Reviews for Kidnapped
Guest chapter 28 . 8/10
Honestly the story was good but the way you used flashbacks was irritating. Like to the max.
Jesstew chapter 30 . 7/12
Fuuuuuuuuck, I loved this story so very much I don't even have words to describe it. What about more outtakes please?
(and omg... that accident! I hope you are ok!)
Atwiggs chapter 20 . 5/31
James, the dogs get him as he tries to take them. Or Jane dies. God I hope not, well maybe Aro he is f*cked up right?

Now about your lemon. It was fine! But personally I like sweet loving at least for the first time, but I understand they had waited a long time. But sweet and sexy as they learn their bodies together would have been nice. But he is only seventeen and that is what she wanted.
Atwiggs chapter 14 . 5/30
Edward! God I hope so!
Atwiggs chapter 13 . 5/30
Awww, poor James. He has a certain charm ;)

Well atleast these two are getting much closer and stopped fighting. I like this new Edward, he is so sweet and protective of her. Bella is a trip! (showing my age with that statement).
Atwiggs chapter 12 . 5/30
Oh shit! What now?
Atwiggs chapter 10 . 5/29
I knew it was James. Always the bad boy in Twilight fanfic! Bella and Edward are finally going to stop fighting and work together.
Atwiggs chapter 9 . 5/28
That was so dirty, that bastard! God I'm glad this fic is
Complete! I have to read more now! Oh that bastard shot Bella!l
Atwiggs chapter 8 . 5/28
God both of their POV's we're great and I can't wait to read more. I'm sure that Aro is kidnapping them to force Carlisle and Charlie to help his dying child. I guess that's what's happening. This will bring Bella and Edward together, huh? Nothing like a little terror to bind people together!
Atwiggs chapter 2 . 5/22
I will get back to this. I am currently reading four different fics and it's getting a bit confusing! I like this one so far though...I'll be back!
Fleur50 chapter 30 . 5/5

Fleur50 chapter 30 . 5/5
Fleur50 chapter 29 . 5/5
J'espère que vous vous êtes bien remis de cet accident.
Fleur50 chapter 28 . 5/5
J'ai adoré cette histoire. Je ne pouvais arrêter de lire...

Lu avec Google Translate. French. Montréal, Québec.
Fleur50 chapter 27 . 5/5
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