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WhimsicalWonderland chapter 6 . 11/24/2010
Gosh, I love your stories. The way you write for Sonny and Chad is amazing.
lifeisveryshortsoami chapter 6 . 1/25/2010
Hmm…I think you made it to 100 reviews. What a huge leap from 100 all the way to 1,0. With the slumber party story, I mean. haha - you should feel very proud! Ok…I think I shall start reading now. :D

“You ATE Grady!” she yelled shockingly.

The bird shrilled after that. Sonny placed her hands on her hips and frowned.

“It was the cheese in his pants, wasn’t it!” Again, the bird cawed.

I love how she only panics for a moment…and then starts trying to figure out why the hawk would eat her friend instead of crying over him. She always has to be logical, doesn’t she? *shakes head*

Dear Sonny,

You’re a horrible seeker!

Love, your So Random friends (and Tawni!)

Lol! I should’ve seen that one coming. I love the SR cast. :D :D

KRE!” the hawk made attempts to attack Sonny as she yelled, screaming out of the woods.

She honestly deserved that - leaving her friends in the middle of Hide and Seek so she can hang out with Chad Dylan Cooper…HOW INCONSIDERATE!

Oh - that is it for this chapter. I thought it would be a whole chapter, but it’s just the little joke they put as the credits roll. Haha - all in all, this probably would’ve been my favorite episode if it was on TV. Actually, I’m lying. West Coast Story will ALWAYS be my favorite - but this would’ve been a close second!

Ohh! When are you going to have the music out? Unless it already is out. In which case, I shall go stalk your profile!

Thanks for the AWESOME story!
lifeisveryshortsoami chapter 5 . 1/25/2010
Ohh, ohh! It’s finally time to hear the song! IT’S FINALLY TIME TO HEAR THE SONG!

I want to copy and paste part of the song so you’ll have proof I really did read it - which I did, screaming “AWW!” every few seconds - but I can’t pick just one part! I want to copy and paste ALL OF IT-

And a car just pulled up my driveway. Not sure who it is, although they have a blinking orange light on top of the hood. And now they’re leaving…hmm. That was strange.

ANYWAY - it was so cute, and deep, and you’re AMAZING at writing lyrics, Rahie!

By the way, I would just like to say that if Sonny doesn’t know by the end of the duet who the song is talking about, I may have to come slap her. It’s SO EASY to figure out…Let’s hope she comes to the right conclusion. :D

“Sure,” he chuckled, confused on why he didn’t feel like being a jerk now. “Um...” He had no idea how to approach teaching her. “Here,” The boy got up, moved over to Sonny’s right side and slid closer to her as she correctly held the instrument. Carefully, Chad slipped his hand behind her band, over her left arm and on top of her hand, which rested on the guitar’s neck.

Sonny then adjusted her sitting position, leaning into Chad’s body, their heat mixing.

At first, I thought she was going to kiss him for writing such a great song, but then I remembered that you have something against Channy kissing. Hehe. That’s ok though because this - Chad teaching the song to her while they sit close together - THIS might even be better than a kiss.

This is what their relationship was—delicate hearts hiding behind pride of the tween shows and business industry.

SWAC in a nutshell right there. Great analogy!

“Yeah, thanks,” she looked into Chad’s eyes, feeling every breath and movement he made. Over the time, Chad’s hands fell off Sonny and were found wrapped around her waist as Chad slowly rested his chin on Sonny’s shoulder, submerged in her fruity fragrance and soft curls.

THIS IS SO ROMANTIC! Are you sure you can’t really write the episodes for Disney channel? I would love to see this happen!

Sonny’s rage started to boil, her sunny nature being rained upon by the single-sparkly-eyed jerk and before her words would go to far, she used every once of energy to bite her tongue and turn around, stomping away.

NO. I liked them better when they were happy. I guess they wouldn’t be Chad and Sonny if they were happy all the time, would they? *sigh* stupid fighting…

As Chad half-turned, Sonny flew at him, bombarding him in a tight awkward hug.

