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Candy C chapter 32 . 7/21
Awww this was by far one if the best Leyton story on here. I absolutely love love love this story. You did a fantastic job with this one. I enjoyed every single second of it. I love that you put Lucas and Peyton in a workplace setting that was brillz. The love/ hate relationship worked so perfect for this story. The way you wrote Lucas and Peyton characters were oh so good. Lucas being cocky but at the same time he's so sweet, sexy and confident while Peyton is meticulous, stubborn and sassy yet really sweet too.

I'm happy that Leyton found each other and they had got married and had a beautiful baby girl. They went from hated love to unconditional love. Brooke omg Vera Wang- of course you would lol. I'm so happy for her and Nathan and their lil man Jonathan. I so love Katie and her ballerina tutu lol. Gosh she is one spoiled child. I absolutely loved that Peyton did one of Lucas' fantasy, that was hot. Glad they want another baby - who knows could be a boy this time around. Love the family and loved the story. This was well written. Nice UD.
Candy C chapter 31 . 7/21
Omg- amazing and beautiful chapter. The wedding was so personal and intimate because there were only close family and friends as well as memorable and unique. I love how Peyton went down the isle with baby Katie instead of the traditional bouquet, it was so much special to me. I thought that was such a amazing gift from Dan and Deb - I mean giving them the house in Hamptons was simply wonderful. I absolutely adored that Leyton hasn't lost the spark to keep their relationship fresh and sexy. Yeah!- Leyton finally reunited and it feel so good lol. Loved it . Beautiful chapter I'm happy for both Lucas and Peyton for finding one another. They are truly so in love and happy. Amazing story. Great job.
Candy C chapter 30 . 7/21
Lovely just so lovely. I loved it everything about this chapter. Brooke I know how you feel. But please let Peyton have the kind of wedding she wants. I love how low key Leyton are, they are definitely not the flashy over the top kinda couple_ it's nice. I like Pathan's relationship and I like that they can go to each other for advice. Omg- I'm happy that Nathan is thinking about proposing to Brooke. I swear now will be thee Bridezilla of course lol. Go Peyton for catering to your man as well. Kudos to you chica.:)'. No wonder why he wants to marry you. I think Leyton is doing a great job taking care of Katherine- I especially love how Lucas is with her, it so admirable. Awesome chapter...
Candy C chapter 29 . 7/21
Uh, this was a cute chapter. I love how Peyton and Lucas was so annoyed that Deb and Dan went ahead and did the exact thing Leyton said they didn't want. Hell I would be furious too if my engagement party hardly had anyone I knew. I know they mean well but still lol. I love how frustrated Peyton was and wanted to bounce and go home. Lucas is her rock - I love them together. They are a match made in heaven. I know that Brooke would want Peyton to have a elaborate wedding which is what Peyton don't want at all. I swear I feel so sorry for Nathan and Lucas sometimes they always seems to be stuck between their women. It's funny that Kathrine so wanted to be outta Peyton's tummy that she couldn't wait omg- I can't believe she was born on their actual wedding day. How precious is that. I find it so adorable how Lucas have baby fever and can't stop pouting because he has to go back to work lol. Their daughter is so cute- I'm happy for them. I love Steve's gift for Leyton, that was very generous of him. Loved it great update. Looking forward to reading more...
Candy C chapter 28 . 7/21
I loved it from beginning to end. I love how meticulous Lucas was about finding the perfect rinf for Peyton, omg I thinks that so sweet. Gosh Lucas is such the perfect boyfriend. Peyton is a lucky girl. Peyton girl, I love you but dang you are a pain in the tush omg lol. I guess P. Sawyer just wants everything to be perfect for the baby's arrival. It's so cute how Brooke and Nathan was secretly coerce Peyton into saying she yes to Lucas' proposal. I love that both Lucas and Peyton knew that their lil girl is going to be super spoiled and such a daddy's girl.
Candy C chapter 27 . 7/20
Simply beautiful. I adore this chapter. I love that Larry and Lucas got along so well. I'm glad he gave Lucas his blessings to marry his daughter. Lol I love Brooke and Deb response to Nathan's question- it was hella funny. I wish these tabloid nosey ass people would stop meddling in people's personal lives- uh, I can't deal. I love too that Peyton started to refer to their place as 'ours'- that so sweet. I'm happy Leyton's having a baby girl- omg that little girl is so spoiled already and is so a daddy's girl too. Brooke is gonna cry that Lucas and Peyton named their daughter after her. Great update.
Candy C chapter 26 . 7/20
Aww this was a beautiful chapter. I like that Luke was so attentive to Peyton needs even if she does not ask him to. I love that he just wants to take care of her and his baby. Damn Peyton and her hormones lol. I feel sorry for Luke sometimes with her mood swings. I love their relationship and their love for one another. I find their fights and even arguments so cute and adorable. I glad Luke told her that he wants to marry her because he love her and he's in love with. I do think that it's the best thing for Peyton to move in with Luke I mean she practically lived there anyways. Loved it great update..
