Reviews for Freezing Fire
AmethystUnarmed chapter 40 . 7/28
I FUCKING LOVE THE END! ... But what happened to Jou?
AmethystUnarmed chapter 17 . 7/28
It's sooooooooo good
allenx14 chapter 40 . 7/21
That was like so perfect I can't even. Just just perfect. Thank you for that amazing story ... I love you.
Shy Reviewer chapter 40 . 7/1
I got to say it took a while about two to three days, but I finally finished reading this fic.
I say it was totally worth reading. I loved every chapter. I felt emotionally connected to these characters and even though I love Yūgi with Atem(u?) I never did feel as emotional for them until now. I always looked for the "fluffy" stories, never dark because they don't make me "Feel." This . . . is the first YU-GI-OH FanFic to bring me to tears. (I died for Yami on all the Yūgi death-based chapters). Overall this story is one heck of an emotional rollercoaster.

I also enjoyed your ending concept as you wrapped it up to the actual storyline. I can't help but wonder. When Malik told Yami of the soul rebirth would Yami forget had happened in his previous life? That part made me tear a bit since he and Yūgi went through so much together.

Thank you for not deleting this wonderful story. (I would buy a copy of this story if it was in the form of a book. It should be published or something. Hint, hint).

By the way, I know you probably won't answer back because it has been years since you completed this story but what happened to Jou? Did he die with Seth or did he go back to the angels' home? Would Yūgi be reborn with Bakura and the other angels? Would he remember or forget his past life as well?
Kurodekira chapter 40 . 6/5
omgosh this story is so beautiful it makes me happy beyond belief there is so much action and drama. I especially loved it during the parts that were Yugi/Yami-centric. Well basically the entire story I look forward to reading more of your works.

~killer in the darkness,
stalker in the night
Kurodekira thanking your for your blood...I...
I mean time and effort put into this fic...
or do I
Kurodekira chapter 10 . 6/2
dear writer-san,
i do very much enjoy this story and usually don't review on complete stories at all the the last chapter, but because I must request for ze lemon in my review I guess I will review the last 10 chapter here.

I love how cynical Yami is but also how he has a small soft spot for Yugi. I also enjoyed the fact that you gave Ryou the ability to read minds. I can't wait to continue reading and finding Yugi's speial power (ba-bam). I also look forward to seeing the progreesion of Yugi and Yami's relationship. And Now I am requesting ze lemon for chapter 11.
ZillaKittyYami chapter 40 . 5/18
AWSOME! yay i have not read a story like that in a long time! it was great just the kind of action i was looking for...(cough) i mean it was a good story...(wink)...write way more stories please!
V chapter 40 . 4/28
That ending was amazing. Incredible how you pulled the ending into the series. I didn't see that coming, very clever of you. Very, very nicely done.
hama431 chapter 40 . 4/18
Is there a sequel
Will atemu choose the correct path in order to find yugi
Valenntine2000 chapter 40 . 3/20
I loved it. I was only half hearted about reading it at first, but after the first chaper I was hooked! This was really good, and you made it so well! Thx and ttyl! :)
zannyluvvy chapter 40 . 3/13
I like this. it will be really awesome if you make a sequel.
joytomlinson2897 chapter 40 . 2/27
Ugh the Waterfall opened!
Omg the Twisted ending and yet beautifully done...
Great Job btw...
Guest chapter 39 . 2/27
Guest chapter 21 . 2/26
omg...that twist though...i was like in anticipation waiting and reading to see what had happened, omg...
your a genius and creatively cruel writer :3
Guest chapter 15 . 2/16
I know how you feel. My mum doesn't aprove of me writing stories...
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