Ohh - you brought back the happy! Hehe…I almost forgot: Sonny’s a hugger. :D

“OH MY GOSH! THEY’RE STILL HIDING!” she panicked, and with that, jumped out of Chad’s embracing arms and speedily sprinted into the distance.

I was wondering when she’d remembered. Are they still getting attacked by the hawk? If they are, she’s going to feel really -

Oh, laundry is done. I’ll be right back, I have to throw it into the dryer. Ok now I’m back. What was I saying before?

- guilty. Yeah, if Sonny runs up to find her friends getting attacked by a hawk, she’ll feel guilty about not finding them right away. Although I suppose she does have a good excuse. It’s impossible to not get caught up in the wonderfulness of Chad Dylan Cooper.

One chapter left. That makes me sad. I like this story!
lifeisveryshortsoami chapter 4 . 1/25/2010
- And here I am again! Did you miss me? If you said yes, then you must be really clingy because I just sent your last review, like, two minutes ago. Haha just kidding! I like attempting to be funny! The question is: does it ever really work? The world may never know!

What am I supposed to be doing here? Oh yeah, reviewing! Maybe I should start reading instead of rambling…what do you think? Why do I always put two of everything? Have you noticed that? Like I’ll put two exclamation points or two question marks instead of being normal and either putting one or hundreds. Hm. I don’t know why I do that. Maybe I have some kind of fetish where I don’t like putting a lot of them because…

Right. Reading. Ok, I’m starting now. :D

"Well at least the blood's finally going to his brain!"

That’s so mean - and yet, sounds like something Tawni would really say. Poor Grady, getting picked on by the tween queen. I wonder when they’re going to realize Sonny’s not even trying to find them? Are they going to be angry with her? I hope not. Ohh, are they going to go on some sort of epic adventure to find her? Are they going to find her and Chad singing their duet together?

Why am I asking you all these questions instead of reading to find out?

"Awh, hi birdie!"

And with that, the hawk hysterically attacked Nico and Grady, commotion running amok on that one tree.

They all screamed.


I love how they scream for Sonny, even though Zora is probably the closer one since they heard her voice not very long ago. Seems like Zora would have a way to get rid of the hawk - although if I were her, I’d probably be angry they asked for Sonny’s help and not mine, so I’d stand there, laughing my head off at them while the hawk continued attacking, wondering how long they’d have to suffer before Sonny finally finds them.

She couldn't help but appreciate the romantic moment-along with the fact that Chad would be playing her a song. She glanced over at Chad, who was warming up. Despite his fair skin tone, faint pink glowed from his cheeks.

Do you know how perfect this all sounds right now? Chad and Sonny sitting together, their knees just barely touching, nature looking beautiful around them, Chad Dylan Cooper blushing while Sonny tries her best to not do so as well, super excited about the song he’ll be playing for her soon…it’s like a scene from a movie!

I wish this would happen on the show.

"Even I need a break from Chad Dylan Cooper. He’s such a jerk,” he rolled his eyes mockingly as Sonny playfully shoved him.

Ok, now I’m curious: did you come up with that or was this after the interview when he said Chad can be a jerk? Because it was before the interview, then I’m VERY impressed! You saw the future!

He started strumming a soft tune, a beautiful yet sad one. Sonny was instantly inside the music—she closed her eyes, feeling light and carefree as the gentle wind blew the couple into magical places—their own soundtrack playing. With Sonny’s eyes softly sealed over, Chad took the chance to gaze at her as he played—he had this song memorized by heart.

Now I REALLY wish this would happen on the show!


Chad shook his head in disbelief as he pulled the guitar close to his body. “You have no idea…”

Someone’s got a crush on someone! You know, most of this is coming from Chad…Sonny is going to start falling for him soon, right? I mean, by the end we’ll find out that they’re both madly crushing on each other, right? Right?

“Haha, Sonny. I love how funny you are.”

Sonny perked up. “Really?”



