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Andrew1234567 chapter 1 . 2/28
Why did you stop writing and are you ever coming back. I am a huge fan! Please respond if you aren't dead yet.
PyramjdQueen chapter 49 . 12/28/2016
Omg, that was awesome! Keep up the great work! Hopefully you'll update soon, since it's been WAY over a year since the last chapter.
Anonymous chapter 49 . 10/17/2016
[REDACTED]Tries to Figure Out Total Drama Battlegrounds Mystery Villain

Eliminated from Contention
Sandra(Eliminated by time mystery villain starts lurking)
Duncan(Eliminated by time mystery villain starts lurking)
Jasmine(Eliminated by time mystery villain starts lurking)
Daisy(Eliminated by time mystery villain starts lurking)
Owen(Eliminated by time mystery villain starts lurking)
Geoff(Manipulated by mystery villain)
Colin(Not mystery villain but aligned with them)
Carol(Referred to by mystery villain)
Clive(Referred to by mystery villain)
Hannah(Victim of mystery villain)
Trent(Victim of mystery villain)
Heather(Talked to/manipulated by mystery villain)
Lindsay(Referred to by mystery villain)
Ezekiel(Referred to by mystery villain)
Gwen(Referred to by mystery villain)
Eva(Referred to as potential target by Heather when talking to mystery villain,Heather wouldn't suggest targeting the person she's talking to)
Noah(Referred to as potential target by Heather when talking to mystery villain,Heather wouldn't suggest targeting the person she's talking to)
Sakaki(Talked to mystery villain)
Howard(Eliminated while mystery villain is still lurking)
Joel(Eliminated while mystery villain is still lurking)
Katie(Eliminated while mystery villain is still lurking)
Beth(Eliminated while mystery villain is still lurking)
Justin(Eliminated while mystery villain is still lurking)
Carol(Eliminated while mystery villain is still lurking)
Cody(Eliminated while mystery villain is still lurking)

Alfred(Too cheerful and optimistic to be a villain and friends eliminated by villain)
Anita(Too positive,and wouldn't eliminate crush)
Bridgette(Just... with the edit she is getting)
Belinda(Hmm,maybe,but getting a positive edit,and doesn't really seem the type to be secretly evil)
Crystal(Unlikely,with her edit,and focus on matchmaking,when couples have been split up so far by mystery villain (Hannah,Trent,Cody)
Harold(Not with the limited screentime he's getting,and not bad intentions)
Izzy(Unlikely,crazy,no bad intentions,friends were eliminated)
Leshawna(No evil intentions in her,be only screentime is with Harold)
Rodney(LOL,NO...unless secretly evil)
Sadie(Too dim and positive,and best fiends elimination was organized by villains)
Sebastian(Too positive,and a philosopher,wouldn't do evil)
Tyler(Too positive,and wouldn't cause eliminations of friends)
Yoshi(Unlikely to cause eliminations and be evil,is negative,but would never work with Colin,but unlikely to be villain)
Mandy(Mandy is hovering between unlikely and maybe,because of her edit,choice of friends,and her genuine shock and anger at the eliminations done by the mystery villain,but her Cthulhuist nature,and dislike of other contestants makes her a possible maybe)
Xander(Is mysterious,with unexplained scars,and such,but had good intentions,and wouldn't intentionally eliminate people,or work with Colin.

Maybe to Unlikely
Arthur(Maybe,certainly is schemer-ish enough,but doesn't really have guts to coldly backstab someone like mystery villain is)
Courtney(Maybe plotting again,but had a major breakdown and apologized when she realized she was the villain in Comeback)

Maybe to Probably
Valerie(Has motives to protect Colin strategically,and cause eliminations of Trent,Hannah,negative and villainous enough to do so)
Zachary(Valerie's ally,is villainous enough to do so as he has already caused a few eliminations,has motives to be evil,and manipulate people)
JPomz chapter 49 . 10/1/2016
I noticed you've been inactive over the past year.
Is this story canceled? Because if it is, I'm totally adopting it. XD

Guest chapter 32 . 8/17/2016
Oh come on, did that producer have to vote off my winner pick? :(

