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RubyK chapter 64 . 7/28
But other than I didn't know at all who the characters you where talking about were, it was a good story
RubyK chapter 64 . 7/28
I'm so confused
Autumn chapter 63 . 12/21/2015
Im new to fanfiction and didnt think I could get into some of the ones I started reading but as soon as opened and started reading this story I was hooked. It is well written it is witty, clever and leaves me feeling excited and surprised! This is the perfect way for Bella to have ended up with Jake! thank you for sharing and giving me a glimpse into what could have been I really loved it! Keep writing! Whatever you write about just dont stop!
Queengi chapter 64 . 8/18/2015
Great story! I've never read a story with an Edward/Leah pairing, and I love the way you wrote the characters. I'm all for Leah finally getting a happy ending.
andrearose18 chapter 64 . 5/8/2015
Loved this. Devoured the story in 2 days. I thought your characters were great, and it's nice to see Jacob and Bella happy.
cardinalcasper chapter 63 . 3/8/2015
Holy crow..
Late review (4.5 years late, to be exact), yes, but I might as well.
Really amazing story, the best J/B fanfic I've read - while I admittedly haven't read many, it's still at an incomparable standard - and I'm sad that it had to end. In saying that, the last chapter was very well done. Bella and Jacob's maturity gained from the last five years really came through.
The story was unique and unforgettable, and should be known as a must-read for Twilight fans. It probably is, I wouldn't know.
You have done a truly amazing job. Thank you :)
Guest chapter 11 . 1/11/2015
The only one Bella was malleable for was the corpse. Thats the only one she was willing to change herself for and still would it seems. Bella never HAD to change for Jake. Thats the whole point. She never had to be anybody but who she was. Dedward was the one she had to cover up who and what she was. she could blame Dedward either so she blamed everyone else except herself of course. Bella is scum. ficsd like this show just how scummy she is. And yes she is the EXACT same Bella but worse. she is still too stupid too see that the corpse is the one who got her into all the danger. Victoria? James? The newborns? The pizza sparklers? That was ALL dedward, the adored and consumable! Too bad Jake will not just do the right thing here and put this sick little girl out of her misery. Dedward was NEVER a murder of monsters he was simply a murderer. Of humans His mind reading was subject to interpretation AND he did not kill anyone for altruistic reasons he killed for blood and only for blood. It was in no position to judge anybody. He killed people that he thought he could get away with and still return to his fucked up little family. Jake killed monsters that were a genuine threat to himself. That Bella manages to be so blind and so blatantly miss the point when it comes to the fact that Deddie IS a monster and any beauty he might have is incidental to him being a monster that feeds on human beings. Any beauty he might have is entirely superficial. Bella is simply to clueless to get it
Guest chapter 10 . 1/11/2015
Jake would have given the corpse a "run" for his money long before this. The wolves took on newborns which are as strong and as fast as a vampire ever gets. That Jake couldnt take dedward is another pathetic silly trope you have made up and for all this twisting you have done its boring.
Guest chapter 9 . 1/11/2015
Bella cant believe that she hurt Jake in return for all he did for her? Really? Seeing as she spit in his face. Thats fucking hysterical. Worse is that I dont think I have ever read a more trite plot in a fanfic. I get Bella is clueless but -wow! She is literaly a morn here. Your version of her has zero redeeming qualities. She does not give a shit about Jake she just wants her own guilt absolved somehow. then she can throw him under the bus again. I dont believe and I really dont think most of the people who read this crao believe that Jake does not have enough strength or pride to move on from Bella. Jake never wanted to be with bella in any way or under any circumstances. He was not willing to be used. THAT was Bellas thing.
Guest chapter 7 . 1/11/2015
Same old same old folks move along. NOTHING new or original here

Bella suffers no consequences for any of the sick, twisted hateful shit she does.
The pack loves her and throws jake under the bus. Its all Jakes fault you see. Jake was deluded in this authors story. Bella never led him on or used him or sent him all kinds of mixed signals. Oh no You have to understand a clueless person wrote this

BTW It matters not a whit that what Dedward did was wrong Dedwards whole existence is wrong. But bella is a creepy bitch and likes cold and dead so nothing Dedward could do is wrong. Especially when Bella will put up with anything to get her escape from having tyo live life on its own terms..
