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Mana's Madness chapter 13 . 10/30/2013
Only one word can sum up this story perfectly.


It was so creative, and made me want to cry at almost every chapter. Loved it!
SilentGreenThief chapter 13 . 3/22/2013
... Ohmigod I freaking love you.

That was the most beautiful, poetic piece of fanfiction I have ever read. Hell, that was the most beautiful, poetic piece of writing I have ever read! That was so beautiful and wonderful and... Gods... The writing is dazzling enough to make me dizzy. I can't even begin to describe how much that moved me. That was so, so beautiful and I cannot help but adore it.

I mean, the beauty of the pairing goes without saying - it's why I'm here!

But for the first time I am not blown away by the characters or the plot, not left speechless by the pairing and the adorableness of it all. They are certainly astounding, but they pale in comparison to your bloody writing. It leaves me breathless.

It's just so beautiful. Beautiful. I can't stop saying that damn word. But it's true. If I had to marry someone for their writing, hell, you would win before the contest began.

The metaphor you used for Yami and Yugi, where you described them as a fish and a scarab beetle? Gorgeous. The story Yugi wrote was heartbreaking, and oh-so-accurate. Not to mention beautiful. The final touch was revealing that Yugi was a scarab beetle all along. It nearly brought me to tears.

I'm half-tempted to throw caution to the wind and just show this to my old English teacher, to hell with the homosexuality, sex and fanfiction! We used to talk about writing, I can remember reading a short story she wrote that I thought was beautiful but it is nothing compared to this. She would love this.

(I'm still not going to show her this though. I can't bring myself to do it. TTTT)

Ach. I could sit here rambling on about how much I adore this story, but I think I've written enough already. Besides, if I write much more I'm going to end up repeating myself. (More than I already have. .)

Thank you. Thank you so much for writing this, for sharing this, for making my day. For proving to everyone that fanfiction isn't just novice writers sitting down and slaughtering the English language. For proving that you can write not just good fanfiction; not just great fanfiction; but mind-blowing, breath-taking, jaw-dropping, tear-jerking, astounding fanfiction that leaves you feeling like you've been hit by the freight train born of a union between the English language and fangirls.

Thank you.

Bright Blessings,
SilentGreenThief. xoxo
Princess Fairy chapter 13 . 1/21/2013
This story is a poetry itself. One of the best ever, And I am so glad to find such a tale. It is not often than you find a sweet story with a happy ending, most of the romantic ones are either cheesy, or too ridiculous, or are tragedies. This is one of the few that made me lough and cry at the same time. I particularly liked your manner of changing the POV of the story in alternate chapters, that was one of the key point that set the tune in this tale, and I must say, it was such a tender tune. The story can, I believe, make even the most skeptical person to believe in destinies, happy endings and in finding their soulmate. Can there be other tales with this same soothing feel? Perhaps something with a longer size? And more charecter and more convulated plotlines? I do believe that I will enjoy all you works And I mean to take a peek in your profile and read other stories you have, but all the same, do consider my request for a longer story.
And once again, hats off to you for composing this beauty. May the muses sing to you forever.
- Fairy
samaurai chapter 13 . 12/11/2012
I cried through this entire story. I loved it. Does Yugi ever publish the beetle and fish story? It would be awesome if that were a real published story :D
Guest chapter 13 . 7/11/2012
nice fanfic
lee-ftw chapter 13 . 6/13/2012
This was AMAZING, I absolutely loved it :3
Asquerus chapter 13 . 2/26/2012

I love this.

Thank you for posting.

Asquerus chapter 9 . 2/26/2012
I TOTALLY F*CKING AGREE! this is amazing. This story brings out the best and the essence of shippings,especially puzzleshipping. I have a hard time explaining to people what you just explained in a short paragraph.

Anyway, Im very happy with the time-travel and with both Yami and Yugi's attitudes. I really, truly am falling in love with this story.

-domo arigato gosaimossu for posting.

Asquerus chapter 3 . 2/26/2012

I've never made it to the third chapter of a story and wanted to favorite it from the first. You do an amazing job of expressing your characters, and it's just so wonderful...

I'm gonna read more.

-thanks for posting!


JudyTheMangaFreak chapter 13 . 9/2/2011
I've read two stories of you, one is the Fireflies series and one is this and Wow! Your stories may be sad sometimes, but it is also logical to say the least :) It hurt to see two people in love suffering, but it made sense that life has never been easy for anyone. If one said life is just an easy game, then that person hasn't encountered one obstacle in his/her life yet... He will, in the future. I know :)

Love you and your stories
WarriorofRedemption chapter 13 . 7/9/2011
I loved it... several times i could feel myself tearing up but i wasn't going to cry... then this song comes up on my playlist (i always listen to music when i read...) and i started bawling :] it fit so perfectly... my darkest day- without you

beautiful story. I especially loved the part with the scarab and the fish :]
Sammiieeoo chapter 13 . 6/20/2011
This story is... wow. It made me feel almost like I was in a dream when I was reading it, if that makes any sense. I love your ending, and the whole scarab beetle and fish thing :) I like the idea of Yugi being a writer :D This is just such a good story! Sorry, I'm rambling... :)
YamixYugi4evr chapter 10 . 1/18/2011
I like the story so far. At the end of this chapter, I started listening to this song, Start a Fire by Ryan Star, and it made me think "Holy Crap! Some parts of the song kinda describe the situation here!" and I've listened to the song hundreds of times. I feel dumb for not thinking that before. Anyway, een if you don't think so, I thought it did alittle. Great Job on story:)
YankeeSamson chapter 13 . 12/1/2010
Beautiful. Something that can pull on your heart strings. The ending worked too. Even though I was expecting a bittersweet one. ...Beautiful.
T.S. Hills chapter 13 . 8/31/2010
Wow, I really enjoyed this story!

Very cute yet realistic at the same time.
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