Reviews for Sometimes you just don't have a choice
Guest chapter 1 . 8/9/2012
I LOVE this story. It's quirky, clever and oh so very amusing as well as having the necessary angsty ending that makes a good story really work for me. (As for the flamer who was ao abusive to this author, I rolled about on the floor with laughter. If you are going to flame a story for mistakes, it is a good idea to check that you yourself are whiter than white. I read your profile. err.. Britian? Puhlese)
no-one much chapter 1 . 8/22/2009
The 'DGTBC kit' is great, and from now on, we'll know that cool, calm, and collected, unflappable Captain Scarlet is only that way no matter what he's about to throw himself into because he knows he's ready for even a worst-case scenario with that tucked inside his tunic...

Adam's and Paul's dialogue sounded easy and natural, just right for two friends killing time together. I didn't really grasp the signifigance of the name "Sacha", however.

Small problem with your military unit, which can probably be attributed to your not being from the US and familiar with the American military. As I understand it (and I know this and love this fandom only from fanfics, websites, and lurking at forums)Paul Metcalfe is supposed to have gone to West Point, which means he could not have been a sergeant. West Point Cadets graduate as Second Leutenants, the lowliest rank of officer in the US Army heierarchy, but officers and therefore ranking above non-commissioned staff nonetheless.
anathematize chapter 1 . 8/16/2009
One of the men broke himself off from the rear of the group and headed up to the front where the British CO had placed himself. “Sir?” He asked, glancing between the leftenant and the treacherous ground.

“Yes, Reddings?” Leftenant Marshall asked the medic.

“Mowake and Ross are getting worse.” Reddings' frown was clear in the sharp light of the moon. “We need to find shelter or we're going to lose them. I've already spoken to Lieutenant Harachi.” He continued, glancing back to where the American CO was spelling one of his soldiers at a stretcher.

“He suggests a stop while two of our scouts go and find a safe layover.”

“Good idea.” Marshall nodded and held up his fist. The soldiers behind him quickly stopped, the stretchers were set down and four soldiers immediately broke off to check the immediate area for any surprises.

Ok, since no one's taking the time to truly flame you, I'm gonna do it to the best of my amateuristic ability.

As a fellow NZ - your lack of skill in basic grammar rules is appalling. I must wonder if you ever passed any of your writing classes. Or maybe none of them involved dialogue which is obviously your weak point.

For an author to have been on here as long as you have, and to have published as many stories as you have - you must be a total idiot not to have made any improvements on your faulty skills. You need to quit writing for a while, and read a few quality authors.

Don't you DARE tell the world that we all have the same poor educational level as you do! You are one of the most pathetic examples of what our educational system produces as I've ever seen!
boojum chapter 1 . 6/27/2009
Great! The 'trained, hardened fighting men of two countries' horrified and turning squeamish.(I probably would've, too)

I don't blame Paul for refusing to be caught without his 'DGTBC kit' ever again.

And it was sweet of Adam not to tease him.

Keep 'em coming!

(What about the garrote and 'the fuss it caused two months ago'? And what does Magenta have against Wednesdays? Can I hope for more stories?)