Reviews for Big Trouble
LoT56 chapter 16 . 1/5/2012
Man I feel bad, I'm a huge fan of your trouble universe and I lost track of this fic after the first few chapters and didn't even know you finished it until you posted your newest one. Anyway, I have corrected that error and I have enjoyed the story immensely. I hope Eve and Tony are able to have a family at some point.
blarney chapter 16 . 1/1/2011
Any chance you will be continuing the story of Tony and Eve? I read these when you originally posted them and just reread them over the holidays. Love their relationship and hope you would consider writing about what they may be up to currently.
tk-ane chapter 16 . 8/31/2010
I love your Eve and Tony stories. Esapecially when Tony stands up to Gibbs- lets him know how important Eve is. I've really enjoyed reading them and found it hard to turn the computer off. Any chance of more?
iamkagomeiloveinuyasha chapter 16 . 1/6/2010
Eve is a DiNozzo now! that is so awesome!


the end was perfect

you kick all kinds of ass *applauds*
lot56 chapter 16 . 8/28/2009
"The only complaint I have is that she put Sacks out for two months with that beating she gave him"

lol, made my day! Anyway, great story(ies) I look forward to any other NCIS projects you have in the future.
diana teo chapter 16 . 8/28/2009
Cutting off Davis' balls,no surprise Tony standing by and watching then handing her some wet wipes made me burst into laughter! And they finally tied the knot...Aw! Thank you for that Mr. and Mrs. Smith type ,for the WHOLE Eve series! Any more? ;)
Sarah chapter 16 . 8/28/2009
I have really enjoyed these stories. Any more with Eve on the horizon?
crokettsgirl chapter 16 . 8/28/2009
Audrey, I loved Tony backed her up on Davis. And now they are married and she is no longer CIA but FBI and still playing loved Gibbs and Fornell's reaction and Tony complaining earlier. I love Gibbs thinking here we go again...oh man this was a fantastic story and I'm so glad that they got married. Man, I know you won't write another to this serise but it would be interesting to see how she is with the FBI, how Tony and her marriage goes and if she will finally settle down even more if she is pregnant again and this time having the baby...ok, shutting up now, job. Sue
sarahsrr chapter 16 . 8/28/2009
It was a good thing that a lot more people didin't die in the explosion. And I am so happy that Tony and Eve got rid of Davis. It sounds like there are no questions as to who it was that killed him. Now six months later if I have it right, Tony and Eve are married which is great. now Eve's working with Fornell. Then Tony and Eve are working together and she goes off script. Now they are in trouble again. Is there another sequal possibly. Just curious. Fantastic last chapter the way you tied things up.

lot56 chapter 15 . 8/24/2009
great chapter! hopefully no one important can kill Sacks though...if you want.
diana teo chapter 15 . 8/24/2009
Thanks for letting our hapless hero and heroine have that sweet moment in the beginning.*sniff*.Tony and Ziva in action rock! Smooth and neatly you couldn't resist letting loose some mayhem with the second bomb,could you?...;)
diana teo chapter 14 . 8/24/2009
I'm glad Abby managed to set Tony's head 'll need to be focused for when the fireworks is Sacks going to get whumped good by Eve? His Smarminess needs to be taken down a peg or two...
sarahsrr chapter 15 . 8/24/2009
Audrey this was great. I am so glad that Tony and Eve have reconciled things. There are two bombers at the convention. I am glad that Tony and Ziva and Sacks and Rivken were able to get two of the men. Then the man with the cell phone. Good thing Gibbs took out a couple of the men. But did anyone survive the blast. Hope nothing happened to Eve. Cant wait for your next chapter!

crokettsgirl chapter 15 . 8/24/2009
Audrey, Fantastic as always! I loved how Eve has finally opened up to Tony and herself with how much she loves him. And how she finally allowed her self to cry on him.

The whole action part was amazing it was like really being there. I'm glad that Tony and Ziva got the one guy and Michael and Eve the other. LOL. love how Sacks was proven wrong with what he thought about Eve. And Gibbs firing the shots probably saved a lot of lives though some died anyway. but at least the leader is gone and now Rifkin can bring in the others of the cell. Excellent chapter, can't wait to find out what happens next! Sue
sarahsrr chapter 14 . 8/19/2009
Excellent chapter. There's a lot of tension building up now between the different agencies. I loved Tony and Abby's conversation. Tony's question everything with Even now and Abby wants to help. And now Eve being assigned to work with Agent Sacks. Can't wait to see how that works out. And Tony and Gibbs going home to rest before everything happens. I just hope they can stop the terrorists before the bomb goes off. Great chapter and now I can't wait for more.

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