Reviews for The Reason Why
Mayberto Huesca chapter 1 . 5/31/2011
Why does the author take him to the dead to figure out why he had been stabbed. He was better off not knowing why he was been killed. this gave him so much confusin things that he had to think about. he was a innocent man, they should have at least let him talk and figure out was happening. the bothers only got three years in jail not enought time for them to pay off what they have done. they should have done a better ending and that would had made the story more interesting. they should had put the after live of santiago without been brought to see why he had been killed. i like this story because it had a good setting and a good format.
wendy chapter 1 . 5/31/2011
i think that the story about santiago nasar being killed was a big mistery because even though yolanda said that he was killed because he was a predator. i think that still it makes a mistery in your vicario brothers couldnt just asume that he had raped their sister. and just killed him like they did, i think that they should of find out what happened and find proof . because when santiago laided there wondering why they were stabbing him and he didnt know what was going on. so to me it seemed that yolanda was okay with santiago being killed and she didnt care for what santiagos mother felt or anyonelse in town. but like also the town was to blame because when they heard that the vicario brothers were trying to kill santiago they didnt warn santiago they just thought that he knew and they also said that the vicario brothers were really nice and they wouldnt do any crime or try to hurt anyone. so they should of paid more attention to what was really going on and tried to stopped it.