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Reeta chapter 45 . 2h
Hello miss Britany Diamond,
I am just wanting to be telling you how your writing is so wonderful. It is so funny and making me laugh out loud even when i am supposod to be doing my homeworking or chores. I am begining to even talk like you when I am not even thinking i am. I am saying this Octoliebe thing and my mother is saying 'no Reeta it is octopus' and my father rolling his eyes says 'she is probably using this young people slang again'. So I will give my thanks again to you for making my day (and week and month) so much better and more funny. Your are amazing!
Joslin1 chapter 32 . 17h
A cool note about season 2 episode 3 "Friday's Child"

The actress who plays Eleen is Jewlie in the very first catwoman of the Adam West Batman show. Also the actress refered to in the movie title "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar"
Kimama chapter 29 . 4/18
Ok, so I've read everything you posted on season 1 so far and I think it's time that I put in my two cents here.
First of all let me state: I am not a K/S shipper, never was and will probably never be. So why do I read this in the first place you may ask. I'll tell you: Even though I see no sexual tension between them, I completely agree that closeness is incredibly cute. I was hoping you would point out all the scenes to me that I had missed and that's exactly what you did here. And as a bonus point: Your commentary is hilarious. Seriously, I've never laughed so much reading anything on . That's why it doesn't matter that I often don't agree completely with you and your interpretation. But we are all grown up and I think you will agree with me that interpretation is always something subjective.
Let me explain how I see their relationship: I believe there are two common misconceptions: 1. They are just good friends, 2. They are in love. I believe their bond is deep, too deep to just call it friendship and I too say that they love each other. But there are different ways to love someone. Parents love their children without sexual tension etc. and that's the kind of love I see between Kirk and Spock. In general I don't see any sexual tension between these two (although the backrub scene is actually pretty convincing; why the hell didn't I get that when I watched that episode the first 5 times?).
Anyway, the most important point I want to make here is the following: While you can't convince me that K/S is canon, you certainly made me think about the writer's and actor's intentions. This is where I can follow your thoughts and I might end up believing that there actually was a gay subtext to many scenes. And I have to say that I really like that idea. We all know that Roddenberry and Nimoy (probably also Shatner) were way ahead of their time and would sadly still be even partly ahead of our time. Roddenberry could convey many of his messages and ideas in TOS episodes but there was only so much he could do. I really enjoy the thought of him slipping in a gay subtext under the eyes of his bosses without them noticing. However I still think that there is too much interpretation involved (no doubt due to the decade it was filmed in) to actually consider it canon. I therefore make a difference between the hidden subtext and their actual canon relationship. I don't know if that makes any sense to you...

And now to an episode specific point; I don't know if you already know that but in case you don't: Concerning that scene where McCoy mentiones Kirk's affection for Spock there is a very interesting translation. In German there is no word to translate "affection", which in English is very ambiguous as you pointed out. So for the translation they had to take sides and they decided for the translation: "deine Liebe zu Spock", which means "your love for Spock". I thought you might find that interesting.

Last but not least: I know that you haven't updated this in a while and usually I don't bother following those fics because it's been too long, but in this case I will make an exception. On Tumblr I've read you post on this subject and I just want you to know, that I know the vicious circle you explain there. I sadly tend to act in a similar way and I know how hard it can be to break that circle. But I've succeeded in breaking it several time (though certainly not always) and I will continue to hope that you do, too. I've had so much fun so far and maybe I'll be lucky to find a new chapter here when I'm done reading everything posted so far because it will take me a while. I've started the habbit of watching an episode in French first, then I read your commentary and rewatch the important scenes in English; the perfect language learning programm for a German girl ;). My Master's thesis however takes up most of my time...

To make a (very) long review short: I love what I've read so far and will continue to enjoy it. I can only encourage you to come back to this because I'm sure that you won't disappoint anyone. On the contrary: I believe you will make many, many readers happy (including me) ;)

PS: Octoliebe is hilarious! It took me a while to figure out what you mean though ;)
Lauren chapter 44 . 4/17
I really liked the parallels between how Amanda was gentle and understanding of Sarek and how Kirk is gentle and understanding of Spock in this episode. :) In a way, Kirk even trumped Amanda in this episode, because even though she was saying "the Vulcans practice the better way" in the beginning, she was beside herself by the end, saying, "shove your logic!" but up until the very end, Kirk accepted Spock's logic for what it was and worked with it with perfect understanding. :D The whole ploy to get Spock off the bridge by pretending he was alright, to free up Spock for the surgery...

Oh, and it was also interesting how he was all, "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one" this episode, to the point that he would have let his father die! But when it's Kirk in danger he's, well... I wouldn't say he just throws the many under the bus but he's much more creative in his problem-solving skills...! Although illness is definitely a special kind of danger for someone to be in... Not much more Spock could have done, at all.

