Reviews for Secrets and Lies
Prat chapter 1 . 6/2/2009
The key to any good story is - depth: the intricacy with which characters are described and developed; tautness: the ability of the story to create interest and sustain it over a long period and the premise of the story itself. The Tales of Talisman, contain a fair portion of all these traits, and that's what makes it a very interesting read.

The fan fiction is based on an MMO (that I've played); but the author excels in a robust description of the characters and the environment; making knowing the game to appreciate the story, fairly irrelevant.

The story is wholesome and includes elements of action, drama, fantasy and thrill. It is not without its shortcomings - oftentimes the author fails to get her verbal tenses right and there are a few episodes that simply seem to trudge along; but overall the story is filled with pace and excitement making it a truly good read.