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Astlexis chapter 23 . 6/23
Mae definitely has a thing for Hatori. But the poor guy is still just a little too broken up over Kana to try moving on just yet. But man, was it great to see Akito feeling some guilt as well as empathy for Hatori's situation now that he is kind of in a similar one. And then Hatori used that to his advantage to talk some sense into Akito so that he doesn't just go full-on apeshit against Ren.

The Rin, Haru, and Tohru scene was great. I love how Tohru was included in the little reunion here and Haru let her know just how much it meant that she's been there for Rin. And Rin can totally read Tohru like a book when it comes to her feelings about Akito. Xd
SweetestChick chapter 23 . 6/5
Akito is going off on his own to confront Rin? Wow. Hopefully everything turns out in his favor. Don't trust that mean woman...
SweetestChick chapter 22 . 5/16
The latter part of the chapter was just too precious. Akito making her blush just makes me smile. Too bad they didn't go to the hospital together though!
Other than that, glad Isuzu is out of that cage and safe. I'm sure there's gonna be alot of explaining going on next chapter. Hope you can update soon and thank you!
kouga's older woman chapter 22 . 5/14
I hope they work things out
Astlexis chapter 22 . 5/14
Mae? Is that Mayu by any chance? I don't remember for sure, but was she ever even in the first Fruits Basket anime? That could explain this AU path here then if that is what's going on here. Either way, I liked her. And goodness, now that Momiji knows what Momo has been up to in this as well, I'm really hoping there's a way for him to be a part of her and their mother's life again. I didn't really like how the manga left it.

Isuzu is finally going to be okay! Hallelujah! Seeing all this from Hatori's POV was perfect. He's so perfectly in-character to read in this that it's a joy. Well, that's true for all of them here, but it's especially good in his case since he seems so hard to write with his personality.

I had to laugh at the image of Akito suddenly carrying Isuzu. I love how she hasn't forgiven him (and he understands that perfectly), yet she is hoping this kindness can stay. And now Hatori has witnessed the present friction between Tohru and Akito, but that encounter seems to helping as a start to mend things between them.
Guest chapter 22 . 5/13
Amynila chapter 22 . 5/13
THANK GOD YOUR STILL ALIVE! I honestly thought that this story may never be completed, and i also thought that may have just disappeared! Thank godness neither are true!
Astlexis chapter 21 . 3/6
Oh, poor Akito... Shot down like that after his confession. Although I didn't think Tohru would already feel that way too, it's still hard to deal with any rejection. And then the truth came out about her conversation with Isuzu. I'm glad he's not taking it out on Kyo, but I have a feeling there will be problems between them.

Ugh, Ren is just so vile and awful. I loved reading Tohru stand up to her. Just lucky Momiji came by.

Now it looks like Isuzu will be saved finally! That was an interesting conversation between her and Akito. He admitted his action was somewhere in a half and half place, and he's seeing himself more clearly with these changes.
Guest chapter 21 . 3/5
Great fic. I love the way you write all the characters especially Akito it’s so spot on perfect!
kouga's older woman chapter 21 . 2/27
I hope he stops Ren!
Amynila chapter 21 . 2/26
Im so happy that this is still being updated! and i cant wait till its completed! ill be here, watvhing, reading, and waiting!
Guest chapter 20 . 2/19
Maelstrome chapter 20 . 2/4
Aaaahhhhh! This chapter was so good, amazing work as always. Love everyone's characterizations here!
Astlexis chapter 20 . 1/30
OMG, it is finally happening! Akito told Tohru how he feels about her! The doubt at first for Tohru because of what happened to Yuki lingered there at first, but Akito had no issues with admitting to it. That was the thing about the Zodiac bond. Akito wanted it to be real because he wanted real love. But at the same time, he was tortured by the fact that it was artificial as Ren always reminded him. To have acceptance from a "regular" person not bound by the curse says a lot to him.

Holy shit, Ren is going off the deep end. I was honestly frightened for Shigure that she was either going to try killing him or shoving him into the cage along with Isuzu. And the fact that she WANTS to curse to stay is just so sick and twisted and no doubt that she loves it to make Akito suffer.
kouga's older woman chapter 20 . 1/30
They need to stop Ren!
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