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PrettyQueen chapter 13 . 10/14
I- Orochimaru is so depraved omggg.
I really commend your writing though. Beautifully written.
I also like that you give a background story right before you kill of a character loool.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Guest chapter 11 . 10/12
Sasuke wouldn't touch fugly Hinata with a ten feet pole. Kys.
PrettyQueen chapter 12 . 10/12
Omggg I’m so glad you’re back! Finally one of my favourite fanfic writers has updated! I used to check my list every day like a ritual lmaooooo. And of course you delivered. I love this chapter with my favourite scene being when Hinata and Naruto are drunk and affectionate towards each other. I also liked the silliness. (second fav scene is the one where she stares at his parents’ photo and realises she’s wearing Kushina’s necklace *sniff* *tears of joy* Naruto is soooo niceee)

When Naruto says “think positive” in response to Hinata being realistic (let’s face it she was) I can’t help but realise how fundamentally different their lives were growing up. And yes she’s a little pessimistic but can you blame her after years of hurt and pain? But this is where I feel Naruto comes in handy as well. He can help her find the joy in life again.
Also, can’t wait for her to meet his friends (I have an inklink though that that meeting wouldn’t go so smoothly)
Shikamaru being a gossip queen cracks me tf up idk why loool.

Hiashi is finally back in the picture! I’m actually SOO excited for this you have no idea. I feel like Hinata and her dad are going to meet through Hanabi? Or maybe not but bottom line is Hinata all of a sudden has a little sister (who basically grew up with the life she should’ve had) and I’m super stoked as to what her reaction will be. I’m also curious about Hanabi’s personality! Is she a spoiled brat or a teenager who wouldn’t be opposed to having an elder sibling? Will she see Hinata as a threat? Come to hate her father for what he’s done?

TOOOO excited!

Alright, I’m going to go read the next chapter now since it’s already out as well (yayyyyy) !

Ps: it’s like 2AM here you can check ’making my readers lose sleep over my story’ off your bucketlist!
itachiboutit chapter 13 . 10/11
A pleasant surprise! And well written too! Missed the updates! May you be blessed with boundless ideas in the future
Usagi Hina chapter 13 . 10/11
this last part gave me chills...

Great writing as always.
Guest chapter 13 . 10/11
Eww why am I surprised this spite garbage is written by a crackshipper
Usagi Hina chapter 12 . 10/10
I had to reread this to properly enjoy your last update.
GrimoireHeart chapter 8 . 10/10
It would be really cool if you wrote about Sasuke and Hinata’s time together in the past :) you make this story come to life!
Luvhina chapter 13 . 10/9
I pretty much spent my day’s off today reading this gem. I’m glad I found it! It was heartbreakingly sad and made me cry a few times, had some laughs and gave me a few thoughts to ponder about really helping without expecting anything in return like Naruto among other things! It’s really an amazing story! I hope you can update again soon! Really looking forward to it! Thank you for this wonderful story!
Lamjung chapter 13 . 10/9
He's so twisted. I'm so worried for Tenshi
Katarina-hime chapter 13 . 10/8
I SCREAMED when I saw this updated! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!
Tomo chapter 13 . 10/8
OMG OMG OMG! I was half-expecting to never get an update again BUT I’m so glad you came back! This story is twistedly depressing but I love it! The way you carved out the characters and how their backstories shaped them, I love it and not so secretly wish for Naruto and Hinata to make it out of this together! Hope you update again soon XD
imrul.pritom chapter 12 . 7/22
Your driving me insane with all this angst and drama. The story is really well written I hope you havent discontinued it and hope you will update.
DRTiguere chapter 12 . 5/24
So here there I am, scrounging for any decently written Naruto and Hinata fic and I come across this. As I'm reading your story a certain feeling of familiarity hits me. I read this story almost 3 or 4 years ago when I think there was only 8 or 9 chapters at that time and I didn't bother following because I either forgot to or the moment Sasuke and Hinata romped in that back seat had me turned off.

Very silly and a ridiculous reason, but knowing my past self I can see it happening. So, I apologize. I know that most likely means nothing but I figure I should let it be known, this story, as much as it riles me up in frustration and elation is so well written. The drama is on 100 and the humor that's sprinkled in here is cleverly pieced together. Yes, Hinata's Out of Character, but look at all the trials and tribulations she has gone through! Even then, there are moments you can notice those little idiosyncrasy she does that has me point at my screen like, "There she is!". I've always found Hinata refreshing because of her innocence and to have you dismantle her persona with all this darkness is crazy entertaining and painful. You have me conflicted.

Naruto, Naruto, Naruto. We all have that one friend that's gonna fall for the woman/man that he/she should really stay away from because of their seedy actions or whatever peculiarities that has people frown at them. Naruto is pretty much the Sun to Hinata... no pun intended, he's pretty much the trope, captain save a chick. I relate with that to an extent personally because my young and naïve self has met woman where I felt I could help them from whatever hardships they went through... but failed each time. I hope it's the opposite for our love struck couple, I really do, because the route I'm predicting you're going with this is gonna be long and arduous even after she cheated. Boy! Was I silently steaming when that happened too! You're making feel things!

But I digress and allowed this review to escape me. I just want to say thank you for the read and I'm honestly looking forward in being frustrated and to continue to yell at my screen. Thank you. Hope to see a new installment soon.
KingoKING chapter 12 . 5/20
I fell in love with this story. In the era of fetishizing sex "work" it is so refreshing to see a story where it is viewed from a more realistic perspective. Hope to see what's next and that Hinata will find her peace and happiness my heart breaks for her in this story. Thanks for the story!
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