Here’s how amazing I think that line is: ok, so remember how in Living Without You, Sonny and Chad end up having a fight right before 2010 hits? Well, I haven’t been able to think of something for them to fight about, really, something that would be bad enough to make her shout, “I wish you’d never gotten a job on Mackenzie Falls.” But after reading that line you put between them, I think - I think I have an idea for their fight! If I end up stealing that line from you (please say it’s ok!) then I will give you major credit!

I love reading your stories. :D :D

NO WAY, IT’S YOUR BITHDAY TOMORROW? Lol, just kidding, just kidding! Hope you had a happy birthday, though. :D And as for pranks…haha, I think it’s a little late for that now!
lifeisveryshortsoami chapter 3 . 1/25/2010
“Gotch’ya!” she jumped beside the group of loosely distanced trees, only to find a family of chipmunks race up a tree.

Poor innocent chipmunks! What did they do to Sonny? M, I know this makes no difference to you since you’re not there to read my reviews right now anyway, but I’m afraid I have to put this reading on hold. My stomach is letting me know it’s breakfast time (at 11:14 in the morning!) and I have to get some laundry started. So, in other words, I’ll be back soon!

And now, with my clothes in the washing machine and my pop-tarts beside me, I am ready to continue with this story. :D

The young man in front of her laughed hysterically, his voice tinkling, his eyes pressed tight due to all the pressure his laughter caused. Forcefully shoving him, Sonny scowled.

I warned you not to tell him where you were going, Sonny. I warned you. But did you listen to me? No, you didn’t. So now, you have to deal with a heart jerk-throb for the rest of the day. Deal with it!

I feel kind of mean for yelling at her. Really it’s not her fault she told Chad…it’s yours! But you’re forgiven because I loved the scene where Chad scared her. Great job!

She gave a yelp and braced herself to hit the rough object when she felt an arm catch her around her waist, and be pulled up right against Chad’s front. Warm chestnut met sparkling ocean blue when the two locked eyes; Chad’s breath got caught.

It’s so easy to get lost in your words! I love that mental picture - you have no idea how much!

yes, Chad Dylan Cooper did have heart for this girl.

I would copy and paste all of it - like his confession to wanting to dance with at the prom, and telling her that he won’t play his guitar because she said no, and…and EVERYTHING - but then my whole review would just be me quoting your story. You have no idea how much I’m loving this thing. Sonny and Chad are really in character and I can’t wait for the duet you said they’re going to sing together!

“We’ve GOT to stop doing that,” she exasperated to herself.

I PROTEST! They are so cute when they do that! You know I’m a sucker for all the cute Channy moments! :D :D

YOU SKINNED OFF PART OF YOUR FOOT? Aww, but it was to save your brother. That’s so heroic of you! Haha, I’m glad I don’t have to wait until next week to read the next chapter. All I have to do is hit the pretty little arrow button -
lifeisveryshortsoami chapter 2 . 1/25/2010
Oh, so that’s why you said Brady instead of Grady! Fair enough. :D

“Wha—? But you just said you were…un—” he couldn’t bring himself to say any words associating with what he imagined how Sonny was just few fast seconds ago. “You know what I mean!” he roared, his cheeks still aflamed.


As soon as she wasn’t looking, the egotistical boy pouted, shaking the doll in his hands. “Stupid cute!” he hissed at it.

That’s my favorite part so far. :D :D

“I meant ‘Go HANG out’,” he quickly ran the words out of his mouth, pleading with Sonny—leaning ever closer.

Sonny just stared at him numbly and then shrugged. “Sorry, can’t.” And with that, she stood up to walk away.

But…But…Can’t she see how much Chad’s struggling with this? She can’t just blow him off! SAY YES, SONNY, SAY YES!

And on a side note, spell check just informed me I spelled my smiley face wrong. Hehe - I didn’t even know that was possible!

“My friends and I’ve already planned to spend all day at Woodland Park. Go write up a sweepstakes or something-Spend a day with Chad Dylan Cooper,” she mockingly waved her hands about as if the words were headlines.

