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GiveTheDevilHisDue chapter 100 . 1/19/2010
I'm so sorry! I haven't reveiwed in FOREVER! Okay, so I finally finished reading the story. Great and awesome! I can't deny that slash has been growing on me for a while now-and your stories started it:) Please continue writing these fics they are incredible!
themanwholaughs chapter 100 . 1/9/2010
I have no idea how to go about reviewing the greatest story ever written but I will give it my best shot anyway.

Apparantly a "well rounded critique" is "a golden opportunity to for improvement". Well whoever wrote that had obviously never read this story. It cannot possibly be improved seeing as it is the infallible (of course you COULD make it last forever...that would be a very welcome improvement). But other than that there is nothing more to be done.

It is beautifully written with the most inspired characters and situations since the likes of Stephen King, Victor Hugo ect!

AND it actually made me not reget the use of exclamation marks both above and constantly in my head whilst I was reading.

Thank you so much to this incredible author who has made my life something entirely worth living but writing her ideas down. This is without a doubt the most captivating story in the world!
crazikido2 chapter 98 . 1/7/2010
thanx for the great updated was great to read this certain part of this story..
b chapter 100 . 1/6/2010
You are delightful. I can't wait for the next story, whatever universe it's set it. You turn anything into gold. Thanks, as always, for writing. :)
graybird chapter 100 . 1/5/2010

Or Superman, I'm very interested to see how you would portray Klark Kent. A Batman Superman fic would be awesome... XD
4ofCups chapter 10 . 1/4/2010
This was a good cliffhanger of a chapter ending! I was actually feeling my pulse quicken, hoping that Jonny was actually going to get out. But wouldn't you know it... his own proclivity for analysis and the awareness that he was actually acting without the help of his more "street-smart" persona slowed him down just enough for someone to grab at his ankle. I love a good chase scene, and I would love for Jonny to really give Bruce a run for his money. ;)
4ofCups chapter 9 . 1/4/2010
And I loved every one of the references that you made in this chapter. You taught me a few things that I didn't know! Your broad and random selection of references complemented the dream sequence perfectly. You do a fantastic job of writing dream sequences; infusing them with enough of a plot to keep the reader grounded, yet you pepper the dialog with sayings seemingly random and disjointed, until one comes to the end and looks backward.

I actually cringed at the Joker's masochistic indulgence of willingly let his own legs be impaled on the traps' spikes. The sound that Jonathan hears as the Joker comes up behind him was described in very fitting detail to the act you were depicting. I could see and hear the Joker gasping out in both pain and twisted pleasure at the sensation of such agony. The irregular sound of his gait made his approach all the more ominous. I really enjoy your ability to make the most innocent of references sound menacing... I'd never have thought (thunk? ha!) that words sung by Ray Bolger could be recited with such taunting cruelty. Great job!
TDATNTAMS chapter 100 . 1/4/2010
The Dog and the Ninja take a man's shoe

The Dark Asylum treaties never trusted a Mad Source

The Darling Aunt Takes a Nail to a Man's sight

The demonic Adam tries new things and makes satan

The dark Acting that never took any mans souls

The Dreary Acts that never tell any much sense

The devilish Ace that never took a maiden's soul

The darkening act that never told a man's secret

The dreadful action twas never told and mentioned since

the dear auf took no treaty and made sandwhiches

Those demons ain't taken no treaty and making swears

that demon isn't truly nice to a man servant

I'll never figure it out and it makes me very sad to know this. *sigh* I will find out as soon as you write it! :) But I tried to gues it. I thought maybe Teenage mutant ninja turtles were invovled but you only have TNT not TMNT. q.q

I know it's not apart of this arc but I'll read it anyway, for you. :) and because it's going to be great with you writing it.

So happy for Bruce and Jonathan. Did the joker not speak because of his lisp! I can't wait for the next fic.

Thank you for such wonderful writing and pardon my fangirl rant. It's been so long since I've read good novel length stories like this. (and a series to boot :))

Excellent work ma'am
4ofCups chapter 8 . 1/3/2010
I've always wondered how horrible it would feel to get caught snooping in another person's bedroom. The fact that Dr. Crane was caught red-handed while Bruce was still there was priceless. Oh, the shame! Poor Jonny just keeps putting himself in so many embarrassing situations. I cringe for him.