All of the charmed and amused smiling of Kirk towards Spock and Sarek for being Vulcans this episode was precious. 3 And yeah, Kirk and Amanda having their mother-in-law-to-son's-S.O. talk was so many degrees of awesome. :D

Also, those space pigs were fuckin' horrifying imho, and I thought it was hilarious how Amanda and Sarek just strolled around with their fingers touching. I couldn't help but imagine that the human equivalent was stumbling around a room, lip-locked with someone else. XD

Oh... There's only a couple eps left you've written chapters for, then I'm going to be watching it alone Sad days... Well! I hope you're well. :) Thanks for your hilarious reviews!
blablabla chapter 25 . 4/15
Thank you for this wonderful (and hilarious) review! You had me giggle the whole way through
btw, did you notice how, at the very end of this episode, when Kirk says to Spock "we haven't heard much from you about Omicron seti III [...]", the tune used previously during the romantic moments between Leila and Spock is being played?
MakeMyDayzuzu chapter 25 . 4/10
Hi, I don't know if anyone'll read this but I thought it just had to be noted:
I got to see this episode today, playing on the TV at the record shop that we frequently visit (of all things). It was supposed to be just a quick visit, me and my mum, but after I saw this episode was playing, I just had to stay and watch. My mum joined me right when Spock is hanging from the tree and calls Kirk by his first name Jim. And my mum noticed this: "One moment he is calling him Captain or Sir and then the next he is calling him Jim and smiling." And I just sorta smiled knowingly and told her "Well they are very good friends". And she's quiet for a few minutes, watching more, before she says "Yes, good friends. And they make a very cute couple, too." I think my jaw hit the floor right before my mind just reeled right out of my head and into orbit. And then before I can ask her what she meant, she just goes up to the counter to buy her records and doesnt mention it again the rest of the day!
Oh my lord, I don't know if it is real but I think my mum might be a secret fangirl *_*
MuggleCreator chapter 43 . 4/2
I love this episode. For all the things! Spock's admission; McCoy being himself; etc.
Then there's the twist at the end. Looking at it with my religious background it's so obvious and brilliant. Don't care if it was pandering to the demographic or what, I still love it. Like Kirk said, wouldn't it be interesting to see what happens next...
MuggleCreator chapter 42 . 4/2
I love this project. It's hard where I am to watch actual episodes, so this helps.
There is one point, a line that could be slash or friendship on the page. I need to see its delivery. It is:
Spock: "I am well aware of human characteristics. I am frequently inundated by them, but I've trained myself to put up with practically anything."
Ambiguous much?

I've read your tumbr. I hope you do eventually get back to analysing, though I understand how real life gets in the way; I've got a fic on here that's been untouched since last July, I think? Anyway. I also kinda get what you said on your tumblr, if I remember correctly, about changing perspective. On one hand, I seriously does seem canon slashy. But on the other...ack. I choose to believe in the former, but.
I recently finished reading "Star Trek Memories" by Shatner and "I Am Spock" by Nimoy (*sniff*).
I just wish society wasn't so close-minded.
poodle chapter 19 . 4/2
so wrath of khan is on TV right now and I'm watching it for the 11th time now *woo hoo!*
And for the 1st time, i cannot completely concentrate on it now because I'm too busy wondering about the theory you brought up in this chapter. *implodes with curiosity* ye gads, i must know!
please please pretty please?
Joslin1 chapter 26 . 4/1
This is my favorite Star Trek episode!

I would just like to add my two cents on one of your interpretations of a scene: When Kirk tries to send Spock off to help Scotty, he is trying to be sensitive to Spock's feelings. Spock doesn't want to kill/hurt the Horta, so Kirk tries to send him away so he doesn't have to witness the alien dying. Kirk isn't trying to protect Spock physically, he's trying to protect him emotionally.

Also, you may have the commentary to this episode too, but in case you don't...Shatner's father die durring the making of this episode. That is why he is his normal self at the beginning, then has some stunt double posing for takes shot from behind (while Shatner is at the funeral), and then why Kirk seems (only way to discribe it) later on in the episode. A little bit of real life bleeding into the fictional one.
bunny-chips chapter 10 . 3/19
This episode was really great. Minimal kirk and spock interaction but the little bits we do get are so very nice, especially the ending.
This is a really wonderful project you have created here. Its making me rewatch TOS all over again in a new light. It is truly great how you have dedicated to watching and bringing up all these wonderful insights.
I hope you will continue this. I know your life is probably really busy but this has been making such an impact on me and many others (from the comments I've read). You are an inspiration!
marigold chapter 27 . 3/14
XD I just properly baptized my computer screen with soda after your little 'aw, whats wrong, hon?' comment.
All I can picture is little housewife Spock in an apron puttering away at home and then good ol' chipper Kirk comes home from work all 'Honey I'm home!' "Did you have a good day at work, dear?" So cute, eeee!
I think my mind is taking reeling lessons from yours. Its gotten up on the roof now and is attempting to re-enact the scene from Titanic atop our cable antennae.
gotspooked179 chapter 34 . 3/1
So I've been sick the past 2 days and sorta been cut off from the world for that time being. And then today I go online, only to read the worst news ever.
has passed away T_T And I feel like part of my childhood just broke apart and Ill never be able to fix it.
I know this is probably a weird place to post this but I didnt know where else to put this or who else to talk to. :(
Star Trek was such a huge part of my growing up. It got me through some really dark times in middle and high school. I cannot thank enough for creating Star Trek. And to for creating one of my all time favorite characters.
Thank you and may you rest in peace, .
purpleheart3000 chapter 45 . 2/28
AAAAH! I just watched Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home for the first time. Having read all your chapters(not sure what to call these, actually :) ), I was able to spot (and loudly squeal for) each time some Spirk showed up. I know you've said it a bunch before, but I really do hope you finish your analysis of all the episodes and movies. You're such a good writer, funny and able to find pieces of evidence I'd never see. Hope you're able to update soon, Captain!
angela-dame chapter 46 . 2/28
R.I.P Leonard Nimoy. You will be greatly missed.
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