Guest chapter 6 . 1/11/2015
A dedward praise fest. Bella adores Dedwards "looks"? He is an animal an abusive controlling jerk and he is a mass murderer to boot! But thats ok with bella as long as he looks good what does substance or character matter. Reading you having Bella have this praise fest is disgusting and the fact is I sincerely doubt that Bella would have even noticed dedward as a human - thats a fact. Bella would have to be able to feel for someone other than herself and that is simply not possible. As far as Dedward being made to be "adored" or..uh what was it ...consumed? Why should things like him being a misogynistic reanimated rotting corpse of a mass murderer get in the way. Essentially what you have here is the very typical, extremely boring, poorly written twi-fic. Jake is weak and silly having thrown himself under the bus because Bella did what Bella does best use people (and that certainly includeds dedward) Jake has pit his whole life on hold. Now Bella will give it a shot since dedward is no longer a viable option and Jake will jump at the chance. Jake is the back up plan and Jake would have NEVER the character from the twilight universe would have NEVER did you even realize how many fics are out there EXACTLY like this. AND written so much better? I dont think you do or you would not have served up this slop
Guest chapter 64 . 1/11/2015
Absolutely one of the worst twi fics out there. You seem to be very excited over what I see as some very mediocre unenthusiastic reviews. The story makes no sense it is confusing and terribly cliched. The characters are sooo far out of left field, the dialog is so plodding, the pacing drags its ponderous. How did you mange to drag this trainwreck out for 64 chapters? Well at least you stopped writing. Your time "off" hasn't improved your skills and not everybody can write. This should be obvious to you. Where did you get that stupid idea to bring them together? Jake the hunter?
Guest chapter 5 . 1/11/2015
Capacity to love is astonishing? Wow did you actually just say Bellas capacity to love is astonishing?
Where you choking at the time or maybe had recently suffered head trauma. Oh I know. you meant bellas capacity to love HERSELF is astonishing- yeah that makes sense. So now just as I predicted it will take Bella to save Jake. Better move along folks this trainwreck gets worse and more implausible by the paragraph. The author has made Bellas feelings for Jake a figment of his imagination. Bella never loved him in this, never wanted him as anything more than a buddy. In fact it was ALL Jakes fault here.
But Bella being the wonderful person she is still hurts, even though she did nothing wrong, never lied to jake or herself. Yes it was simply jakes delusion. How stupid is this writer? and how hard was it to copy from the 60 or 70 fics like this out there?
Guest chapter 4 . 1/11/2015
So your version of Emily is going to bare her soulke to BELLA. Thats your story?
Oh my god that is just fucking absurd. Emily tolerated Bella for Jake. You have made all the characters all twisted to fit this contrived, cliched plot. Thats just bullshit. Couldnt have a Jake like in the books. Even Stephy didnt twist Jake into a pathetic thing who cant live if he doesnt have Bella. He was nothing like Bella. He wasnt a coward. And telling jake MORE lies like she didnt want him "that" way would not help. She wanted jake EXACTLY that way but was simply to much of a coward. Your bella is simply more of a sick freak then the Meyer versionl
Guest chapter 3 . 1/11/2015
Here we go with the usual twilight fanfic bullshit. Bella did love jake exactly like that. the revisionist stuff is bullshit. The "old words" are simply the same old lies - get it. Bella was a coward. she was afraid of evrything to do with living afraid jake would leave, afraid he would imprint or stop loving her. And bella was great at lying especially to herself. Being alive ment risk and chances and responsibilities that she wqas totally unable to handle. . your story belong with the team corpse crap. Because your "plot" is contrived, saccharine bullshit and once again makes bella some kind ov victim. Bella is a liar and a coward and she uses people shamelessly. Emily being on her side is nonsense. They were never friends and she would not take bellas side and fuck jake over. This story absolutely sucks. Worst part is its simply...meh
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