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wylekalo chapter 24 . 2/14
I just watched this on youtube and still can't get over the fact that, in a way, Kirk saved Khan. Khan was about to die in his 'cryo-tube'(?) And Kirk smashed the glass and opens it manually, thus saving Khan and essentially his soon to be arch-nemesis. I just find that so ironic.
Very Small Prophet chapter 38 . 1/29
When you refer to "some random crewmen and a random yeoman," do you know for sure that the female crewmember actually holds the position of yeoman, or are you just assuming that any female in a uniform whose rank and role is not otherwise specified is automatically a yeoman? That's an extremely "Sixties" piece of sexism, but not quite true to Star Trek. The original Star Trek series was sufficiently sexist to make all the yeomen (secretaries/personal assistants) beautiful young women, but at the same time was sufficiently feminist NOT to make all the beautiful young women secretaries/personal assistants. Some of those pretty girls might have been engineers, scientists, or security. Well, probably not security in the Sixties, but pretty much anything else.
Very Small Prophet chapter 9 . 1/18
I've been trying to figure out your references to a strange, eight-limbed alien creature called an "octoliebe." Then it hit me: you're saying "Ach, du lieber!"

Gott in himmel! It's been decades since I took high school German, but but it does come in useful, doesn't it?
Wendi chapter 46 . 1/13
To BrittanyDiamond,
This project is by far the most fantastic thing I've ever had the pleasure of reading. It makes me laugh, makes me pause to look at things in a new way. And now, whenever I'm faced with a 'Oh Star Trek is just a dumb scifi show' or 'Shatner can't worth beans' I now have plenty of points to back me up now.
I really hope you keep this commentary alive, as it's not only a gem for trekkies, but a light foothold for newer trekkies who are just getting into the universe (and only have JJ Abrams movies to base things off of. I swear if I hear one more '...see? see?! Spock called Uhura by her first name and they kissed. They're in love! He's straight!' I'm gonna knock someone's teeth in -_-)
Live long and prosper!
IBegToDreamAndDiffer chapter 38 . 1/2
I've always wondered about a specific thing that happens in this ep, "The Apple"; I might be reading too much into it but, you know, Spirk...

Anywho' when Kirk mentions children and Akuta's all, 'WTF?' and Chekov's blonde girlfriend goes, 'Well, when a man and a woman love each other...' Akuta then says he has no idea what love is. So Blondie goes, 'Love is when two people...' Chekov touches her, Akuta goes, 'Oh, the touching/holding, yes, no need.'

So... Blondie started off, in regards to Akuta's "children?' question, by saying "when a man and a woman love each other". Akuta asks what love is and she changes her response to, "when two people" and then Chekov holds her. Obviously to get a kid you need a dude and a gal, but when asked about LOVE Blondie just says "people", not women. Could that be a little nod towards Kirk/Spock? We DID see her and Chekov share a knowing little look just a few minutes earlier.

Just a thought I've had a few times when I've re-watched the episode.
DuskyBen chapter 46 . 12/24/2014
Hey Brittany!

I just wanted to let you know that, with this wonderful commentary on K/S of yours, you have earned yourself another big fan. - I genuinely cherish every chapter and every single train of thought you have shared with us until now.

The fact that you possess the ability to rationally distinguish between analysis and commentary only makes me appreciate your work even more.

Best wishes,


PS: I also love your show on YT!
Maren chapter 46 . 12/20/2014
This is such an awesome project, Brittany Diamond. Really hope you'll keep going with it. I'm seeing Star Trek in such a different perspective.
mike-loves-me chapter 46 . 12/15/2014
fantastic commentary as always! i hope you'll be making some more soon :)
Jonathan chapter 37 . 12/13/2014
Oh man, I just love the bit at the end where Kirk is like "You won't let me fish for compliments so i'm gonna screw with your head". I guess he really wanted a compliment from Spock...

And concerning Uhura: I explain the fast reeducation with another mistake on Nomad's side. Maybe it thought that Uhura's memories and her knowledge were completely erased, but it only destroyed her ability to access it. Just like when, on a computer, you have an amount of data that you access with a pointer, meaning a value that shows where in the memory the data is located. If you delete the pointer, you can't access the data anymore, but it is still there until you overwrite the memory in this location. If something similar happened to Uhura, it may be possible for her to "relearn" much faster because she only has to create "pointers" that enable her to access information that is already "stored" in her brain. This way she saves the time she would need to store the information itself and the cross-references in between...
danicali40 chapter 46 . 12/7/2014
please please PLEASE keep writing! you are a phenomenal writer and you make star trek so much more awesome (and its already pretty darn awesome).
sportsyadda chapter 16 . 12/7/2014
i know this was a pretty slow 2 episodes to some people, being how almost half of it was pilot footage, but i actually enjoyed it. Seeing Pike with a female Number 1 and how she was pretty badass in her own right. And all the women wore pants, too!
And Kirk's smile at the very end of part 2, after the Talosian tells him to enjoy his reality is just, omfg, ridiculously adorable. The credits started popping up while the Talosian was still talking and I'm like 'AH GODDAMNIT, MOVE! I CANT SEE KIRK'S FACE!' XD
And friggin Shore Leave is next. I think my brain might implode. I even requested off work for that Saturday night just so I could watch it. And my boss asked why I requested off for that night and I was like "uh...I'm gonna do...I have...laundry, yeah laundry...*snicker* dirty laundry"
Club-Trek chapter 46 . 12/4/2014
Hello Miss BrittanyDiamond,
This is a message from all of us here at the TOS Fan Club of Lawrenceville, NJ! Just wanna let you know how much we appreciate all the love and effort you've put into this commentary. We've watched every episode you've written about and then read the corresponding chapter out loud. We sometimes can't even get through the chapter, we're just laughing that hard. You've re-awakened a love and appreciation of TOS that many of us never knew existed. And you've brought so many newcomers to the party, too (our club started with 9. We're now at 42 and still have a pile of applications to go through).
We know you haven't updated in awhile so we'd like to offer up our boundless gratitude. And for those days when work/school/family/other issues were bringing us down, thanks for the lift :) We are all cheering for you!
Keep it up and have a wonderful day!
tub-shotsx2 chapter 4 . 12/2/2014
god, i love this episode so much for some odd reason kirk wearing guyliner, friggin death-defying space heater blankets, and cute doggies in alien costumes.
oh, and the youtube video that i for some reason cant post, just youtube carol burnett star trek parody. as i said b4, its so hilarious. i just showed it to my roomie and she literally couldnt breathe she was laughing so hard. 'did you see what she was wearing?' XD
kikukikukiku chapter 46 . 12/2/2014
hi brittanydiamond, you've made a wonderful commentary! can't wait for obsession!
Nen-nette chapter 46 . 12/1/2014
I do not knowing if you are to be reading this commennt miss BrittanyDiamond but you are being my moast favorite writor on this web-site. Or even my moast favorite writor ever. I know this is being very big words but it is very much true. Your words are making me laugh and smile and are to be making me happy after I am having a bad day at school. I am laughing so much I am forgeting all the bad things. And you are being the most wonderful funny writor.
I am not knowing if you had been writing this before but I am remember if not correctly that you are saying you are feeling you are loosing this thing, the spark yes? But this is happened to me before and I am always feeling like I am not so good and my writing my phto-taking, or my drawings are not so good. But then I remembering I do this not just for myself but for my family and my friends and for friends yet to come yes?
So I am saying to you to please not loose yourself. Your are so wonderful, a most bright star. Please to keep shining and sharing your happyness!
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