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Linthane chapter 47 . 8/18
Hello Brittany!
I'm going to be woefully unoriginal here, and say that I love this project. So. Much. Now half my neighbours think I'm mad because of the way I end up cackling and giggling every time I read a chapter.
Anyway. Thank you, this is simply, truly awesome.
I wonder whether you're going to keep updating? I know it's been a while and that life has the unfortunate tendency of getting in the way, but I really hope you do. In any case, I'm glad you've shared this with us.
See you soon I hope.
tommiegirl1912 chapter 47 . 8/13
I love this commentary so much I made an account just so I could leave this review. I'm hoping you still plan to keep going, I also understand life gets in the way so if it is at an end these have been the best 47 chapters it has been my pleasure to read.
Acependous chapter 25 . 8/9
I know I'm waaay late to the part commenting on this, but I happened to come across this project and wanted to specifically share my thoughts on this episode in particular.
Now, we don't know how much time passes between each episode, your guess is as good as mine. Let's assume that it's several months from this one to the little ol' number called 'Amok Time'. The fact that Spock and his kinda-sorta love interest had something going on six years ago is mentioned more than once during this episode. Spock goes through pon farr in Amok Time. Let's speculate that his pon farr wasn't his first (he was in his mid-thirties after all) even though something along those lines is implied. Wouldn't be the first time Spock lied about something. So, making some fairly reasonable assumptions would put something like seven years between his previous encounter with the chick and Amok Time. HE WAS IN PON FARR WHEN HE PRESUMABLY BANGED HER THE PREVIOUS TIME. He was never that into her, he just needed to, you know, blow his load to save his life.

That's all. I shall retreat back to the dark corner I emerged from and continue rocking back and forth while foaming at the mouth like the Spirk fangirl I am.
Guest chapter 28 . 7/6
Okay few things,
1. They changed their clothes RIGHT IN FRONT of each other, cos that's what the scene is implying.

2. I'd hate to correct you on this, but they actually have TWO beds instead of one. Don't panic tho, cos later on the two of them obviously decided to put the computer on one of the bed, which means... There's only one bed left.. so ..yeah..

3. When they're in the missionary (or whatever it was called) thing, Jim just got his soup, while Spock got both his soup AND TWO SPOONS, it's nothing per see, but it's sweet.

And that's it...

But yeah I do think "honey I'm home" when I watched it, they look way too cosy with each other to be just friends.. (trust me I try to not over think things when I watch tos..though I've heard it's the "foundation of slash" and I am a slasher yet I tend to not letting that get in the way of watching anything..) but I could only last like what... Ten episodes? Then I can't even think of them as friends.. I'm so impressed at people who think that way I can't even get angry with them.. lol
Qoheleth chapter 1 . 6/7
Dear Brittany:

Shouldn't this be on a blog or something rather than here? It's not really a story in its own right, is it?

CriticallyNelle chapter 11 . 6/7
I know who you're tapking about. That bitch Briony. She ruined everything because of her crush. She got a man sent to jail and ruined her relationship with her sister. I hqate her so much.
Guest chapter 12 . 5/25
Well, I must point out that Riley isn't actually random. He's featured prominently in The Naked Time. I like to think that in the first season they were sort of trying to decide whether he shold be a continuing member of the cast. Just sayin'. ) Rock on!
Guest chapter 38 . 5/23
Yeah, I still cheer every time I watch Blondie Blonde whup 'em good. Silly boys...martial arts is for girls! (As are trucks, German Shepherds, leather jackets and the color blue.)
Guest chapter 15 . 5/23
I must say this for you, Brittany, you never fail to make me laugh. That's why I can't stop myself from reading these even though I am not a gay supporter and I don't doesn't even matter any're hilarious. ) #TOSrules
Guest chapter 13 . 5/23
I have something to add. If you watch near the end of the episode where they're running back to the Galileo you can see that Spock is limping. Maybe he was hurt more than they had time to include . And as they dash into the shuttlecraft, he's holding his leg. Is Uhura's statement "Alive and WELL" incorrect? We may never know. Darn 1-hour limit! I wanted to see them on the Enterprise again.
NoAlias chapter 47 . 5/5
It is not an exaggeration to say that this fic has completely changed how I watch Star Trek. I really hope you continue this at some point, I would love to read more of your insightful and hilarious analysis.
Sophia Riddle chapter 26 . 4/17
One thing I notice in this episode was that... when the miners goes all crazy and run into the caves, Spock immediately draw his phaser and point it towards them, while Jim rush to stand between Spock and the miners, but Spock didn't lower the gun until Jim somehow convinced the miners... I'm nor sure who's Spock trying to protect here but it's worth mentioning...

Oh and when Spock goes to meet Jim at the caves? He RUN there, Spock. RUN. TO. JIM. GUN. BLAZING. Protective much Spock?

And one more thing, for some reason Jim is able to call Spock back when he's in a mindmeld.. which is kind of interesting to me... and Jim keep doing that ... is it something that only these two could do or not I don't know.. but my mind reels on this.. hm...
Sophia Riddle chapter 25 . 4/16
I would like to point out that when Spock was attack by spores, he fall to his knees AND had his hand on the his left side, you know, where his heart was...

And I just don't really get why would he do that.. I mean the other humans got attack didn't grip their chest in pain, Jim had quite a reaction but he didn't do that either..
And yet Spock, whether is because he's Vulcan or because he's already in love with someone else and the spores kind of make him hurt in heart for that is unclear.. but still.. he clung to his heart when he struggle..

Oh and one more thing, Lelia is blond, that Zaberth something from season three is blond.. could it be someway of the writers trying to tell us that Spock has a thing for blond? Lol (Romlans commander not include cause he's acting.. ) or was it that blonds had a thing for Spock? yeah I know far fetch and all that but.. I just want to point it out..
Sophia Riddle chapter 19 . 3/28
Hi, it's me again..

Just watch this episode and would like to point out that when Kirk gave the order of warp seven, everybody look at him, and HE'S LOOKING AT SPOCK, and ask Spock's opinion (cos he could see Spock DO have a opinion but didn't voice it.) So Spock dutifully reply that it would course damage, AND Kirk SMILE A BIT and reply in a tone that said that was what Kirk thought that Spock would say.

Like WHAT?

Oh, and on a side note, the beginning of the episode where Mccoy and Spock had their banter thing? Kirk smile in such a cute adorable sweet silly way that's it's impossible. Lol
Sheri chapter 32 . 3/27
Love your review (all your reviews, actually), which I never knew about until recently and am catching up with (how'd I miss their existence all these years?). Apropos of absolutely nothing, I thought you might be interested to know a very odd fact related to all the bows/arrows in this episode: William Shatner was for a time a competitive archer and bowhunter. The Shakespeare bow company sponsored exhibitions and competitions involving celebrities and professional athletes, and Shatner was one of them. On an excursion to Alaska filmed by ABC's "The American Sportsman", he killed a 9-foot Kodiak bear with an arrow using a simple Shakespeare Recurve bow! Seriously. A Kodiak bear. With fucking arrow. For many years, Shatner had the bear rug in his cabin in northern California, and may still have it. This story puts an interesting spin on this episode for me. In fact, I find it more interesting than this episode, which I never particularly liked.
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