Reviews for The Dragon's Bride
Crdk chapter 61 . 9/18
Wauw. If you have a printable version of this story, i would love to have it. Great writing. You really understood how DM's character is (in my opinion). Loved this story. Keep on going!
Efam chapter 6 . 8/30
Narcissa doesn't seem like the type to kill herself. Fantastic story, though!
Erika ibarra chapter 61 . 8/22
I thought this was a great story. It had me hooked, I didn't want it to end and it made me feel like this should of been a part of the real books. It felt so real and I really think there should be a fan film. You did a great job on this story and thank you for sharing this.
laurettawen chapter 1 . 8/12
I love this story sooooo much! It’s the first English Dramione fiction I’d ever read and it had been my favourite ever since! I love all the descriptions and metaphors you used in every chapter! And all the ups and downs through the plots! So fantastic!
Christine Barney chapter 61 . 7/23
Fantastic story and writing! I could not put it down. Thank you so much for sharing.
Christine Barney chapter 33 . 7/21
I've been waiting for this chapter and it didn't disappoint!
Christine Barney chapter 28 . 7/21
Nutrisoil Fertilizer! LOL!
Christine Barney chapter 26 . 7/21
Drugged up Draco is adorable! Fantastic writing!
Christine Barney chapter 15 . 7/21
Your portayal of Draco is spot on! I love it!
Calindy chapter 23 . 7/12
Don't harm Tonks! Please!
Ripplestitchskein chapter 61 . 7/5
God this was amazing to read. I’m so glad I did despite the warning (which put me off I admit) but I was like “such a highly recced fic cant be THAT bad and it wasn’t at all. You are an excellent writer and I hope you’ve continued or gone pro since you wrote this. Thank you for sharing it and keeping it up.
Ohgreatmyarmscomeoff chapter 33 . 7/5
this chapter was quite possibly my favorite
Ohgreatmyarmscomeoff chapter 1 . 7/4
oh right, and there were some loose ends that could have been tied up. .although mayelbe that was on purpose. like I wish they'd have learned about Arne, and are they going to get the tattoo again! it was so beautiful!
Ohgreatmyarmscomeoff chapter 61 . 7/4
so many things to say. absolutely loved it, is one to start I felt a little jarred or like my climax was denied a little bit with certain things left to the imagination (like right before the epilogue, no proposal scene, not always completely a sex scene or a meaningful conversation) but it seemed like those were choices since you did do those closure moments extremely well in other instances. I wish I'd have commented when specifically. I'll try to remember the next time I read this through...oh yes, definitely will be a next time. so glad I finally read this! thank you!
emeraldblack-malfoy chapter 37 . 6/23
Ahhh the come to Jesus meeting we’ve all been waiting for! Can’t wait to see where this story is taking us, it’s so much more in depth than I had imagined at the beginning!
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