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Guest chapter 8 . 10/7
Come on finish it i want to know what happens
LokomalucoMC chapter 8 . 8/30
It is very unfortunate that you do not update this anymore. If you ever find yourself with the will, please continue it.
Cosain chapter 8 . 8/8
Sigh. This isn't going to be continued, is it?
John5505 chapter 8 . 5/28
Fantastic story so far, keep going.
jreedEVAfan chapter 8 . 2/22
I enjoyed all the chapters I read. Hope that this story returns to us.
Anlanther chapter 8 . 1/18
Anyway, same comments as before (a few spelling mistakes as with a few mix ups with 'choose' and 'chose') with all my interest also being invested all to this fic.

Anlanther chapter 5 . 1/6
The first chapter of this whole story was very promising and reading the rest so far has not changed my opinion. I love how you have developed your characters in your own way and yet have still been able to follow the main story of the whole series. As for your English, it is fine :D A few mistakes with spelling, most involving words missing letters or having one too many such as your 'breaths' and 'breathes' as well as one occasion near the beginning of the chapter where one of your 'not's is missing the 't' and the 'sigh' in the sentence "The chastised boy looked at the floor, mumbling something that sounded remotely like 'sorry', causing the major to sight once more, turning away and staring at the waves" somehow gained it instead. Other than that, I am thoroughly enjoying this story and I have to say it is much better than most of the ones I have found in this archive so far.

Keep up the good work :D
SmileRen chapter 8 . 12/24/2014
I loved the chapters but while I agree that Touji has a tendency to be insensitive and sometimes an all around jerk, I don't think he deserves the abuse he's receiving.
Erun chapter 8 . 12/24/2014
This fanfic was so incredibly well written, and had such a novel idea, that it is an absolute shame that it is unfinished

I can only hope that this will somehow be resurrected
Western-Otaku chapter 8 . 10/25/2014
I loved this fic, Protagonist Asuka is (IMHO, please don't rage) soooo much better than Shinji, I mean I like the guy - being kind-hearted and stuff while receiving near constant abuse from practically everything around him - but nevertheless when you're stuck with mostly one character's POV of events and have to sit there and listen to all their inner monologues; I prefer my main protagonists to have some confidence, to have a backbone or at least something resembling one, to not freaking mentally beat the crap out of themselves for something that even an idiot can see wasn't their fault, to not scream and whine about EVERYTHING, basically I wish that a protagonist, to an otherwise really good show, would be a little more impressive instead of a spineless crybaby wimp who beats himself up mentally and cannot properly think for himself and likes to run away all the time.

SOOOO, anyway my point is that it's a hurricane of fresh air for me when I see that Shinji has bee replaced as the main protagonist for someone who I feel is soooo much better at leading the story. Asuka is a nicer POV to experience Evangelion due to her better character traits (IMO) and it's also nice to view the slight change in how you percieve Asuka's mannerisms as we're experiencing them with the added information of what could actually be going through her mind as before we saw what Asuka does through Shinji's POV so not only could Asuka be altering her behaviour around Shinji but by experiencing Shinji's POV we'd have a more limited understanding to Asuka's actions. So I really liked how we see all of Asuka's actions in a different light due to the POV change.

At first I found Asuka's slight OOC kindness right at the beginning of the first chapter to about where Asuka first properly meets Shinji after loosing power - but TBH I really welcomed that - and as time went on, the Fic returned to the good ol' Asuka we all know and maybe love, still with the added thoughts to better justify what she does so we all don't think of her as a bit of a B*tch.

All in all - as this is getting way longer than I planned it to be - this is a great Fic!
Sadly though, the Author seems to be inactive, and possibly has been for the last 3 years as I've seen no semblance of activity on his profile since then. Even if he isn't actually IRL, Rest in Peace... and Rest in Peace (although I SERIOUSLY hope in the future I may stand corrected) to a damn fine fic which I wish could have been continued to a proper conclusion rather than leaving it with Asuka paying mind (slightly) to Shinji's saddening situation.

I love this Fic :)
nobodyreallyimportant chapter 8 . 9/28/2014
I have to agree with everything Sal said down there. But it looks like the author is dead, and the fic is never going to continue. It's a pity, really. This is so well done that it's basically professional and the characterization is superb.

