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Guest chapter 2 . 6/25/2014
Goddamn it why do y'all cut the good shit? It was good but u really don't need to cut it out it's a real pain in the ass to go all the way to another websites when we just wanna know what happened.. Just give a big warning at the top and ppl will know if they want to read. That simple.
But other than that it was pretty good
CrazyKitarina chapter 4 . 7/25/2013
This time i looked on livejournal for the scene but it's not there :(
CrazyKitarina chapter 2 . 7/25/2013
It says here all the cut scenes are on AFF but when i looked you up it said you had deleted everything but Home Trained For You.
A2463 chapter 9 . 3/13/2013
Love it! Please continue!
Gravind Divine chapter 9 . 4/28/2012
lactvoodle chapter 9 . 4/22/2012
Every time i reread this fanfic i fall in love with it all over again.
RebornPhoenix05 chapter 9 . 3/6/2012
I cried when I finished this story, it was so good! You are amazing! I want to give you cookies! Giant chocolate ship cookies! Your amazing! *cries because the story was so good* I love your story! Okaruo!
mjmusiclover chapter 9 . 6/9/2011
ahh, you did a very beautiful job on this fic, it's really well written & you seem to capture the emotions very well especially with both gohan & vegeta
CowboyHat chapter 9 . 4/3/2011
I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. After all, it's hard for me to find a good Vegeta/Gohan fic; there are few to begin with, and fewer still that hold the kind of quality I have seen here. I always appreciate a mature, wholesome writing style void of grammatical and punctuation errors and complete with strong vocabulary and sentence structure.

I have trouble with stories that drag on and on, so when I saw that "Duties to the Throne" was finished with only nine chapters, it seemed about right. However, there were times where I felt as though things in the plot were a tad bit rushed. Call me old-fashioned, but I find the most enticing part of the story to be the suspense, the anticipation—the events that make the reader wanting more. Because when whatever it is that you’re waiting for finally happens, it becomes more satisfying because of the build-up you worked through to get to it.

Obviously, with the themes being dealt with here, some of the rushing couldn’t be avoided—the mating, for example, which is usually the high point in most romance stories. There would be little point in pushing that off, since that it where the story truly begins. I can understand that. When Vegeta and Gohan mated in the second chapter, it became clear to me that the point of the story was not WHEN they would get together, since they already were, but when they would become completely HAPPY in the relationship. I was slightly dissatisfied with the speed at which their relationship pieced together, namely Vegeta, who admitted he was in love with Gohan in chapter three. If anything, he would be the harder person to sway, taking into account his arrogant and condescending personality. I wished you would have spent more time developing their relationship—I’m not saying into lovey-dovey, because that would be very out-of-character, but just…. more development, more detail.

That’s my only gripe, to be honest. I’m sorry it seems imposing, but that’s only because it takes more words for me to thoroughly explain a critique so as to differentiate it from a flame. Truly though, I admire your writing style and the old-fashioned setting this was in. Keep up the good work, and keep developing as an author. :)
Johnny-on-the-spot chapter 9 . 1/28/2011
I am just getting back into the DBZ fandom, and your story was the perfect start.
bechisblechis chapter 9 . 11/6/2010
gaawhd, you RUULE! :D seriously, that was one good novel :) you should've written that they got a girl and not a third son though, that would've made it even bester x) xoxo
Golden feathers Edward chapter 9 . 10/20/2010
love this fic! the yummy lemons. -perverted giggle-
Romance Robert chapter 3 . 9/30/2010
Good story
tetisheri chapter 9 . 9/20/2010
really cute a sap for Gohan and Vegeta stories for some odd reason. i just wonder what happened to Raditz though...other then that it was very well written and the drama was awesome.
TheFanficAvenger chapter 9 . 9/6/2010
**claps**this was a great story! I loved the ending! I loved the whole thing, and how you took the time to plan everything out! Great job!
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