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Guest chapter 1 . 9/27
This might seem stupid to point out, but urine isn’t a fertilizer. Since it contains all manner of toxins, it tends to kill plants.
AvidReader2425 chapter 5 . 9/26
Another fun chapter, thank you
AvidReader2425 chapter 4 . 9/26
Thanks for another great chapter
AvidReader2425 chapter 3 . 9/26
Thanks for another chapter
AvidReader2425 chapter 2 . 9/26
Another great chapter, thanks
AvidReader2425 chapter 1 . 9/26
Definitely a fun first chapter, thank you very much
jaqmaq77 chapter 12 . 9/24
Cliffhangers are why I seldom read a story that's not complete, and why I ALWAYS check the last chapter before I start... Been caught out with too many that are marked complete that are not... I always picture those authors sneaking through the library, cackling like Bellatrix on uppers, ripping out the last chapters of books.
Can you picture a real publisher accepting 10 chapters of a 15 chapter story and paying you? I would never post it without an end... that is just nasty... I once threw a VHS player out the window along with a sky box because it kept missing the last bit of a movie or tv show... ok it was the broadcasters fault... but I taped Gene Wilder Willy Wonka five times and every tie missed the last 10 minutes... I bought it on dvd... finally know how it ends...
jaqmaq77 chapter 10 . 9/24
on the Authors note: I agree, it's in the copy to the typed that I seem to get ideas, sometimes when I type it, it ends up so different from the written works... Unfortunately, a heck of a lot of my stories were in Parade, playboy... and I earned a good living back in the day...
I'm still enjoying this work to a degree... its good, but I just never understood anyone using drink and drugs... I'd rather have a cup of tea or a well made coffee... But... I do have friends who partake... I don't judge, I watch and have a good laugh... and the things you learn when you listen... as my drunk and stoned mate told me - I drink and have never gone to bed with an ugly woman - but man, I've woke up with a few... and my take... yep, and I bet the girl said the same...
jaqmaq77 chapter 9 . 9/24
In my life I have known quite a few stoners... but ye gods and little fishes... what we have here is super stoner... not just Super stoner but near alcoholic fifteen now sixteen year old sex god alcoholic super stoner... I can picture it now... banging 22 year old Tonks while fingering Daphne, and offering Voldemort a spliff, a pint, a brandy and sloppy seconds...
I was really enjoying this story, but... "it's too much man... the grass is so green, man... Make love, not war... Hey, Tommy boy, nice wand, man, come on lets get toasted, man... Oh, that light is so gree- Oh, it's so white, here... What you mean I should a fought? I can't even walk straight... My parents are disappointed? No weed in heaven? ok, man... hell it is... come on Satan... get the Bong out, man...
jaqmaq77 chapter 1 . 9/24
Oops, for future ref the Uk one pound note was withdrawn in 1988 - £1 coin issued in 1983 and a £2 coin in 1998... (They did issue £2 coins in '86' for collectors - but the first coin in circulation was '98'... strangely, the 98 release was dated 97.)
So if Dobby got a 'wad' it must have been £5, £10, or £20 notes...
But even so, i'm enjoying the story...
SixFtWookie chapter 35 . 9/11
Of course he was dead three days
SixFtWookie chapter 17 . 9/10
"Charles Xavier Weasley" I fucking died laughing! One little word has so many questions attached to it? Is this a subtle crossover nod? Is this because of Arthur's muggle obsession, maybe he reads the comics? Hilarious on many levels.
SixFtWookie chapter 15 . 9/10
I love this story so far, but I feel like the moment with Neville could have been done with just a little more detail. I also think Daphne hearing that the memory of her fueled a Patronus strong enough to destroy a gross of Dementors would get Harry the best reward of his young life.
Wulfkin17 chapter 5 . 9/7
This is the only perspective worth a damn really...
Ashkan Dehno chapter 36 . 9/5
Damn this is a masterpiece and definitely needs to be read. And incredible job Author-san and keep up the amazing job you've done so far Damn this is a masterpiece and definitely needs to be read. And incredible job Author-san and keep up the amazing job you've done so far
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