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nayin17 chapter 2 . 5/21/2016
Just hope your Harry will not be like in canon...a git
MuggleCreator chapter 2 . 1/1/2013
Interesting. Are you going to continue?
hptrump chapter 2 . 3/23/2010
Interesting story. I hope you are not going to write another story where there is nothing but angst and never any romance between Harry and Ginny until after Voldemort is going and you write the last chapter.
Europec chapter 2 . 11/7/2009

Great Fic! No really. I'm Sirius! :P

Last of the Trifecta chapter 2 . 8/18/2009
please update soon
DukeBrymin chapter 2 . 7/23/2009
Oh come on Harry! Getting all worried about Ginny being used against him. For crying out loud, didn't he learn in the last lifetime that she is the key to helping him be what he needs to be?

Anyway, thanks for the chapter!
mangagirl18 chapter 2 . 7/23/2009
OMG! You updated! I absoloutely LOVED this chapter and it's great how the chapters are long but not so long that it gets tireing.

I was fully intrigued throughout the entire chapter and wasn't bored even once! I can't wait for the next chapter!

I bet it's Draco or Snape who decided to snoop around. I love both characters but there's no denieing that at this point in time they were both complete gits. I didn't like Snape until book five and it was book six that made me change my mind about Draco. I just wish he could have gotten a bigger role in Deathly Hallows.

Anyway I tink you did a great job and it's nice to a time travel fic that isn't either Mary Sue, Humor Based, Too Predictble, Badly Written, or all of the above.

Keep it up! I can't wait for the next chapter! I hope Harry and Ginny get back together soon, and I can't wait for a scene with Harry and Snape. I imagine Harry'll have a few witty come backs up his sleeve.
CREAMPUFF chapter 2 . 7/23/2009
Killapanda666 chapter 2 . 7/23/2009
I can say with a great deal of pride, that as a beginning to a story like this, this is excellent. Time travel stories, while not necessarily 'rare' are quite uncommon with two characters with foreknowledge and again with redoing the Harryverse or time line from the near beginning.

I had anticipated the 'twist' if you could call it that, of the diary disappearing from Ginny's trunk, otherwise there would be no real reason to go about redoing Harry's second year as there won't be anything to really write about in the context of major events (unmasking Lockheart as a fraud doesn't count).

I am curious how you'll write about the changing of perceptions of the other characters towards Harry and Ginny's rapid growth in power and knowledge and how and when they'll be confronted for being able to do curtain things that should be impossible for any 'normal' witch or wizard of their age.

This is an awesome start to what I'm hoping to be an epic fic, the chapter lengths so far make this a very pleasant read for a budding story. In that regard your writing has very few errors in it as far as I've seen though if you need an extra set of eyes to comb for errors in your text I'd offer my services as a possible beta (if you want).

Again this is a great start, I can't wait to read more in the future.

(shoots Sig. into wall)

adrian1485 chapter 2 . 7/23/2009
hey realy good story and good chapter ... i can hardly w8 fr ur next 1 ... keep it up
greekgoddessofthehunt chapter 2 . 7/22/2009
Wonderful chapter! i cant wait for more!
Female Marauder chapter 2 . 7/22/2009
This is awesome! I'm really addicted to redo fics right now, and this is one of the best I've read! Can't wait for your next update!

-Female Marauder-
ProfessorChris chapter 2 . 7/22/2009
I am glad that they put Draco in his place :)... Hopefully they will be able to handle the added power they have.

Oh boy that isn't good at all, I hope they can stop the Basilisk before anyone is killed.
ProfessorChris chapter 1 . 7/22/2009
Interesting start to the story looking forward to finding out what happens. I hope that Ginny did come back with him if not at least he knows about the Diary so should be able to help her before that gets out of control.
ladysavay chapter 2 . 7/22/2009
I liked it...all the way up to the end. I saw that one coming for a mile and have to admit it was very dissapointing to read it happen. I kept hoping I was wrong.

It's a horcrux, a piece of his soul, and it may have compulsion spells on it, but for them to work in any kind of even fantasy reality such as the HP universe, one would expect it would require to be touched. To just have some other first year girl feel the need to open another's trunk, look through it and steal it is really stretching the limits of believability.

I just can't buy it.

It's a shame. It was going so well, too.
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