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excessivelyperky chapter 19 . 7/8/2011
Very good chapter. Glad to see everyone cooperating well instead of going into blame mode-especially with the destruction of more Horcruxes. The most important one, of course, is still in Harry's head; perhaps a simple bit of reconstructive surgery, with precautions, is called for?

And maybe the three of them will find out what Dumbledore is _really_ up to.
bookivore chapter 22 . 6/1/2011
I see that I didn't review this last chapter when I first read it, and cleaning up old alerts I just had to reread the story. I can see why another reviewer was frustrated that there was no explanation why D. cast the curse - given his nature, I'm sure he would have rambled on about the Greater Good, he couldn't be prepared to answer the question.

I liked the attitude of the story in general. Harry, Snape & Lupin made a surprisingly nice trio, sniping at each other but all working towards their goal. You've used the best parts of the plots in HBP & DH without making us endure supposed romance, hours of following Draco around, camping, whining & complaining. I can understand why the story ends with Dumbledore's death / defeat, even though we really SHOULD see the defeat of Voldie - the story is mainly about the effects of the curse and V. supposedly would have been defeated either way (I appreciate that we didn't need to kill a bunch of teenagers your way).

My theory on the Nimrod Curse is JKR tied so many things to the stereotype of the twinkly wise wizard without actually putting any effort into making him wise that almost any explanation for what was going on works better than canon good, wise Dumbledore. But, any scenario that involves magic being able to confuse people or change their beliefs has the potential for one of the simplest explanations - Dumbledore was severely damaged in some way, and somehow magic was hiding that fact from all the people who really should notice he is not behaving the way his legend says he should behave.
excessivelyperky chapter 18 . 5/29/2011
Hah! I love how the Unbreakable Vow was revised, so that Snape would know exactly what he was getting into, and would be owed a favor from both sisters.

Well done.
mitremlap chapter 22 . 5/22/2011
great story, thank you for writing it
Badbonita chapter 22 . 4/26/2011
Interesting reasoning behind why Severus and Remus acted the way they did.

Unfortunately, you breezed over Harry killing Voldemort although I assume that it was due to the fact that Harry was the Master of the Hallows. Nothing is really mentioned about whether Draco managed to finish his assignment but (again) I assume that he wasn't able to repair the cabinet before the raids that killed Voldemort happened.

I understand that you lost interest but managed to finish the story - for which I am very thanksful - but it was very obvious that you were rushing toward the end. Especially with all the detail in earlier chapters.

But that's besides the point. The fic is finished which is a major positive. So thanks for the interesting read.
GinnyPotter12488 chapter 22 . 4/17/2011
I really liked your story. I would love it if you did a sequeal. I think that you did a wonderful job. Keep up the good work, and god bless
excessivelyperky chapter 17 . 4/13/2011
I'm reviewing! Ok, I'm almost a year behind, but I'm reviewing (grin).

Still a good chapter. I like the little byplay, though I think trying to have Kreacher killed is most unlike the Headmaster; he must think his control over Harry is slipping.

"They knew that while Harry was at the Burrow they would not be able to use the mirrors, because Harry would have no privacy."

-Although Harry could probably gain a half hour to himself by asking Ron to borrow the "good magazines" it's probably just as well (and Molly probably knows where they are anyway).

That was brilliant how Snape 'gave in' to more Occlumency lessons, and 'giving in' to having Remus chaperone. A couple of high fives there for that.

Good chapter.
Chaositea chapter 22 . 4/3/2011
But you never answer WHY!

Why does he cast it? Surely the buildup deserves some kind of conclusion.
reader1writer1 chapter 22 . 3/27/2011
That was fun. :)
deanine chapter 22 . 3/13/2011
The idea behind this fic is fabulous. The execution is a bit impetous. Slow things down a bit and the story is more fun for everyone.


Rainbow-Monkey-1993 chapter 22 . 3/13/2011
Hi, i really liked the beginning and middle of the story but thought that the end was too rushed. More detail about voldermorts death etc would have been good. Other than that it was well written :) xx
excessivelyperky chapter 16 . 3/12/2011
"We can keep the locket in my room." Remus offered. "No one will bother it there."

-I hope having the Horcrux in his room won't have the same effect on him that it did on Kreacher (notice how he changed in canon once the locket was gone. Didn't change Umbridge, apparently; she was like that *already*).

Very good chapter. I like the idea of taking the Horcrux to Hogwarts and killing it with a basilisk fang. Here's hoping they can get to the ring before Dumbledore does.
unspoken-desires2u chapter 1 . 3/5/2011
Due to the disappointing number of views and reviews, I will be posting NIMROD chapters quicker, and with less quality, in order to complete the story quicker. I love the story and feel it needs to be finished, but as no one else seems to care, I am willing to forgo the quality of the work for the satisfaction of finishing it.

OMG! do you have any idea on how many excellent fics i have read that barely get any much deserved reviews? but the authors dont grumble or whinge because they write for the love of it, instead of writing for reviews write for the love of your story...why on earth would you compromise quality just for reviews, that just sounds so pompous especially given the decent amount you already have!
excessivelyperky chapter 15 . 2/27/2011
He was so wrapped up with being 'the bat of the dungeons' at Hogwarts, that he often forgot the sound professional name that he had made for himself.

-And perhaps that is part of the curse, too; that he never know how well he is regarded by those outside Britain. It's easier to control someone with little self-esteeem (and that goes for both his masters).

Very good chapter-love the little hint about soul magic that flies on by, too.
Lacy Mc chapter 22 . 2/26/2011
Good story! Thanks for writing/sharing :)
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