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Tiberius chapter 12 . 4/19
I always interpreted that last scene differently, because I interpreted Kirk's experience on Tantalus IV differently and in a much more mentally scarring way. Kirk was, what, 13, 14 when Kodos butchered half of the population? That has got to affect you, seriously. And Kirk is pretty good at suppressing traumatic experiences and getting on with business, until confronted with them again, a la "Obsession" and the honey cloud.

Anyway, my impression always was that the Tantalus incident was pretty traumatic for mini Kirk, so when all this is brought back up again, it's difficult and painful. I really like your interpretation that Kirk didn't want Spock and McCoy to know because he wanted to protect them, and I think there is probably an element of that, but I also always let that because it was so painful he didn't want to let anyone else in. Just like how he didn't want to talk a lot about his involvement in the Farragut cloud shit that happened, and his snappiness and refusal to let Spock or McCoy console him... Anyway I saw his snappiness in this episode as a similar kind of vein, that of old and deep rooted psychological trauma. Poor Kirk.

Anyway with THIS IN MIND I always interpreted the last scene like this.

McCoy gets it really wrong, and totally misinterprets Kirk's melancholia as lovesickness. When actually he is still reeling from not only having traumatic events from his childhood raked back up, dramatically (including watching an old friend die because of it!), but also from playing a hand in finally bringing "justice" to the criminal. Justice that doesn't bring back any of the dead or repair any of the trauma. Kirk is dealing with a whole messy wellspring of emotions, and well meaning McCoy misreads it entirely. Kirk's reaction, to me, speaks of affection for McCoy in his trying to be nice, but he cant even bring himself to reply because he's still processing his emotions and events.

I always found that closing scene so tragic for that reason. Kirk the wounded hero. ITS SO SAD!

I don't know where this comment will even ping too as I've never commented on anything before. But I hope you see it so I can tell you that I love this analysis series and I hope you come back and finish it!
Guest chapter 47 . 3/25
*whispers* I miss you... we love you... please come back...
ranoshi chapter 1 . 3/22
I am enjoying your commentary xD
Undhine chapter 28 . 3/21
I really enjoy your commentary on TOS, definitely stirs up contemplative thoughts... I hope you plan to continue.

Btw, I was watching City on the Edge of Forever when I realized something... does the homeless guy destroy himself with McCoy's phaser?
Random Ruth chapter 47 . 1/27
Oh noes! I do hope you come back to this someday - so much awesome to discuss! :)
Kaelan chapter 47 . 1/10
the commentary! continue!
stormyskies73 chapter 36 . 1/2
Piglet noooo! (Although given Piglet is famous for being scared of everything, the fact that his voice actor played the host of a thing that feeds on fear is gloriously ironic.)
Also, I just watched this episode last night, and Kirk describes the cafe ladies as 'beautiful' before giving up.
As Old as Trek chapter 30 . 12/14/2016
I need to watch this episode again. I have not seen it in years. Did Spock really yell to Kirk to not let Sylvia touch his wand? Okay "the wand". Either way, the mind reels.
As Old as Trek chapter 19 . 12/14/2016
Your obsession with Kirk's indestructible shirt is adorable, too!
As Old as Trek chapter 18 . 12/13/2016
When I was a little girl, I thought the Squte of Gothos was played by the very gay, very flamboyant Liberace. There were enough similarities in their style and mannerisms that could confuse a little child.

Kirk's interest in Not-Rand was as fake as all the boobs in Hollywood. The only time Shatner's acting is actually bad is when Kirk is trying to act. But it's also adorable.
As Old as Trek chapter 17 . 12/13/2016
I am late to the game here by a few years, I see, but I
will add my two cents for other latecomers.

First off, I grew up with this show. I was born around the time the first episode aired and it was in syndicated reruns when I was little. I grew up in a proper Baptist household and watched the show with my dad, a manly military man.

He loved Star Trek, but used to watch these episodes where Spock and Kirk get hands on with each other and shake his head and say "We guys never grabbed at each other like these guys do, not even in 'Nam when we were scared shitless."

I was about six or seven and asked my dad if Spock and Kirk were kind of girly for doing that and he said they were not girly in the least, but they sure do like each other a lot. And he left it at that.

