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BellaTesoro chapter 21 . 3/29/2020
Who knew Mike would be so insightful?! And he thinks he's not smart, he got Bella to think about her motives and her actions in a realistic way. Got her to make the first move back to Edward and sadly it seems Edward is even more fragile than she realized. Alice was right to give her the low down about her brother's issues and the hope they had when Bella entered his life. But this is to complicated for two 18 year olds can fix on their own. I hope they get some help.
BellaTesoro chapter 20 . 3/29/2020
I really admire Alice in this situation. Sure she's Bella's bestie but family comes first is right, especially given this situation. Alice explained her point of view very logically, Edward has problems, they were hoping that Bella would have eased what has broken him and eventually he would seek out help professionally if this all continued to interfere with his every day living, that's would the ultimatum should have been if anything. Either you go get help or...Even that would be harsh. How about talking it over with the adults in his life and seeking out help together. And Esme giving the job back to the other worker, seems coincidental but maybe it's true it was only a temporary job after all.
BellaTesoro chapter 19 . 3/29/2020
It's hard to fathom someone like this Rosalie, one so loving and warm and maternal that isn't comfortable with hugging. I really liked this Rosalie so when Bella was giving her her heartfelt goodbye and even tearing up, it's odd that Rose wouldn't feel comfortable hugging Bella whom she seems to have really cared about.
And then there's Edward who thinks he has more power than, well God I guess. Very arogant of him to think just because he does something he can cause a death or in this case an accident playing football for Bella. Was Bella right to give him an ultimatum, not in my opinion but then we wouldn't have the New Moon part of leaving because I know what's best for you more than you know yourself...oh teen angst.
BellaTesoro chapter 18 . 3/29/2020
I appreciated Bella's question to Esme and Esme's honest answer about love and first love lasting forever and what the reality of love really was. Edward coming to pick Bella up when stranded by a dead battery and telling her honestly why he won't paint her, well I appreciate the honest communication without too much slow burn, it felt honest and real.
BellaTesoro chapter 17 . 3/28/2020
I know some girls have pain their first times but Bella made it sound like she was just letting him at her and not into it at all for the pain and then when it was over she thinks to herself...he apologized because it wasn't good and she couldn't think of it being better...Maybe she should have used the words she so loves to tell him that so the poor guy wouldn't feel like such a loser for making her first time so icky, or so he thinks.
BellaTesoro chapter 16 . 3/28/2020
The kids coming to Settle and surprise Bella was great as was Edward returning later to her room after Carlisle went to sleep...He pleasured her well...I guess he's trying to teach her what it is like to receive pleasure even though she was freaked out. You'd think she would have at least tried to reciprocate, poor boy probably went home with blue balls. So just when did Edward have this Tanya relationship I wonder. I'm guessing he painted her and she died too and that's why he's rather reluctant or was to have another love in his life.
BellaTesoro chapter 15 . 3/28/2020
I've been meaning to question Bella describing Edward's hibs like those of a woman, meaning curved because in general a woman's hips are curved. It's odd that these two teens are on one hand like old souls, people with a lot of maturity and then they are described like silly teens. For example Edward rushing out with a sheet around him in order to quickly paint and in runs Bella (she's always invading his private space) and she sees a man's nude body the first time and her reaction is so silly for someone who loves this Edward and seems to get mature love I guess she really doesn't. I don't blame Edward for starting to feel emasculated by her at time.
BellaTesoro chapter 14 . 3/28/2020
I was a bit confused. I thought they had 'gone all the way' or was that Bella's dream and then when she woke up he..'dry humped her' and that's why he had to change his pants? And then he gave her her first boy fingers in her? In any event, it was a very sensual scene, just a little lost as to the reality of it all.
BellaTesoro chapter 13 . 3/28/2020
Clearly Edward is hiding some other part of his life, one where Kate the server certainly knows him but is trying not to let on. That's not fair to Bella if he's hiding something and at the same time wanting her to trust him. Bella is ready to have sex with Edward, that's clear enough. I hope she's got protection, although I'm sure he's got some experience in that department so he's probably got that covered. I thought Bella was right, their date wasn't perfect, why because she and also he keep sending up road blocks with asking uncomfortable questions. Yet she's still ready to give him all her firsts and she's in love, why not, she cares for him he seems too as well.
BellaTesoro chapter 12 . 3/28/2020
It seemed totally out of character for Bella to go off on Edward because he was throwing pebbles at her window to get her attention. She was insulted for her reputation that he didn't go to the door...really? She's slept with him for several nights, made it clear she's all in for whatever with him and she gets pissed off when he goes to her this way? How about not make him feel like it was a disrespectful thing to do and just explain herself if she felt that way, which as I said seems very hypocritical of her. But hey they made up with some red paint so it all turned out ok in the end.
BellaTesoro chapter 11 . 3/28/2020
I could feel Bella's joy with mixing her life, Charlie and she and then joining with the Cullens as they prepared for dinner with the parents night. I so get Charlie being bold and speaking his mind about the Cullen's odd pairings within the family and the teens being paired up. Sure Carlisle made a good argument and Charlie the cop bought it but to have Edward say to Bella in the text that Carlisle just lied to a cop...well just what are these parents telling these young people about closing their eyes to their sleeping together. I know my questions make it seem I don't approve and on one level I don't but as far as for this fiction it's way cool. So it seems natural that young Bella and Edward be brought into the pairings this opening and easily and hormonal teens want what they want and looks like Bella is going to get what she wants since she just got her first kiss, and she says it was stolen, I beg to differ she gave it more than willingly. Why does Edward think he is going to burn Bella? He tells her to have some self worth and yet he has none.
BellaTesoro chapter 10 . 3/28/2020
Edward's reveal about his past was very heartbreaking. I take it Carlisle and Esme are cool with their teenage kids sleeping with the opposite sex since Bella spent the night in Edward's...even though they just held each other, it was sweet as was Bella waking up and finding Edward playing The River Runs Through You...
BellaTesoro chapter 9 . 3/28/2020
Edward showing up at Bella's in the dark hours of night, that alone is very intimate and their conversation under the light of the moon as he sketches her...very moving. And lastly, the returned notebook with the erotic picture of the octopus all over the woman's body...yeah sweet dreams...he's looking for more than to be friends. I'd say he wants to be all her firsts...
BellaTesoro chapter 8 . 3/28/2020
This chapter went from silly teen thoughts and actions to some seriously mature thoughts and actions. Edward and Bella in the meadow and Edward's soliloquy about what it means to paint someone and how intimate and soul capturing it is...just wow. Deep stuff in this chapter and yet, these two teens who seem to want to give their souls to each other as Bella so profoundly suggested, didn't even steal a kiss from each other, although Bella at least wanted to.
BellaTesoro chapter 6 . 3/27/2020
I get Edward has some deep seeded problems, and looks like we are about to hear about them, but going back to Bella and Edward riding in the truck, and Edward upset over the song playing on the radio, he had no right to grab at Bella's wrist and hurt her, that's quite abusive and Bella had every right to be angry at him. She shouldn't have given him a pass on that behavior just because he comes to her rescue yet again.
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