What a dickweed.
Guest chapter 49 . 8/15/2016
Hi! So a couple of years ago I stumbled upon this story and decided to read it. Of course I loved it but at the time it was incomplete and I went on to read other things but just recently I came back and saw this was updated! It's been a long time so I might pick up the slack and start reading the parts I missed but I wanted to comment on a few things first. I noticed that a lot of the characters in your story that you've created are supporting roles(it's still good to have support roles though). There are two many characters in this story to really throw the spotlight on all of them but I think a couple of characters haven't really filled out yet. I've also noticed that you mainly focus on certain characters more then others. I think if you try to focus on characters not fully developed and relationships not really looked onto this story would be even greater then it already is! Another thing about character relationships is that I suggest what you should do is to make smaller story arches in the large one. What I mean by this is to not make one larger plot drag through the whole story. This fic is a real dedication and sometimes it's hard to have the patience for that. What I'm saying is create a plot point and finish it before the story ends and not ending it with the character being eliminated. Some examples of this are two people becoming friends that wouldn't really be suspected a good character becoming evil or and evil character becoming good. This will create interest in characters and will be easier to add it to the bigger picture. Sometimes if you focus to much on one character some people might not like that certain character and get bored with the story. Coming back to the previous point of character development it's easier too pull plot twists and new ideas when the characters have more depth to them. I understand it may be harder with how many characters there are but you did put their base personalities down at the start and it would be good to work off that! Speaking of that I wanted to point out that some things like being a 'bombshell' or 'clairvoyant' aren't really personality traits and I feel both those characters and a couple of others have fell flat. I don't mean to flame on them but they could use improvement on the personality side. I love this story and I really hope I don't sound offensive or anything. I mean no hate! You can take my advice or not. It's your story and not mine and I really don't mean to offend. Please do keep on writing and I will keep on reading! Wow this was long
lolGuest chapter 26 . 8/8/2016
*sound of a kobold (not Necromancer) screeching and suiciding)

Wow, Colin is such a dick! Please vote him off soon, PLEASE!

"Screw the rules, I'm the host!" Am I the only one who gets that reference? :/
Chicken Morris chapter 23 . 8/6/2016
*sees that production of TDB director's cut is canceled*

OmniPlanckInstant chapter 15 . 7/1/2016
Bye Daisy. I'll miss you a lot. Though Yoshi will miss her more. Shame she's gone. Colin is gonna get a lot of pain. Valerie wants to resort to emotional cruelty strategy? This is beyond way too much for my heart to take.
OmniPlanckInstant chapter 12 . 7/1/2016
Damn. Zachary is safe, which I'm starting to hate. Tyler, thank god he's safe. Jasmine, not gonna miss her. Valerie's plan failed. In your face, b****.
OmniPlanckInstant chapter 8 . 7/1/2016
Goodbye, Duncan. You'll be missed.
OmniPlanckInstant chapter 4 . 6/29/2016
TKN, it took everything in my power to cool down my boiling rage which begged me to be released. Alfred was so close to being eliminated. Goodbye Sandra. Not gonna miss you. EVER. Valerie is one I'm keeping a sharp eye on the most. Overall, this chapter left on edge and distressed. Need to cool off before I read the next chap. You mister TKN are truly evil.
aslan333 chapter 49 . 6/28/2016
I love this story. Please update this soon.
OmniPlanckInstant chapter 1 . 6/28/2016
Well, glad the original cast is back, the introduction of the new cast went as well as it can be called a well introduction. I pretty much hate Colin for picking on Rodney, loved Alfred for standing up for Rodney against Colin, and ecstatic that Sebastian knocked Colin out. And I liked Xander for stepping on Colin. Hannah is a fascinating character whose filled with lots of positivety. Belinda is interesting to talk about. Valerie reminds of Courtney. Mandy projects a downright intimidating presence. Arthur is, well fine I guess? Sakaki is cute, feel bad when she's shy and frantic. Yoshi is awesome. Howard needs to tone down his charm(if he has one). As I said earlier, Colin is a ****. Rodney is cute and gentle, I really wanna hug him. Anita is damn hot and sexy, and it seems she likes Cody, much to Eva's dismay. Xander is badass. Clive is a mystery. Sebastian is definitely cool. Jasmine is overconfident of herself. Crystal is a sweetheart, no doubt about it. Zachary is a morale basher, and racist(shudders right here). Joel is no doubt simply the best at what he simply does best. Sandra seems more of a brat. Alfred is a fantastic guy, I like him. Carol is, well, let's say her time in TDB might be worthwhile, especially when it's clear she'll clash with Duncan, both being opposites. Daisy is an OK girl, though I wish she can be more nice to Ezekiel. Overall, awesome beginning for an awesome sequel. You rock, TKN.
nerd chapter 49 . 5/21/2016
hurry up i want to find out what happened
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