I really like her suggestion - I would LOVE to spend a day with CDC! But that’s not what I was going to say…there was something else, I know there was…Ohh yeah, I see her mistake. Silly little Sonny just told Chad where the picnic is going to be. Bad move, Sonny Munroe. Very bad move. *shakes head disdainfully*

She picked up the item; in her hand was a magnificent yellow rose that gave off a refreshing and soothing fragrance. There was a note tied onto the purple ribbon with it that read:

Sonny, I’m glad I met you.

Love, Chad

PS: I write ‘Love’ on all my notes, so it doesn’t really mean anything

PPS: Burn this note—I have to uphold an image, you know!

AWW! Now who feels bad about cancelling on the great Chad Dylan Cooper?

“This one’s good!” She grinned, choosing the purple shoes. Hearing a rumbling sudden sound behind her, she turned around to see Chad in the air vent above, peering below at her, behind the bars.

“Good!” he arrogantly smiled, then roughly backed up out of sight. Suddenly there was a hard thump above. “Ow!”

Haha - I had to read that two times to get why he said “good!” But he hid in the vent…CDC HID IN THE VENT JUST SO HE COULD SEE IF SONNY RECEIVED HIS ROSE! Aw! :D

lifeisveryshortsoami chapter 1 . 1/25/2010
My first story of the day is one called Sonny With a Chance of Hanging out. IT BETTER BE GOOD! Haha, just kidding. I’m sure it will be amazing, like all your other stories. As soon as I’m done with those six chapters, I get to read the next one on your profile, and then the next, and then the - well, I think you get the picture. Let’s get started now, shall we?

I like how right off the bat you can see the difference in your writing style between this and the slumber party one. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not trying to say that story is poorly written or anything like that! I’m just saying that you can see a huge difference between the way your sentence structure is compared to what it becomes after you give yourself a chance to expound on it. That’s a good thing though. It means you’ve become an even better author. :D

The latest sketch was about ballerinas in tutus tooting on the train to Tawni Town trumpeting with turtles.

Hehe - that would’ve been a fun sketch to watch!

“Speaking of breakfast—mine was all plastic-y—” Brady spoke in remembrance.

“You ate the props for the sketch! Of COURSE it’ll be plastic!” Zora shrilled and bounced.

That sounds like something they’d both say. But Brady? You used to think his name was Brady? Lol, that’s ok. When I first started writing fan fiction and I was looking up how to spell his name, I was like “Wait, so they really are saying Grady? But…that doesn’t even sound like a name!” Now I’m growing used to it though.

A short review from me, I know, I know. But I have five more chapters of just this story alone! So this is all you’re getting for now. Hopefully that’s ok since I’ll be sending more soon. I want to know how this goes from everyone hanging out (with the free food they’re getting from the strikers) into a Channy story. Guess I’ll just have to keep reading!
aec97 chapter 6 . 11/8/2009
when will the next part come out? I can't wait 2 read it!
not saying chapter 1 . 10/21/2009
it's not brady it's grady
gaimieyells chapter 6 . 10/17/2009
i loved how you made sonny forget her friends it was hilarious! and the bird...freaky! you got CDC's arrogant, self centric side perfectly!

that was great! keep writing!

DelphineCormyay chapter 6 . 8/27/2009
Haha very cool ending P
DelphineCormyay chapter 5 . 8/27/2009
Aw no channy kiss P but still I loved it
kychelledebeast chapter 5 . 8/11/2009
Ah! :] I think I read this chapter about five times over. :] It's incredibly romantic, and I love how you don't let Chad get out of character, because he'd always revert to his jerkish ways. But that's what makes Chad Dylan Cooper Chad Dylan Cooper! :]

I love your stories. Keep writing! And I was reading the slumber party one, and I think it's amazing. Hahaha. The pranks are absolutely marvelous. :]
yetti chapter 6 . 7/26/2009
Why must you end it here? It suggests a growing relationship, but what about an ACTUAL relationship. GREAT story, and a REALLY good song. (I've already read this one, so I just reviewed for the sake of reviewing. hehe).
Chelseaa chapter 6 . 7/20/2009
Bwahahaha. That was funny :)
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