Candy C chapter 25 . 7/20
Oh Lucas I knew without a doubt you were the one who was gonna cave first- men smh. Well, I mean Peyton kinda played real dirty thou - "I cannot believe I just spent almost a thousand dollars on lingerie". Girl I can't believe that either lol but it was very well spent and worth it thou. I love them together. Brooke was so rite one look at Peyton in her lingerie and it was game over for Luke. I bet now they both learn their lesson not to do a stupid bet like that ever again. I enjoyed this chapter thou. More please...
Candy C chapter 24 . 7/20
Omg. Why on earth would Lucas and Peyton make such a wager- when Leyton both knew they love having sex like a fat kid loves cake lol. Smh let's see who's gonna win this bet thou, it kinda fun to see how this lil wager is torturing them both. This is a such a fun chapter. Brooke omg always over sharing I can't - but I like her. Nathan lol I love him in this story. Fun update can't wait to see who's gonna be the winner of this lil wager. Will it be Peyton or will it be Lucas?.. idk but I'm dying to find out. On to the next chapter..
Candy C chapter 23 . 7/20
Omg. Best chapter ever!. I can't believe Peyton did that - she's such a horn dog lol. I loved everything about this chapter from beginning to end. Oh Brooke - I love Nate response to her question it was too funny and I that think Leyton will indeed get married soon. Idk how are they gonna tell Steve. I think they should both get a place together so that it will be a fresh start for both of them. This was such a hot hot hot chapter. lol I'm definitely want to know if Luke can hold out until a week. This is gonna be very interesting. Lucas I think you are going be taking a whole lot of cold showers lol. Fantastic update. On to the next chapter...
Candy C chapter 22 . 7/20
Wow. So first, I would really like for Peyton to take a breather. Geez Lucas didn't even say anything about getting married even thou he prolly do want to because he wants to spend the rest of his life her. I glad Luke can calm her down that's good. I knew Peyton was nervous to meet Deb and Dan but I didn't think she needed to be. The dinner was good and wow I can't believe Deb knew she was expecting omg that funny how she just came out and ask Peyton. I glad Leyton doesn't have to hide it anymore. I know Brooke's gonna be pissed to know that Everyone knew but her. I'm happy Lucas parents approve of Peyton. Great update loved it.
Candy C chapter 21 . 7/19
Another fantastic chapter. Lol at Peyton for hating on Chicago because it had Lucas. I laughed so hard at her notion - she was too cute thou. Awww I love how much she misses him and him misses her. The Pathan bonding was so nice- I'm glad they get to spend some time together without each significant other. I like that Nathan went to ask Peyton for help to buy Brooke's birthday present. I knew that Luke was gonna surprise P. Sawyer in his bed, very sneaky Lucas lol. I love it thou that was a sweet Leyton moment. The newspaper cover always seems to have very funny and incorrect headlines lol smdh. I'm so happy Leyton's going to have a mini Leyton yeah... great update.
Candy C chapter 20 . 7/19
Omg!, theses damn paparazzi - I seriously cannot stand them. But cute photo thou lol. I am glad Lucas told Steve about him and Peyton. I knew he would be a little upset about it but he couldn' are too valuable to the company. I'm happy they are finally outed thou- all the sneaking around prolly was getting a lil tiresome. I thought Peyton was gonna be super mad at him outing them but I was relieved she was okay with them coming out as a couple. Thank goodness Steve didn't fired Leyton. I really like that they are talking about kids who knew huh?. I hope P. Sawyer and Lucas get to have one someday- omg that baby would be so friggin adorable. Uh, here goes a sucky week for Peyton- I guess it's only fair since she left him for LA and now he leaving her for Chicago. Lovely update. On to the next...
Candy C chapter 19 . 7/19
Wow- well someone just pissed Lucas the fuck off. I love that Peyton soothe him and calms him down- hotheadmuch? Lol. The romantic gesture with the rose was so sweet. Lucas Scott always the romantic. I absolutely loved the double date with Leyton and Brathan- it was so cute. Lol when Lucas and Peyton cut after the topic of exes came up. Poor Nathan he's about to be grilled to the tea lol. I like the cute Leyton moments in this chapter and I love how Lucas took care of Peyton. The end was brillz- go Peyton with your bad self. Awesome update keep'em coming. On to the next chapter...
Candy C chapter 18 . 7/19
I adored this chapter. Peyton is too funny with the 'I love yous'. First she was afraid to say now she can't stop saying it lol. I'm happy they finally said I love you to each other but I'm sad that they have to be secretive about their relationship. I just wish things could be different. Omg- that board room meeting was everything. Lucas is such a...smh - Peyton should have punished him a lil for what he did. But I love Leyton nonetheless. I'm happy their going away once again unfortunately thou it's for business but who cares they still gonna be together. I love how they still got that sexy banter thing going on throughout their relationship- it's cute. The ending was aww. I mean I can definitely see that. P. Sawyer becoming P. Scott. Great update.
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