Reviews for TDC2: Total Drama Battlegrounds
TotalDramaSage0rSannin chapter 15 . 7/1
Bye Daisy. I'll miss you a lot. Though Yoshi will miss her more. Shame she's gone. Colin is gonna get a lot of pain. Valerie wants to resort to emotional cruelty strategy? This is beyond way too much for my heart to take.
TotalDramaSage0rSannin chapter 12 . 7/1
Damn. Zachary is safe, which I'm starting to hate. Tyler, thank god he's safe. Jasmine, not gonna miss her. Valerie's plan failed. In your face, b****.
TotalDramaSage0rSannin chapter 8 . 7/1
Goodbye, Duncan. You'll be missed.
TotalDramaSage0rSannin chapter 4 . 6/29
TKN, it took everything in my power to cool down my boiling rage which begged me to be released. Alfred was so close to being eliminated. Goodbye Sandra. Not gonna miss you. EVER. Valerie is one I'm keeping a sharp eye on the most. Overall, this chapter left on edge and distressed. Need to cool off before I read the next chap. You mister TKN are truly evil.
aslan333 chapter 49 . 6/28
I love this story. Please update this soon.
TotalDramaSage0rSannin chapter 1 . 6/28
Well, glad the original cast is back, the introduction of the new cast went as well as it can be called a well introduction. I pretty much hate Colin for picking on Rodney, loved Alfred for standing up for Rodney against Colin, and ecstatic that Sebastian knocked Colin out. And I liked Xander for stepping on Colin. Hannah is a fascinating character whose filled with lots of positivety. Belinda is interesting to talk about. Valerie reminds of Courtney. Mandy projects a downright intimidating presence. Arthur is, well fine I guess? Sakaki is cute, feel bad when she's shy and frantic. Yoshi is awesome. Howard needs to tone down his charm(if he has one). As I said earlier, Colin is a ****. Rodney is cute and gentle, I really wanna hug him. Anita is damn hot and sexy, and it seems she likes Cody, much to Eva's dismay. Xander is badass. Clive is a mystery. Sebastian is definitely cool. Jasmine is overconfident of herself. Crystal is a sweetheart, no doubt about it. Zachary is a morale basher, and racist(shudders right here). Joel is no doubt simply the best at what he simply does best. Sandra seems more of a brat. Alfred is a fantastic guy, I like him. Carol is, well, let's say her time in TDB might be worthwhile, especially when it's clear she'll clash with Duncan, both being opposites. Daisy is an OK girl, though I wish she can be more nice to Ezekiel. Overall, awesome beginning for an awesome sequel. You rock, TKN.
nerd chapter 49 . 5/21
hurry up i want to find out what happened
jcogginsa chapter 49 . 5/10
Dang, this was a good chapter
Guest chapter 1 . 4/17
Just tell us your shelving this already
Totaldramaninja chapter 49 . 3/25
Woah! This is getting intense! Great work as ever; your writing continues to amaze.
TheWolf00 chapter 49 . 3/23
Yo I am finally caught up with the total drama comeback series and I regret not reading your stories before
Guest chapter 49 . 2/18
Wow! That has got to be the most dramatic chapter yet! I'm glad you started updating recently but you still haven't updated for 5 months. I know you have a life but I heard your novel is finished so please update soon I love your writing and your my favourite fan fiction writer I'm your biggest fan and I hope your novel was a success!
Yoko the demon fox chapter 49 . 12/11/2015
one of my favorite total drama fan fiction. so glad you picked it up again please continue, great story
Guest chapter 49 . 11/21/2015
Please update soon
Ribby99 chapter 9 . 11/8/2015
Groucho the duck for president 2016!
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