Reviews for Suicide Blonde
babysheflies chapter 1 . 12/16/2009
This was really good and well written. I love depressing fanfics and story's for some reason but i really like how they are written but you need a special like suicide writing ability to do it. You definitely have it! I am going to write a suicide story about Jessie from Team Rocket soon.

Anyways this was great 3
WiseAbsol chapter 1 . 7/3/2009
So we are on the final fic of yours I plan to review today, “Suicide Blond.” Having read this through once before, I already know that this will be going into my favorites, given it impressed me so much. Yet given your note is so tiny, I will jump right into the one-shot itself and begin my notes. I will admit, the lyrics you incorporate at the beginning skim my scalp as I read them, not quite going over my head but perplexing me enough that, in my current sleep-deprived condition, I would rather not fumble over them. The scene itself begins beautifully, with sunlight filtering through the glass, violet tulips, which symbolize the cycle of death and rebirth which Domino, in her daily life, mimics, given she takes on and then discards identities wherever she travels in her illicit work. Evidently, the woman rises to watch the flowers glow each day, and soon she delves into thoughts concerning Shintoism. It intrigues me that she has had similar thoughts as me in regards to the creative natures of the gods; I have also thought them to be artists in a fashion. I’ve likened the soft sky and the changing scenery of the seasons to be the work of a master painter, and our lives intertwined in a compilation of anthologies that bleed into one another. For it seems to me that in a manner, only artists can fully comprehend a divine power, for artists, most particularly writers, are the only ones who seems to fully grasp the concepts divinity being indefinable, and that it’s most evident in the depths of the human psyche. They too realize that some terrible things must occur for wonders to be wrought, and while others may realize this, how many beyond the artists can say they have felt what it means to make a choice as a god might, and yet still have a soul clean of tyranny?

Regardless, returning to Domino, she muses upon her desire to be an artist, not a criminal, and her failure to create. She can only destroy and appreciate beauty, nothing more. She contemplates childhood, full of innocence, and watching what was once gorgeous die thanks to her hands, and the following events and words her mother says destroys a part of her heart. Yet now she looks on the glass flowers and sees perfection, a beauty that cannot be taken away, and she continues to ponder, this time about new life which, at this point, she would dare not bring into the world because of the fate they would meet for their parent being in Team Rocket. And then…it all turns cold and frightening as a massive panic attack hits her, along with the lack of self-worth and the physical distress of nausea. She is sick, and her emotional condition continues to spiral downwards like water in a drain. What significance her stomach contents have I cannot understand, but I can understand perfectly well her contemplations about Giovanni. Would it be worth it if she gave in…? Would it ruin her completely…? Not allowing herself the opportunity to know, she prepares for suicide. She undresses in the sunlight, shaves her skin until she is truly bare, and cuts as she lays in the water, waiting for death. Then, with a quotation like a prayer, she sinks, and for a moment fears the unknown of death. She thinks of music, the piano (which, for the record, I would love to learn as well), and then the sun hides behind the clouds: oblivion. Finally, it is revealed she failed to kill herself. Being run on emotion and not her logic, her spirit was not in the right place for it. It seems she is almost slightly heartened afterwards, for she realizes she does not want to die, not quite yet. In the “suicide weather,” she picks tulips, her flowers symbolizing the state of her soul, and muses that she is fallen…and someday, perhaps in the summer if Giovanni manages to conquer her, she may just finish it. Yet for now, she lives.

I rather adore this story for many reasons: the symbolism and spiritual qualities it possesses are brilliant, and the allusions to mythology quite appropriate for this particular story. The manner in which you handled Domino as well was intriguing: you gave her a soul, although almost black with her sins, and from that made her into more than simply an arrogant villain. She is in this story fully human, with a haunting past and enigmatic future ahead of her, and you can easily both sympathize and empathize with her, for I am sure many of us, myself included, have descended to that frighteningly darkness of their minds, balancing the concept of ending their suffering by their own hands, as well as proving philosophical on the potential eve of their lives. In a way, it is an astonishing state, when the soul is reduced to nothing but the purest of thoughts, regardless of how those thoughts are colored, because it has let everything else go: the daily concerns, the purpose of one’s existence, the ties to other beings, save for the divine, which in death may yet pass judgment. That is not to say that anyone should have to stray there; for on the brink, surrounded by shadows, only the will keeps that soul clinging to the earth, and if it falls, is it over. There are no chances to return to what was, and hence no chance anymore that the shard of hope he or she so long possessed will burst, casting light into all the shadows of one’s life and making living worthwhile again. Still, there is a sort of purity there that I, at least, have found nowhere else…and perhaps that is because it is such hell to get there in the first place. However, you conveyed that feeling very well, Val, and for that, I applaud you.

I do hope this review makes up for my tardiness in leaving my comments. If not, I apologize, but I have done the most I can. At any rate, thank you for the read. See ya’ later.


Natsume Y chapter 1 . 6/22/2009
Oh- that was lovely, simply lovely. The conflicting insecurity, the twisted logic, the long and slightly complicated sentences, everything.

It seems to be a recurring subject matter in some of your work- namely, femininity and (here, peripherally,) reproduction, in a fairly dark context. Within this fic, the insistent appearances of the flowers, a different sort of beauty, at the critical moments and in memory.

It's difficult to tell if the ending is happy or sad- or maybe it's neither, just leaves a lot to think about; the duality of an almost-antagonist, perhaps the sanctity of life.

And the last sentence- tranquil, almost surreal, evoking the image of the angel- once again, beautiful.

Thank you for writing. I'll now admit I haven't actually seen this character in the anime... but I enjoyed the fic anyway. :)

Please keep writing?

- within winter's grace
SideshowJazz1 chapter 1 . 5/31/2009
Ur so right, there aren't enough Domino fics. Still, this was kind of weird, but I can understand. Did u know Domino is only 15?

Anyway, a really meaningful portrayal of suicide and totally something that will definitely get readers thinking-like me.

Emo Shaman chapter 1 . 5/29/2009
Wow. Just wow. Very realistic in the thoughts and emotions behind her wanting to die. Also love the music references throughout the fic, especailly the Jack's Mannequin reference. ) You did very well in capturing the moment of suicide, though. The imagery was perfect, if not a tad bit triggering in some ways, but very well written. Very intense fic, though. Love it. )
Dark Magician Girl Aeris chapter 1 . 5/29/2009
As I said, I hate you for writing this and making it interesting, intriguing, and engaging. I hate you for making me sigh in relief when she didn't kill herself after all. And I hate that moment of compassion I felt towards a character I despise.

In other words, this was an incredible piece despite my misgivings about the character. Wonderful work!

I still hate you...