Reviews for The Potter Family Grimoire
ProfessorPedant chapter 1 . 10/19
Fun story. An interesting question of whether Harry let the power go to his head in the end. Was he a true guardian or a careless vigilante. Sad fate for Hermione also, but dramatic.
dephunkt chapter 1 . 9/29
same as a previous reviewer, I was enjoying it until the bit with Hermione.
torlan2003 chapter 1 . 9/10
Wow that was an interesting tale. I like to see Harry not be a victim. Thank you for writing.
silverrain-shiningsun chapter 1 . 8/6
just I showed should be just say I showed
missgsmith51 chapter 1 . 7/18
"[Harry] had cast a Bad Luck Curse against Dumbledore nearly two weeks ago. It had obviously stuck, meaning Dumbledore did not have Harry's best interests in mind. The man had been nearly crushed by a loose stone in the Great Hall, had been knocked over by a suit of armor in the hallway, had been doused in some kind of pus in a letter addressed to Hermione Granger but mistakenly delivered to him. Now…he had been toasted by a dragon."

Bravo, Harry!
bigfan22 chapter 1 . 6/13's too bad JK never let canon Harry find something like the Potter Grimoire. It would have been nice to see a hero who actually had the skill and intellect to battle someone like Voldemort with something other than the Expelliarmus. Lol. Great job as always and thanks for writing.
Nova chapter 1 . 6/6
I loved this, to jerhat I think our author didn’t want to go that deep philosophically but rather just felt like calling authors privilege so things could go the way they wanted to in the story.
Personally in this fic I see magic having little true sentience, perhaps a fraction more than our own Mother Nature has here for us. It wouldn’t be enough to determine true cause but almost like when a bad master trains a dog and uses negative physical reinforcement to get it to learn.
In essence magic was aware enough to know one willingly killed their own unborn child and will not risk granting magic to another child in case it happens again.
Ackamarackus chapter 1 . 5/3
dang. this is good.
noddwyd chapter 1 . 4/20
JerHat, judging by the ending, the setting is biblical or something. Therefore, women are clearly the enemy and the first Sin and whatnot. They dont get rights or excuses. But yeah, even then, logically it makes zero sense. And especially not in terms of natural selection. It just looks like the world is backdropped by an asshole God who hates women.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/27
Absolutely love this story.
Rubie80 chapter 1 . 3/18
This is really good! I enjoyed it a lot
JerHat chapter 1 . 3/4
I've been enjoying your stories so it pains me a little to have to leave a negative comment. You happened to use one of my HP FF pet peeves. I've read a few stories who did this, or some variation of, but this is the first story that wasn't out to just write a piece of trash to trigger readers. You are a great author. I guess you just never thought about it.

"I sat with my best friend in January. I held her hand in the Infirmary while she cried. Pompfrey cast the spell to cause the miscarriage. No. After that, I don't consider any non-lethal action against Krum too harsh. She lost her virginity to him. She'll never be able to form a handfasting bond with anyone but him…and he's an idiotic playboy. She conceived a child before she was able to care for it…and magic has a way of punishing those who waste magical potential. Pomfrey told me that Hermione may never be able to conceive a magical child again."

Regardless of whether you consider magic sentient, semi-sentient, some type of energy to be manipulated or some kind of tool, there is no way that it would have a gender or gender bias. Magic would have to treat all races and genders equally. It may be accessed/used/manipulated in different ways but ultimately they would all have the same rules, followed by any restrictions based on their particular way of accessing/using/manipulating it.

There are so many arguments it's ridiculous. Another argument is that since a witch gets all those restrictions/punishments after having sex, what restrictions does the wizard get? According to your story, none. In fact, following your story, it would be to a wizard's benefit to rape as many virgin witches as possible as then he would be their only option for handfasting or children. On top of that, if magic itself doesn't consider it a crime, how can any government? The only possible potential punishment I could see is if a bonded witch is raped it might fall under Harry's comment of, "... and magic has a way of punishing those who waste magical potential." Or even then, perhaps only if the rape causes a pregnant witch to miscarry.

That particular part of Harry's brings me to my next argument. If magic is able to punish those who, 'waste magical potential' then isn't rape one of the ultimate destructions of magical potential? All that which allows you to define a magic user as a witch is her husband and children. By raping a virgin he has destroyed her chance of choosing her husband. If also impregnating her and then she has an abortion, he has destroyed her ability to have magical children. How does he suffer? Not at all. 'Too many to count.' If he had suffered he wouldn't be able to do it more than once.

For those restrictions to make sense magic would have to force the rapist, after his first rape, to seek to be a proper partner to the victim. He would unconsciously, through his magic, be forced to seek to fulfill her needs. Only then, if the victim chose not to seek a relationship with the rapist would magic have any right to place restrictions on or punish the witch.

If a witch who has an abortion loses the ability to have magical children then someone who kills a pregnant witch or magical child would have to lose his magic.

Blah got bored. Can't be bothered typing more.
Monster King chapter 1 . 2/6
Great story I really liked it a lot good job writing the story.
daxi chapter 1 . 1/10
Loved it!
UserABC123 chapter 1 . 12/18/2017
I definitely remember reading this. The plot and premise here is sound, and I would really like to see a novel-length fic with this premise.
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