I really liked the exchange when Bruce caught up to him (which was pretty hot, the way Bruce pinned him to make his point). Enumerating the dangerous scenarios that Batman has saved Dr. Crane from previously underscores just how far Bruce is going to be civil, despite the bad blood between the two. I also liked the implied threat, as Bruce listed all the ways he *could* take care of the little "problem" of Jonny knowing his identity, rather than just taking the easy way out. This definitely has to make Jonny think twice... talk about a night-and-day difference from the Joker's treatment! Hm... could this illumination help Jonny see that there actually are people out there who are capable of care and concern?
MK08 chapter 100 . 1/3/2010
Finally I've managed to scrape together enough spare time to catch up on reading! Of course this is only after I came down with some sort of illness today and work basically kicked me out as soon as I showed up lol. ANYWAY, I LOVED how this fic ended. It was completely perfect! And I laughed so hard about Joker and his teeth. That man is so incredibly vain. But above all, I'm so glad Jonathan finally got his happy ending. He's still in Arkham, yes, but at least he has Bruce. :)

My gosh, I can't believe after all this time it's over. And after 100 chapters, too! Congratulations, you've been doing an absolutely fantastic job writing this series! I look forward to seeing more from you!

Hope you had a happy holiday season, too! :)
SetInSmoke chapter 100 . 1/3/2010
Oh man this has been my favorite out of all your stories so far. FAVORITE. Love, love, LOVE the ending for this. It's so sweet that Bruce and Jonathan were still able to stay together after all the crap they had to go through.

Great job! Looking forward to the new story. )
4ofCups chapter 7 . 1/3/2010
I love the Eurythmics song "Sweet Dreams", so reading that the song was being played before you wrote the chapter set me in an anticipatory state of mind - and you most certainly did not disappoint! I love how the dream was both disjointed and smoothly flowing at the same time. The transition of a yellow carpet into a road was wonderful, and you are spot on when you say that a scarecrow can always be found on a yellow brick road!

The image of Harley was both disturbing but brilliant. It's funny how violent images that appear in dreams somehow don't render someone dead, and how the nonsensical seems natural. Your description of Harley bent down wearing that cloak almost had an Alice-In-Wonderland-feel to it, and the hole in her back for the Joker's hand was terrifying and incredible. I absolutely loved how you set up the allusion to classic fairy tales: how Jonny wonders absently what type of animal a girl in a cloak in a forest should be wary of, only to have the Joker jump into his line of view, smiling wolfishly. Fantastic imagery!

Just as disturbing, but equally as poignant was the garish image of the crow being trapped and shredding its own wings... as was the revelatory comment by the Joker that the traps were set not to kill bats, but to keep them from flying away. Absolute creepiness - I loved it! :)
4ofCups chapter 6 . 1/3/2010
Why do I find the idea of Dr. Crane eating breakfast with Bruce so adorable? Maybe it's the idea that underneath, you've actually got the Scarecrow dining with Batman... right after Batman carried him out of bed and ensured that he sat at the table, like a good little boy. I wonder if Dr. Crane likes his oatmeal with brown sugar and a pat of butter...

I really like the way you inserted the epiphany into Jonny's inner dialogue where he concludes what must have driven Scarecrow away in the first place. Knowing that he's going to be hatching an escape plan while he shoots Bruce daggers with his eyes over a spoonful of porridge is such a great visual. It's like Goldilocks is dining at the table of the 3 Bears' home, and she's trying to figure out a way to skin Baby Bear to make a nice rug out of him.
4ofCups chapter 5 . 1/3/2010
You have nailed Alfred's sarcasm. Every time he appears in one of your chapters, it's a delight to read, because I can actually hear him speak the words you give him. The banter between him and Bruce always make me smile, as his droll charm is the anchor that Bruce needs to keep him rooted in reality.

Jonny is ever the scientist, isn't he? The way he ticks through the laundry list of ways to conjure Scarecrow based on past events sounds like the logical route to take, in trying to resurrect his desperately missed alter ego. How sad that he needs to do so from the safety of the underside of a bed. At least Alfred ensured it was clean.

I really liked the way Bruce ticked through the past experiences of his having erroneously anticipated the moves of his nemeses. It shows not only just how dangerous these villains are, but it's a reminder that for all his heroic behavior, Batman is still a man. A fallible one, at that, and one who can be cut or burned or broken. The vulnerability you illustrate lends a yummy element of uncertainty to the mix!
Basia Orci chapter 100 . 1/1/2010
Fantastic! I loved the ending. It was touching, sweet, and satisfying. I'm really impressed at the 100 chapters, plus all the fics before this one. This series that you've written is definitely one of my all time favorites.

I look forward to any future stories that you'll write. You are amazing.
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