We did occasionally remark that there was a lot of scenes of men getting more hands on with each other than was commonly seen in real life. I was in particular really giggly when Kirk was holding his evil unconscious duplicate like a long lost lover in that episode about the transporter accident splitting beings into good and evil sides. I thought that was unnecessarily mushy of Kirk and weird. I remember thinking I would probably hold my own duplicate at arm's length because...ewwww, weird evil twin, yuck.

So even back then, just a little past the 60's, people did figure it out. Though being a proper Baptist little girl I was slow to catch on.

When I was about 8 or 9, a song or rhyme started circulating around school about "I want to be the Captain of the Enterprise" and it had something about homosexuality in it and Kirk lusting after Spock. I remember my little Baptist self being all shocked and
saying Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock aren't gay and the other kids were looking at me like I was so naive and saying of course they are. This would have been around 1975.

We knew about gay people in general by then and "Three's Company" was about to make the subject of homosexuality commonplace in every living room and among kids.

So while all of this made it past the censors in the show's three year run, they would not have been able to let it go on much past that, because all the little kids who were not proper little Baptists just knew.

Fast forward forty years and color me and everyone else I know completely shocked and wtf-ing when that nincompoop JJ Abrams insisted Spock and Uhura was canon. Fine, go ahead and play it that way JJ, but then don't make them so damned awkward and annoying with each other. I can't get into the reboots at all because this pairing is so freaking out of place it makes my teeth grind. And I adore Uhura in any universe. But she and Spock do not fit. And their pairing has thrown off the entire dynamic between Kirk, Spock and McCoy. They tried repairing this a little in the last movie but it didn't work for me.

So go ahead, reboot, ignore three years of tv and several movies where they pretty much scream it out that Spock and Kirk are soulmates. Kirk as much says so as he suffers in the aftermath of Spock's death in "The Search for Spock."

And what else would Spock be implying in a later movie when Kirk goes up to embrace him with that lost puppy dog look and Spock says "Captain, not in front of the Klingons." Everyone in the theater whooped and hollored and made wolf whistles when that line was uttered.

It's canon, folks. I'm still a proper Baptist and so is my dad and we still love Trek and still love Spock and Kirk and we totally ship them. Cutest. Couple. Ever. Well except for maybe Ricky and Lucy. And K/S actually lasted longer.

PS- I don't see any indication Kirk and Finnegan ever had a thing. Kirk loves to fight now and again and to me he was just evening up a score with an old pain in the neck. We all knew kids like that whom we would love to unleash a can of whoopass on.

As for Ruth, who knows, who cares. Kirk's reaction to her was too insipid to take seriously and she is not the one who ends up taking his hand years later babbling about simple feelings. She's not the one for whose sake Kirk destroys his beloved Enterprise. Kirk actually groped Spock in this episode but only babbled Ruth's name and acted like a hockeypuck. Maybe she was his chemistry tutor and helped him pass his exams at the Academy. That's the only chemistry I could see between them.
Sylthka chapter 6 . 12/3/2016
When Kirk says 'no braid on my shoulder' braid would likely refer to the gold braiding on the shoulders of his dress uniform indicating his captaincy.
its-not-a-radio chapter 27 . 10/24/2016
OK I just want to comment to say how much I *completely love* the whole OCTOLIEBE - Ach Du Lieber - OCTOLIEBE & PROUD OF IT side plot that runs through this commentary. I studied some German in high school but didn't make the connection-which only made the plot twist that much more fun HEH. "If I'm gonna murder another language I might as well make it sound like a German had sex with an octapus" -one of my favorite lines in all the commentary. No offense to the moose I love them too but I'm a sucker for sea creature body horror : 0 :)

P.S. About the ending, I definitely enjoy the fact that Spock specifically says "You and I have no reason to be embarrassed." Notice he could have just said "You have no reason" or "You humans," because it's Kirk who said he was embarrassed. About the war thing that is. Because this statement could simultaneously be about something else. Especially in the context of an episode where they were being super romantic w each other, and the Klingon brutal bureaucrat noticed, and knew who to threaten, and made insinuating remarks. Including when he said to Kirk, no joke, "Do you have a tongue? You will be taught how to use it." Uhhhhhh. Ummmm. Anyway. And that happened shortly after the "You are concerned?" Thing, as I recall.
its-not-a-radio chapter 4 . 10/24/2016
This is one of my favorite TOS episodes ever not only for the slash but also for the themes of *doppelgangers *impersonation *femme & femmephobia *self love. You did a thorough job documenting the slash, so thank you!

