. You did say this was AU so I'm treating it that way-it doesn't really bother me as a reader but as a writer, it's something I personally would want pointed out to me.
wittyying chapter 21 . 3/3
I remembered Severus did speak his own name to the Marriage Stone and saw Harry's face in Darcy's version if this is a true continuation.
laleo chapter 64 . 3/1
Oh, sooooooo saaaaad. And now we must wait for another chapter... and it is in this moment so exciting... and now is the end of the chapter.
What is going on in the ministery? What will Harry do? And Severus? And Albus? Lucius? The Weasleys? And so on. How will the task of the Battle of Hogwarts going? Which partners, friends, accosiates, fiends will come out and rush to which side? How many will stand by Harry? Which strategy will enfold and which creatures will help or Harrys troops are going against?
Soooo many questions and more on the way. I am so curious and I can't anticipate to read more. Please, pretty please, write fast and let us all read the continuation of this story. And pretty please, write till the ending. We will wait a little more to read it and how the life for Harry and Severus and all the others will be or end.
Guest chapter 64 . 2/10
Thank you so much for continuing this story! You have done a wonderful job so far, and I believe that josephine darcy would be pleased with your efforts. You have kept the overall feeling of her work intact, and drawn very interesting and insightful conclusions from the hints she was dropping. I hope you are getting everything back together well from the storms, and that the current snow and ice aren't hurting you. Keep up the excellent work, and be proud of wht you have done!
dragonwriter24cmf chapter 64 . 1/21
I really like your interpretation, and the way you've handled this story. I noticed it hasn't been updated in a year, but I know how life can intervene. So...I hope you get the chance to finish this sometime soon!
Loretta chapter 64 . 1/13
I am a huge fan of Ms. Darcy's TMS, and feel you have done an excellent job in capturing her tale. I began your story a couple time and have finally finished all you have written. Now I ask, do you plan to update soon? I hope so, as it has been nearly a year. I salute anyone who is able to write. Looking forward to the update!
crazyinpink chapter 64 . 1/10
I just stumbled across your ending of the marriage stone and found that you did a great job with it. Also I hope you have not abonded it so few chapters from the end...
Don chapter 64 . 1/8
Looks like this has been abandoned. What a Shame
xxnarufanxx chapter 64 . 12/20/2013
you did a wonderful job! i am looking forward to the next chapter
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