It's conclusion will be sorely missed.
Sal chapter 8 . 8/27/2014
Three years, three darn foresaken years since this fic was last updated. Yet, I still hold hope for you to make a come back and renew this Asuka-centric reprisal of the series with all its glory. Sure, the change in situations towards the main cast, specifically Misato and Rei, held some iffiness, but it also brought forth some nice familiarity to their characteristic outcomes. I'm really liking with what you're doing with everyone relationship wise, especially the gals, Asuka as a protagonist just makes sense and yet we are given a much easier, and maybe even bittersweet outlook to her role in the series. I cannot hesitate to express the love I have for Shinjis' role and growing persona in this story either. I think you can resolve a lot of things with him since he's now given so much time to think and explore by himself while Asuka does the same. His good and bad personality traits shine through his conversations and actions even as a biomechanical fighting machine and it makes him just as understandable as he was when human. Given the role he has, we see that as a soul in an evangelion, he can grow and feel too. What I admire overall however, is the positive and massively uplifting relationship and friendship both Asuka and Shinji have here. They connect and come back to one another, to learn about one another and this relationship that sprouted here between them is so incredibly honest and realistic, that I can almost sense the beauty of it amidst the LCL. I have to say though, major props for balding Asuka, with what it was as a real milestone in her pride dilemma, she manages to consciously subside it and it was weirdly relieving. It showed that her duty to being a soldier comes first than worrying about easily regrowable stuff like image specifications and social conventions such as hair performance. It seemed more true to her persona, I suppose, but that's what I liked, little things like those being covered into their personal growth and changes. I'm guessing maybe Shinjis' tiredness is also due to the clone experiments to bring him back, yes? His small reactions of jealousy and care are awe worthy, since we normally see very small glimpses of it. I'd like to see many more personal moments between the duo since those are one of the most important scenarios I look forward to each chapter. I figured that once you obtained a beta reader that the grammar and spelling structure would improve, so I advise that you gain the same or another beta reader for the beginning chaps and thereafter, because they need it extensively. I will be looking forward to a following update from you, and again, your unique input into the LAS and Eva fandom is heavily appreciated!
xxxrae97xxx chapter 8 . 5/29/2014
Jesus Christ, this has to be the most In-character Evangelion fic I have ever seen. Everything is incredibly well written, the character interactions are realistic and the length of the fic is perfect, giving enough time to see character development, angel battles and further plot development.
I thoroughly enjoyed it, and wish that more chapters could be released.
Please don't let this fantastic fic die.
smashman42 chapter 8 . 3/28/2014
While I initially had a bit of a 'er, that doesn't make sense' feeling about just how much control & outside communication Shinji can do from within Unit-01, I've forgotten it pretty quickly as the story is just that good.

Protagonist Asuka is great, I read a review (I think on TvTropes?) where they said her behaviour fits her character given she doesn't have a rival in form of regular Shinji and I wholeheartedly agree. Likewise the tension between her and Toji makes sense as he was the only guy to really stand up to her in the canon universe which is something that would have appealled to her if she wasn't so focused on the Third Child. By taking Shinji physically out of the equation as both a rival/love interest & having Hikari not call 'dibs', I can see something happening between them, maybe not a happily every after scenario but still some tension as has happened here.

I assume Shinji was pulled into Unit-01 by Yui to save him, but in doing so did he totally overwrite her or something? I mean there are no mentions of him talking to her, just something else like when Asuka got cooked where he'd thought about 'letting it absorb her too', is the 'it' Yui or the Eva itself I wonder?

Being a few years old now this is probably abandoned, though I hope not. It is a really novel idea that I really enjoyed reading.
Akuma-Heika chapter 8 . 3/11/2014
Did it eat the S2 Organ as well?

THOUGH the paintjob was somewhat lacking

Pretty sure Asuka would know it’s a cyborg and thus has a brain.

Sentient ALRIGHT

From what we have seen I doubt she would dismiss Unit 02 so easily.

Surprised Fuyu would be callous to the child of the woman he claimed to have loved; her last physical trace. Your Gendo actually having some feelings for Shinji fits canon to a degree though.

EVERYTHING about Unit 01 was nice

Own A.T. FIELD now neutralized

Ayanami I not e

Was actually AMERICAN

How did she pick up her knife so quickly?


Would Ramstein even be alive (let alone active) the world’s population was reduced by 3 billion people or so during 2nd impact and events that came after.

The axe monitor comment was funny. Too bad we cannot copy and paste anymore I am very curious about the german message lol.

Just gotta SPEND

Hahahahaha 255 thousand dollars in one day…

Concerning the ANGEL

Why would her hands be burned? She doesn’t have to do as a mime to make the field and even if she did her hands are on two different sides of her body.

It would destroy the Eva Core before her plug in that scenario

FETAL position

Thank God” in this situation it is a proper noun since it is a name.

Its core though is in the chest but it is connected to the entry pug so his soul would also be filtered through her.

When will Asuka ask what Shinji thinks about Rei?

All to lucky PREY


Isn’t Misato the Operations Director? She was either amused or bored that she had to sit through that…probably both at least at first

SIGH once more

Gored it with a tower?

TWO hours

How could Toji figure out she had a second previous paycut?

Considering that Warhammer was probably forgotten I find it unlikely. The fact she was, for all intents and purposes, raised by a Judeo-Christian Organization and a born American would suggest she has Christian leanings (whether she is a practicing Christian is another story). Most likely with all the crap she has lived through she would be an agnostic.

Shinji is having a lot of fun and I am enjoying Toji’s torment

THOUGH the face

Considering she figured out Shinji was acting strange because he was jealous I am surprised she hasn’t figured out the same for Hikari. She is a Genius.

Given name not forename

SIGHED and stood up


Control circuit?


What was her synch ratio in 02? If she had vertigo from the height change that would suggest 100%

The ofuda bit was funny


I swear to God, First

Would Rei blush from a sexual innuendo? Why didn’t Hikari blush?

Please for all that is Sacred and Vile, continue this fic! This fic is DEFINITELY in my Top 5 Eva fics probably Top 3. I sincerely hope you continue it. IF Shinji’s new body has Lilith’s DNA taking up his father’s genome for the most part he will practically be Rei’s full brother. That would be interesting. With how your Rei has come seeing some ShinAsuRei would be nice as well. Will he obtain Adam? More specifically will he become a god? His soul would logically be strengthened after his new life. So many questions that will only be answered if you finish it. Even a chapter every few months would be nice. If you are having troubles in RL I will pray for you though. That seems to be one of the major causes of authors just stopping their work.
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