Reviews for Divine DNA
draco7347 chapter 28 . 11/27
love this story cant wait for new chapters
Ahyah chapter 28 . 11/8
I am curious as to what happens next.
Foxgirl198 chapter 23 . 10/12
Story:those lips...I wonder what it would be like to kiss them
Giotto27 chapter 28 . 10/10
wahhhh! damn i! i want more!huhuhuhu!
Manga Ren chapter 28 . 9/13
Sweet story can't wait tell you update
Guest chapter 26 . 9/7
absolutely loved it ! Plz update soon
uke prami chapter 28 . 9/3
Thanks for the update, have been waiting for it...hehehe
uke prami chapter 28 . 9/3
Thanks for the update... Waited for this fanfic to be updated...
icefiresky chapter 28 . 8/31
Yes you finally updated! I love this story so much.
bageltiger chapter 28 . 8/29
yay so glad the truth has been revealed
SoraROCK chapter 28 . 8/28
Kyaaa awesome! I can't wait Sasuke teach his son true Uchiha and when Sasuke and Naru-chan are going together as husband and wife? :)
10tailedokami16x chapter 28 . 8/28
All in all I love how this story is progressing keep up the awesome work
Guest chapter 28 . 8/28
this chapter was good though it left me conflicted. part of me wants naruto to go back to being a boy just to see what sasuke will do. i have no doubt that sasuke loves naruto but he seems to let his pride get in the way too much. the other part of me wants naruto to stay female so they can be together and have more kids but naruto right now doesn't seem very much like naruto. she may be a mother but even taking that into consideration she's still too calm. she's not as boisterously loud and playful as naruto is, don't get me wrong its still there but just not as front and center anymore.

please update soon
Joanny-chan chapter 28 . 8/27
Oh my god! I waited so long to see this get updated. Oh I am so glad you are alive and please, please take your time and post the next chapter. I want to see what happens next. I read this years ago and I always did wait until the next post but I am not impatient, it is so good to actually see a recent post so thank you and keep going until you finish this story!
Adela C. Brandon chapter 28 . 8/27
Omg! After sooooo long you decide to update...I'm soo happy!
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