A couple further thoughts about the transporter scene where Kirk says “if this doesn’t work…”
I love the lead-in to that moment, where S&K are both carrying the semi-conscious Kdouble onto the transporter. Spock says, “you’ll have to hold onto him Captain,” and kind of places him in K’s arms. There’s no real functional reason for him to say that—the fact that Khas to hold Kdouble up is already clear from the situation. To me it’s a way for Sto express wanting to be held even though he’s so far from being able to say that directly. ‘I want you to hold onto him for me’ is how it reads to me. There’s a urgency in the tone too. And the scene takes its time and lets us see Kcompletely wrap his arms around Kdouble and make these gestures of tenderness with his thumb. On one level it’s a profound change because he’s literally embracing the half of him that repelled him earlier in the episode. And on another level he does the most intense total embrace of the entire show while he is looking over the body’s shoulder at Spock in the eye. In visual language I think it reads pretty clearly as, ‘I’m holding him the way I want to hold you, or the way I want you to hold me.’ I think that’s another thing Spock understands when he says “understood.” They have a verbal exchange where they acknowledge what’s happening without quite needing to say it, and they also have a body language exchange mediated through the double’s body.

AND, some cool additional info! It makes me verry happy that this is the first episode where Spock faints someone with a Vulcan nerve pinch-and that that someone is Kirk! The first time I watched TOS all the way through from a slash perspective I was really taken with the gesture and definitely remember thinking "woww I could just watch Spock do that to ppl all day." And in fact, my first time watching that episode, the scene where KS are stealthing around for Evil!K in *the lower levels* leading up to SfaintsEvilK stood out to me as being slashier and hotter than KflirtingS with his shirt off. I mean notice how right when StouchesEvil!K he *spontaneously fires the gun at the wall and collapses.* I mean just look at it visually, it is metaphorically very suggestive.

Thus I was delirious to learn that Nimoy came up with the gesture, and he was inspired to come up with it in exactly this rather intimate scene with the 2 Kirks-Nimoy says it in "William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy Together On Stage," on youtube it's part 4 of 6 starting around 6 min. So that he wouldn't have to hit Evil!Kirk over the head with the phazer the way it said in the script. I mean he also said that in general it was a strategy to avoid being in fistfights. Both facts are lovely. I like the way Nimoy talks about it too so I'll quote the section:

I said to the director, "I think we should do something different than that." He said, "What do you mean, what do you have in mind?" I said, "Well, Spock is a graduate of the Vulcan Institute of Technology, where he took a number courses in human anatomy. And the Vulcans have a kind of energy that comes off their finger tips, which if properly applied to the appropriate pressure points on the human anatomy, will render a human unconscious"-and the guy didn't know what I was talking about. But I told HIM [gestures to William Shatner] and he knew *exactly* what I was talking about. And when I came up behind him and I put my hand on his neck-HE's the one that sold it, he went *like that* [makes face] and dropped like a rock!

As with other Vulcan gestures in this series, I love how a gesture creates a world-a gentler, less violent, slightly more homoerotic world. I also think the fact that we have this context for the power that Vulcans can channel through their hands & fingers-literal instant unconsciousness-makes certain hand touching scenes that happen in later episodes & movies even more charged. Just saying.
stormyskies73 chapter 35 . 10/20/2016
I actually have a point to raise about the meanings of what episodes precede/follow which other episodes.
There actually appears to be two different episode orders. There's the one you use and that the AO3 tags appear to use (these place Amok Time as Season 2 Episode 5) and witH this order I can see your point about meaning. However, there is also the order ascribed by CBS Action (here in the UK anyway), the TVTropes Recap page, and the 'Full Journey' DVD collection (this order places Amok Time as Season 2 Episode 1)
I am not saying this completely invalidates that particular aspect of this brilliant analysis, just wondering whether or not you were aware of the second order.
I'm not even sure why I wrote this comment tbh.
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